#1 Ultimate Guide to a Modern Kitchen in Malaysia

modern kitchen

Keep your interior up-to-date, starting with the heart of your home; your kitchen. Take advantage of this Ultimate Guide to a Modern Kitchen in Malaysia and find stylish kitchen ideas which will stay trendy for years to come.

Which part of the kitchen are you looking for? 

1. Floor Plan & Layout

2. Lighting

3. Countertop & Kitchen Island

4. Cabinets & Modern Storage

5. Appliances

6. Fixtures & Fittings

7. Flooring

Modern Kitchen – Floor Plan & Layout


Kitchen Design Trend
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Let’s face it, kitchen design trends and fads move fast. From the vintage retro style of yesteryear to the shabby chic age of the ‘80s, kitchen design is constantly evolving and coming back. In today’s way, trends that may have gone out of fashion decades earlier can make a comeback today. However, the one thing that doesn’t change much is your kitchen’s floor plan and positioning. There’s a reason why most kitchens have the same or similar floor plans. It’s cause they work!  

L Shape &Amp; Galley Kitchen
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Whether it’s the traditional L-shaped kitchen or the timeless galley style, you can never go wrong with these kitchen floor plans. So with that in mind, here are our suggestions for good kitchen design layout practices and awesome design layouts for the modern kitchen.  

What Constitutes a Good Kitchen?


Basic Kitchen
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A kitchen should, at minimum, be able to cater to your basic cooking needs. But what’s the difference between a great kitchen and a meh kitchen? A great kitchen is designed to maximize every inch of space available. For instance, your kitchen should have sufficient storage and counter space in the right places. A great kitchen is also well-lit and easily accessible to bring in groceries.  

Kitchen Work Triangle
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Furthermore, your kitchen should also be as efficient as possible. In particular, there’s a little something we’d like to call the work triangle in every kitchen. This triangle is made up of your kitchen appliance (stove), fridge, and sink. The basic idea here is that your kitchen layout should take into account this triangle and not interrupt the sacred flow of work.  

Kitchen Work Triangle Mistakes
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For example, you are having an island that breaches the work triangle. This makes moving from your fridge to the sink a whole lot further. Alternatively, large kitchens with enormous work triangles are also to be avoided. This is similar to the previous scenario albeit, without the kitchen island. You’d still have to walk a long way from each point with this kitchen design. And speaking of interruptions, we’d definitely recommend placing your kitchen at the end of your home to reduce foot traffic. Constant traffic cutting through the work triangle is likely to cause accidents.  

Messy Kitchen
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Last but not least, we’d also advise against sacrificing your counter space and storage for kitchen appliances if your kitchen is small. Basically, know your kitchen size limits!  

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Kitchen Design Layouts


Kitchen Layout Design
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Here are some great examples of popular kitchen design layouts you can adapt for your next kitchen makeover project. And don’t worry, these tried-and-true kitchen layouts are still relevant to today’s lifestyle.  

Basic One-Wall Kitchens


One Wall Kitchen
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One-wall. That’s all you’ll need with this layout. The one-wall kitchen layout is generally found in studio or loft spaces. In other words, it’s the best choice to save space. As its name implies, your cabinets and appliances are fixed only on a single wall.  

One Wall Kitchen With Island
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A modern spin to this traditional layout is to include a kitchen island. This would change your one-wall layout into a galley style kitchen with a walk-through corridor.  

Galley Style For Kitchen Design


Galley Style Kitchen
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Speaking of galley layouts, this style is also an ideal choice for smaller spaces and one-cook kitchens. The galley kitchen’s defining trait is that it has two walls placed opposite each other.  

Galley Style Kitchen Countertops
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Otherwise, you could also have two parallel countertops with a walkway between them. Galleys are one of the best ways to maximize usage of your space. And there’s no need for troublesome corner cabinets, so you can save some moolah there!     

L-shaped Kitchen Layout


L Shaped Kitchen
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If galley style isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you could consider an L-shaped layout. An L-shaped kitchen solves the problem of maximizing corner space. And this design is best suited for small and medium sized kitchens. You may wonder, why is it called L-shaped? The basic components that make up this kitchen floor plan are countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular, forming an L. That’s why.  

Double L &Amp; Broken L Kitchen
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On the other hand, there are L-shaped layouts that do not follow this traditional setup. For example, you could have a double L-shaped kitchen or a broken L-shaped kitchen. With this type of layout, you’ll effectively eliminate most foot traffic and the subsequent accidents that may occur. Plus, you’ll also be able to easily add a dining space and multiple work zones to this layout if necessary.  

Horseshoe/U-shaped Kitchen Countertops


U Shaped Kitchen
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If you have space, we’d also recommend the horseshoe kitchen layout. Also known as a U-shaped kitchen, this layout’s defining trait is that it has three walls connected to one another. And these walls form a distinctive U-shape.  

Peninsula L Kitchen Design
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There’s also a modern variation of this layout (peninsula) that involves an L-shaped kitchen with an island forming the third “wall”. This particular design works well because it enables efficient work and traffic flow around the island.  

Peninsula Kitchen / Kitchen Island


Peninsula Kitchen
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This kitchen floor plan basically involves a connected kitchen island. The best part of peninsula kitchens is that you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. You can convert your current layout by extending your counter area with a kitchen island!  

Peninsula G Shaped Kitchen
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As we’ve said before, you can convert your L-shaped layout into a horseshoe by adding a kitchen island to the mix. But did you know that your U-shaped kitchen can also be converted into a G-shaped kitchen by doing the same? Though, the problem with this is that most kitchens do not have the required space to pull this off.  

G-shaped Kitchen Layout Plan

Kitchen G Shaped
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Finally, we have the G-shaped kitchens. This kitchen layout is ideal if you’ve got a huge open space in your kitchen. One side of the “G” can go along a wall, while the rest of the kitchen can extend out into the room.  

G Shaped Peninsula Kitchen
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Other than that, you may also utilize the aforementioned peninsula kitchen by adding an island to your U-shaped kitchen. This will give you a ton of base counter storage which would make up the loss of storage due to the absence of walls. Be warned though, with that much space you’ll bound to run into some overstuffing problems.

Clutter and junk can and will accumulate, thus giving your kitchen a disorganized look. In addition, the planning of the layout itself is complicated. You’ll need to figure out where to place each kitchen appliances, bearing in mind that the work triangle may be affected.  

Modern Kitchen – Lighting


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LED There Be Light! Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen as they say it, is indeed the heart of the home. Just like other rooms, kitchens have different lighting needs. Just like a healthy balanced meal, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting to get you on the right track to accomplish the day’s tasks.

Realistically, we need to cater to both lighting needs for meal preparation and creating an inviting, warm environment for you and your guests. Fret not, that’s what we’re here for. These are the tips for great lighting in your kitchen…


Layer It

It’s pretty vital to create layers of light when creating a room design, particularly in kitchens!

Kitchen Lighting
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There aren’t any fixtures out there that will provide all the necessary light for kitchen lighting task. Since that’s the case, you have to try adding layers!

Couple the main overhead light with layers of smaller lights place in areas for various tasks. For example, near a food prep station, over the stove and above the kitchen sink.

Moreover, adding layers will also help cut down on glare. The concept is key when you can consolidate ambient, task, and accent lighting to devise a dynamic space.


1. Ambient: This will be your main source of light—whether in addition to natural light, or to fill in for lack of it. You want to cast as much of it as evenly as possible from your ceiling. You can do so with a combination of (but not limited to) chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lighting, and flush mounts.


2. Task: While ambient lighting is used to enable you to navigate throughout the kitchen, it often leaves shadows in areas that require more focus. With the help of task lighting, work surfaces and cabinetry are properly illuminated so you can safely prepare meals, read recipes, and easily spot ingredients on a shelf. Common kitchen task lighting options include strip lights and puck lights.


3. Accent: Consider these flourishes the cherry on top of your well-designed kitchen: toe kick lights, cabinet lights and any other light that might accentuate your favorite elements. They also might cross over into ambient and task lighting as well.


More on lighting in the kitchen..


Make Your Design Shine: Add Kitchen Accent Lighting

The right placement of accent lights can really help emphasize your favorite elements. Common kitchen accent lights include:

  • Recessed: This type of refined, out-of-the-way lighting can go anywhere. But it is particularly important when you want to illuminate areas of visual interest like open shelves and glass cabinets.
  • Overcabinet: Placed between the cabinet and ceiling, overcabinet lights add a dramatic touch to your kitchen. Created in a similar fashion to undercabinet lighting, overcabinet lighting can provide even illumination to accent decor and architecture.
  • Toekick Lights: A great way to distinguish kitchens and to illuminate a pathway. Toe lighting is produced via rope lights or LED tape.
Accent Lighting
Image Via Fritzfryer

Focusing on the right layers will help you make the most of the space in your kitchen and enjoy every meal from breakfast to midnight snacks. Need some ideas? Discover inspiration in our kitchen lighting ideas.  

Latest Kitchen Trends: Add a Little Character

Character in other word the ambiance of the kitchen lighting needs to be on point too. Ambient kitchen lighting is often overlooked in cooking areas. And it can help fill any gaps in lighting, while also creating a warm glow for the room and is an inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen.

The kitchen environment requires ample ambient lighting that is supported by task lights for specific workstations. When we walk into our kitchens, we usually want to be able to see the whole room clearly with the flip of a switch.

Ample Ambient Lighting
Image Via Vancouvergeneralcontractor

This can be achieved with an assortment of styles of fixtures that are available in a myriad of designs, and this is where we can grant expression to our creativity and sense of design.

Besides Kitchen Colour Combinations, Think About the Task..

If you placed a task kitchen lighting properly, it will provide just the right illumination for tasks such as reading recipes and prepping vegetables.

The best place for task lighting is between the work surface and a person’s head, so lighting placed under cabinets is ideal. And strip lights are a popular choice for this space.

Under Cabinet Lights
Image Via Kleinkitchenandbath

Common kitchen under-cabinet lighting options include:

  • Strip Lights: Versatile and great for illuminating the interior of a cabinet, especially low cabinets that hardly receive any ambient lighting. LED strip lights are also used under the cabinet to fully illuminate counter spaces.
  • Puck Lights: Round and oval, puck lights are great mood lights and can be used to illuminate countertops in the form of a scallop, spot or pool of light.


Light Dimmers – Use Them!

Adding light dimmer switches in the kitchen makes sense because bright illumination makes tasks easier, while dimmed lig hts help with ambiance after the meal.

Dimmed Light
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Adding separate kitchen lighting dimmers for each fixture will help you customize the lighting for the situation.

Dimmer switches add much desired flexibility to any lighting design. In the kitchen, these handy gadgets grant the homeowner the ability to turn up the light while preparing food and during the after dinner cleanup, and soften the lights a bit during the meal and later in the evening when activity diminishes.

Know Your Kitchen Layout Measurements

Space and counter size covering is vital and your selection of the lighting relies heavily on this. Most of the the kitchen islands are accommodated by two or three small pendants, but some require as many as four small lights (or perhaps alternatively fewer but larger lights).

In this instance, the three medium-sized pendant lighting perfectly cover the whole marble island.

Pendant Lighting
Image Via Liaisonhomes

Stay Focused

Choose a focal point and illuminate it. You have to decide where you want your guests to look by doing this. Avoid directing the eye towards the sink area.

You don’t want your visitors to get a glimpse of your dirty dishes now, am I right? For instance, the heirloom lights in the image below which create focus to the kitchen countertop.  

Accent Lighting
Image Via Leichtpalmbeach

Don’t be afraid to go big when replacing a kitchen light centerpiece. Whether it’s a classic chandelier or something reflective of your eclectic style, a big, bold piece in the center of the kitchen will make a statement.

The Power of Track Lighting for Wet and Dry Kitchen

Who wants to work in their own shadow? No one. So, this is where track kitchen lighting comes in. As a matter of fact, track lighting is rising in popularity as an overhead lighting source because of its availability in energy efficient options.

Track Lighting
Image Via Gallerialighting

Not only that, it also allows you to position each light to customize your space. Installing track lighting is a project that can be completed in a weekend.

Kitchen Design Ideas – When Less is More

Considering your main overhead kitchen lighting options? There is such a thing as TOO much. Try to keep to one main bold piece, or two to three pendants over an area(usually above the countertop).

Simple Lighting
Image Via Homekeeper

Making your hanging fixtures compete can make a kitchen look a little cluttered and chaotic. On a side note, if more lighting is needed for work spaces, try affordable track lighting or under-cabinet lights like mentioned earlier in this article.

Kitchen Colour Combinations

When choosing your fixtures, think about the color of your kitchen. Since white reflects light, if you have a lot of white in your kitchen you may be able to lower the wattage of bulbs. But those with darker kitchen lighting may need more wattage.

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Modern Kitchen – Countertop & Kitchen Island

Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Everyone goes through a dilemma when it comes to difficult decisions. Every day, life is filled with many difficult decision that have to be made. Be it something as meaningless as choosing what you’re going to wear to the office today, or something that bears a little more weight like; deciding whether or not to quit your job. Generally, you’ll ask yourself some standard questions to get a satisfying conclusion each time. And so, when it comes to kitchen renovation, the process is pretty similar.

One of the many decisions that will screw you is the process of choosing the perfect kitchen countertop. Fortunately, selecting the right kitchen countertop doesn’t have to be as burdensome as people make it. Take as much time to plan in advance and consider a few key points, you can usually narrow down your options to the perfect countertop choice rather easily and still avoid pulling your hair out in the process. Without wasting any more time, let’s check out and see what you should take into account before choosing your kitchen countertop.

Moolah – Your Budget for Kitchen Renovation!

In any decision to revamp or renovate your space, you have to think of the budget! Of course. This has got to be your first place to start whenever you’re trying to decide on a countertop style.

Kitchen Cabinet Johor

There are vast array for the types of countertops. Some are known to be expensive. Engineered stone and granite are on the costly side but the price is basically the same for these materials. Marble is expensive and so is stainless steel. Even though paper composite may sound like and affordable choice, that’s not always the case.  

Laminates are known as the much simply less expensive options than others, like quartz. You have to be realistic! Don’t set your hopes too high, or too low, on an option that doesn’t match your finances.  

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen and is on a limited budget, it’s really vital for you to find a high quality countertop option that you can actually afford. Likewise, if the sky’s the limit on your project, then splurge all you want for a higher-end stone options that reflect the style and aesthetic look of your entire kitchen.


What is the Kitchen Countertop Material for YOU?

Materials, materials. Such a hard question. Will this material complement that material? Is the texture of this material accentuate the kitchen counter top or dim it? SO hard.   And what makes it harder is the wealth of choices available in the market. From the usual butcher’s block to the less common such as glass and terrazzo. Which one should you choose? Engineered stone and marble is expensive, but are they worth it if we were to compare it to paper composite?  

With that being said, we must have in mind what we want for a kitchen top. Or how do we want it to function as. Wooden ones like butcher’s block is a sturdy material that not only exudes a vintage vibe, but can also function as a chopping blocks, if you so desire.

If a look is what you are after, stainless steel oozes an industrial and cyberfunk feel due to how these materials look. But stainless steel tops are noisy as the clangs from pots and kettles will certainly up the decibel in the kitchen department.

Concrete countertops are edgy, and are very customizable in terms of the overlay where one can overlay glass fragments, rocks and shells. But one thing to be remembered though, adding all these customizations can also increase the cost of the countertop materials and building it as well.

Kitchen Renovation — Think of The Maintenance! 

Every type of countertops requires maintenance, some more than others. What dictates this? Of course it’s the material, colour, and finish you choose that affects it.   If you’re taking Granite into consideration, they’re pretty good with heat and scratches. It can withstand it pretty well but it still has to be sealed every now and then or they will get stained.   

There are countertops that are maintenance-free, which is the solid surface countertops. How come? Because the material is non-porous. You don’t need to seal it or have a special cleaning for it. However! These babies can be susceptible to scratches and burns.

Other than that, marble may look stunningly glamorous! BUT! It stains easily, EVEN is it’s sealed. If you want to have a marble countertop, yeah sure but maybe not all. Limit its use to certain areas only.  

On the other hand, stainless steel countertops are nearly indestructible. They are very heat and bacteria resistant. Plus, they have that industrial look that a lot of modern, contemporary kitchens can rock. However, they show fingerprints and dent easily. Stainless steel countertop is very recommended. Just look at how it compliments the modern, contemporary kitchen look in this video below;  

More on Kitchen Countertop Maintenance

Concrete countertops. Things are simple with concrete countertops. They resist heat very well and are durable. Just like other things, it also has its flaw. Because they are porous, they stain easily and have to be sealed quite frequently.   Wood and moisture can never be friends. So take that into consideration before choosing the material for your kitchen countertops.

Moreover, wood is not resistant to bacteria and has to be disinfected frequently. It also doesn’t withstand scratches that well. However, these can be fixed through sanding or oiling. Paper composite. I know, that doesn’t sound appealing at all. But these babies are surprisingly durable! They withstand heat and water really well but are not resistant to scratches or chemical damage.  


Lifestyle – How’s The Traffic or Use in Your Kitchen? 

While material, price and looks are important, what you need to focus on is your lifestyle and that of your family. The kitchen countertops have to be a good fit. So if you have kids and there’s always a mess in your kitchen, perhaps white isn’t the best color for the countertops and wood or marble not your best material choices.  

What will you use the countertop for? If you live in a house filled with young kids, you may not want to install a white granite countertop that could be easily stained from Kool-Aid, jelly, or finger-paints.  

Similarly, some countertop options can be easily damaged by water, heat, or knives. It’s important to choose a color and material that will function well for your lifestyle and cooking needs. If cooking is your favorite pastime and budget allows choosing kitchen countertops made of marble, quartz, or granite would all provide the properties desired for various cooking applications, like making pasta or rolling out cookie dough.  

After you’ve established both space and budget, take a moment to think about the primary use of your kitchen. Do you frequently entertain guests? On the other hand, if cooking isn’t really your thing you may decide to look past the heat-regulating properties of marble, and instead choose to focus on a countertop material that better fits your style and overall desired properties.

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Modern Kitchen – Fixtures & Fittings

Best Faucets For Your Modern Kitchen

You can get all these at your local depot or bathroom/ kitchen fixture store. Or, online you can get some off Lazada. The best online store for these without a doubt is Amazon. They have variety and reviews on all the best ones. All of which are guaranteed to enhance your choosing and shopping experience.


Multipurpose Faucet with a Built-in Water Filter

Is This The First Built-In Filtered Water Dispenser For The Home? | Residential Products Online

Image Credit: Residential Product Online 

The epitome of modern essentials is multipurpose appliances/ fixtures. Investing in multipurpose appliances is a great way to maximize usable living and storage space.
So, eliminate the need for a bulky water filter/ purifier with this 2 in 1 faucet. This faucet comes with a pre-installed permanent filter. It will keep you from throwing away your money on cheap, flimsy filters.
Depending on the model, special taste-strengthening and purity-enhancing features are available. Don’t worry about aesthetics! Faucets with pre-installed filters come in a wide variety of styles to suit all kinds of kitchens.
Price: RM200-1000

No Hands! Touchless/ touch-on Faucet

Delta Touch Faucet Not Working? (Causes &Amp; Solutions)

Image Credit: Unienergy Technologies

Ever had both hands slathered with food and washing your hands means getting it all over the faucet? Or, has slippery hands make turning the tap on an awkward struggle? You can get around all that with a touchless/ touch-on kitchen faucet.
A touchless kitchen faucet is a faucet that can turn on and off without having to operate a handle. These faucets are usually pull-down models. So, you can use them with great results for dishwashing. Meanwhile, a touch-on faucet is one that turns on with a touch.
The biggest advantage of using this faucet is the ability to wash without soiling the faucet itself. Be it your hands or dishes. This will keep the faucet looking clean. And, it’s easier since you can use both of your hands to clean the dishes.
Most of these faucets use a motion-tracking sensor to turn the water on and off. Some of them use a tactile sensor, and you have to touch them to start the water.
Why you need a touchless/ touch-on faucet:
  • Easy to use hands-free operation 
  • Modern style (looks great)
  • Controlled water flow (no more leaving running water)
  • Lowers water consumption
  • Pull down spray heads
  • Sanitation
Modernity is all about ease and convenience. Your modern kitchen needs a touchless/ touch-on faucet.
Price: RM1000-1200
  1. FLOW Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet Bio Bidet,
  2. Moen Brantford Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle High-Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet (7185ESRS),
  3. Moen 7565ESRS Kitchen Faucet

Flexible and Adaptable Pull out/ pull down/ side spray Faucet

Why You Should Have A Sprayer On Your Kitchen Sink | Martha Stewart
Image Credit: Martha Stewart
Pull-out faucets come with detachable heads that can be pulled closer to you with the help of a “hose” or “snake.” Pull-down faucets have similar functions in the kitchen but slightly different designs. And, side spray faucets are traditional faucets with a “side sprayer” rested next to it. The side sprayer uses the same pipes and extend the same but is its own unit.
They’re very versatile kitchen tools. They’re great for washing dishes, rinsing out the sink and getting spray pressure. Especially useful for those hard-to-reach areas of pots and pans. It gives you ultimate convenience. You get multi-spray function and faucet flexibility in one compact ergonomics centered package.
Conventional faucets don’t cut it as modern. Don’t settle when decking your very own modern kitchen. Go all out and get your hands on this snazzy fixture.
Price: RM100-1600
  1. Kitchen Faucets Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap Single Handle Sink Crane,
  2. Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet,
  3. Kohler Belera Pull-Down Faucet,
  4. Kraus Single-Handle Pull-Down Faucet


Added Convenience and Function with a Pot Filler Faucet

What Is A Pot Filler? Why This Kitchen Accessory Is A Must-Have Upgrade

Image Credit: Delta Faucet

This may be the kitchen faucet you never knew you needed. It’s typically used by restaurants and commercial businesses. So, homeowners don’t consider it the first option unless they really know their stuff.
Pot fillers are special faucets with long, thin spouts. They’re usually mounted above stoves to fill deep basins on the spot. Their sizes and thicknesses can vary but are generally for high-volume, high-pressure action. Think it’ll be hard to find one for your home? Worry not, they’re widely available for home use.
Why you need a pot filler faucet in your modern kitchen:
  • No strain; No lugging heavy filled pots around 
  • Easy fill for big pots that awkwardly fit/ don’t fit in your sink 
  • Great pressure and volume
  • Contemporary look 
  • Convenience; no need to go back and forth to the sink
  • Enable multitasking; Multiple water sources in your kitchen
  • Minimize mess
Price: RM400-1600
  1. Delta Faucet 1177LF-CZ Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet,
  2. IMLEZON Stainless Steel Pot Filler Faucet,
  3. GICASA Solid Brass Deck Mount Pot Filler Faucet,
  4. JZBRAIN Pot Filler Faucet


Get Any Job Done with a Commercial kitchen faucet

Commercial Faucets &Amp; Plumbing - Webstaurantstore
Image Credit: Webstaurant Store
When nothing but the best will do, consider a commercial kitchen faucet. These are sleek, professional faucets used by restaurants chefs who can’t afford mistakes. So, they’re typically very advanced in terms of design and technology. Commercial kitchen faucets are what you need if regular faucets don’t cut it for you.
These are specially adapted to optimize cleaning. Breeze through cleaning. They have better pressure and added spray features. It’s guaranteed to annihilate even the most stubborn stains. Plus, they come taller than the average faucet so you can clean bigger, taller dishes and pots.
Need I say more? Fact: Commercial kitchen faucets look better than regular ones. They have a minimalist design that makes them perfect for a modern kitchen. Commercial faucets are also more durable than regular models.
More reasons you need a commercial kitchen faucet for your modern kitchen:
  • Added height
  • Better pressure
  • High performance
  • Clean large dishes and pots
  • Pot filling abilities
  • Heavy duty use
  • Two spray patterns
Price: RM800-RM1700
  1. Hansgrohe 10820001 Axor Starck Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet,
  2. Blanco 441332 Culina Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet,
  3. Kraus KPF-1602SS Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Commercial Style,
  4. Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola Commercial Kitchen Faucet


Best Sinks For Your Modern Kitchen

Sinks, second to a fridge and hob, are most essential in a kitchen. A kitchen without a sink would be disastrous and far from ergonomic. Because your kitchen sink will see so much use, it’s integral to choose the absolute best. Invest a little more now and potentially save on maintenance in the future. Below are the best sinks you need for a modern kitchen in Malaysia.
You can get all the following listed sinks at your local depot or bathroom/ kitchen fixture store. However, the more special sinks like the farmhouse and integrated sink may be harder to find.
To buy an integrated sink you may need to look for it at a countertop specialist store. The farmhouse sink has to be ordered online as it isn’t used much in Malaysia.
You can easily get the more common type sinks like the undermount and double basin off Lazada. The best online store for all these sinks though is hands-down Amazon. They have a great variety that comes with reviews on all the best ones. All of which are guaranteed to enhance your choosing and shopping experience.


Sturdy and Hefty Undermount Sink

Pros And Cons Of Undermount Sinks | Mr. Kitchen Faucets

 Image Credit: Mr Kitchen Faucet


The edge lip of the sink is mounted below a countertop. Hence, the name. So, the sink effectively hangs underneath the counter. This is as opposed to sitting on top of it like a top mount sink. This undermount creates a seamless flow from countertop into the sink.
This is great as it preserves countertop space. It also makes it loads easier to clean your countertops. You can wipe counter debris straight into the sink with no rim to obstruct you. In addition, they’re visually more attractive than top mount sinks. Since they do not interrupt the plane of the countertop. To add, undermount sinks are less prone to leaks.
However, the seams of undermount sinks are prone to trapping dust and mold. Besides that, they require added care and caution to install. If not done right, leaks will happen. Get all the functionality with attractive minimalism. Real estate experts also suggest investing in an undermount sink. Mainly because its addition can boost your home’s resale value.
Price: RM400-2000
  1. Aura Undermount Sink,
  3. Blanco Subline 500U Undermount Sink
  5. Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink
  6. Ruvati 34-inch Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink


Seamlessly Chic Integrated Sinks

Porcelain Integrated Sink Countertop &Amp; Vanity: Built In Porcelain Sink

Image Credit: Counter Culture

Integrated sinks are seamlessly elegant. These eliminate the downsides of both top mount and undermount sinks. Say bye-bye to the obtrusive rim of top mount sinks. And, the under counter seams of undermount sinks that are prone to collecting debris and mold.
Integrated sinks have the counter flow seamlessly into the sink. Integrated sinks are countertops with a sink built into them of the same material. They’re incredibly easy to clean.
Besides that, integrated sinks are great for your modern kitchen because:
  • Available in a wide range of materials (concrete, terrazzo, marble, stainless steel, etc,)
  • Completely customizable (materials, shape, features, style, colors, bowl size, etc.)
  • Simplify design (streamlines remodeling process)
  • Quick, easy clean
  • Statement piece (beautifully unified)
  • Seamless lookHigh-end look (luxurious materials)
Downsides of integrated sinks are that they’re expensive. Besides that, if broken, they’re difficult to replace. Depending on the material, they can be prone to stains.
Price: RM800-RM5000
  1. Sweet 804 Integrated Corian Sink,
  2. Spicy 9920 Integrated Sink,
  3. Sweet 881 Integrated Sink,
  4. Smooth 873 Integrated Sink


Spaciously Functional Double basin/bowl sink

15 Functional Double Basin Kitchen Sink | Home Design Lover

Image Credit: Home Design Lover

Probably one of the most functional and multipurpose sinks. Double basin sinks have all your sink bases covered. They ease washing, rinsing, and draining. If you’re one for functionality and purpose in your kitchen fixtures this is for you. It’s hard to go wrong getting a good double basin sink for your modern kitchen.
They give you the utmost flexibility and space to perform multiple sink operations. Say you’re cooking but don’t have time to wash in between steps. Simply leave dishes in one basin, and still have another basin free to aid your cooking.
Here are a few good reasons your modern kitchen needs a double basin sink:
  • Versatile; Can use simultaneously for prep or drying
  • May use less water and detergent
  • Save counter space
However, with double basin sinks, it may be harder to wash large items. You also have to settle with fewer faucet options and they’re harder to install in small kitchens. But, if you have space, want the convenience, and cook for a lot of people, you need one.
Price: RM400-2000
  1. Dayton D225193 Equal Double Bowl Top Mount Stainless Steel Sink,
  3. CAM Kitchen Sink HUNA352092L (Double Bowl),
  4. Elkay Lustertone ELUHAQD32179 40/60 Double Bowl Undermount Stainless Steel Sink with Aqua Divide


Practically Effectual Farmhouse Sinks

What Is A Farmhouse Sink: Beginners Guide To Farmhouse Sinks 2023 | Badeloft

Image Credit: Badeloft

Farmhouse sinks are making it big nowadays. The distinctive feature of a farmhouse sink is its apron of the same finish as the sink. You get a look no other sink offers. They’ll make counters look sleeker and enhance overall kitchen design.
Farmhouse sinks are highly functional. Unlike most sinks, these are made with extra deep basins for any kind of use. This gives you extra clearance to clean even the largest pots and pans. Besides that, they’re made with an undermount design to ease counter cleaning. Simply wipe scraps straight into your sink and voila!
You can even get these farmhouse sinks made with double basins. Opt for a low divider farmhouse sink to get the best of both worlds. Perhaps the only downside of a farmhouse sink is that the apron is prone to scratching. Every time you bend over the sink to use it, any accessories on your front might scratch the apron.
Price: RM1200-2500
  1. Kraus KHF200-33 33-inch Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink,
  2. Finefixtures Sutton 30″ Fireclay sink,
  3. AKDY Apron Farmhouse Handmade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Easy Clean Backsplashes for Your Modern Kitchen

The absolute best backsplash to opt for in a modern kitchen is one that’s easily cleaned. The future is all about convenience and functionality. What’s the point of a backsplash that doesn’t prevent wall stains and food splatters anyways?
The ideal backsplash material should be low maintenance and easy to clean. Opt for full sheet materials that eliminate the presence of grout lines. Grout lines are prone to staining as well as collecting dust and gunk. So, while mosaics look great, they aren’t the most functional option.

All these backsplashes can be bought from any specialty bathroom/ kitchen fixture store. If your local store lacks in variety, you can always opt to shop online. Amazon has anything and everything you can imagine. All products come with multiple reviews to back any product. Shopping on the site will definitely ease your buying process.   

Budget-Friendly Laminate Backsplash

Diy Laminate Kitchen Backsplashes - Innovate Building Solutions
Image Credit: Innovate Building Solutions


If you’re on a tight budget, a laminate is the best option for you. This backsplash is highly cost-effective and comes in an array of styles. It’s guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of any picky homeowner.
You’d be surprised at the variety and look laminate gives. The stone mimicking backsplashes don’t look too far off from the real thing. The best thing bout laminates is they eliminate the presence of grout lines. Say goodbye to cleaning hard to reach and dirt collecting grout lines.
Price: RM20-200 /sq ft or sheet
  1. BEAUSTILE Decorative Tile Stickers Peel Stick Backsplash Fire Retardant Tile Sheet,
  2. Formica 6410 Weathered Beamwood,
  3. Formica 6317 Weathered Cement


Sleek and Seamless Glass Panel Backsplash

Glass Backsplash Panels - Quality Kitchen Cabinet Doors Since 2005
Image Credit: Aluminium Systems


This backsplash option is only just gaining popularity, especially for contemporary kitchens. Something about the shine and seamlessness of glass panels that give off exclusivity. It also gives off a regal, minimalist, and modern look in kitchens.
Nowadays you can find glass panel backsplash in any color to suit any style. One of the best advantages of glass panel backsplash is how easy it is to clean. There are no grout lines to absorb stains and glass isn’t porous so splattered food will not stain. Pretty much all you need to clean and maintain this backsplash is window cleaner spray and a clean cloth.
Here are a few advantages a glass backsplash will bring you :
  • Easy clean surface
  • No grout joints to seal
  • Natural light due to reflectiveness
  • Low maintenance
  • Totally DIY-able
  • Sleek style and beauty
  • Highly practical
Price: RM180-300
  1. glass panels to paint and DIY,
  2. GlassKote Kitchen Backsplash,
  3. Dulles Glass and Mirror Glass Backsplash


Futuristic and Industrial Stainless Steel Panel Backsplash

Custom Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Backsplashes | Coremark Metals
Image Credit: Coremark Metals
A stainless steel backsplash will add a touch of modernity and elegance to any kitchen. To add, it can be easily cleaned to keep it looking brand new. This type of backsplash is available in large panels, as well as various sized tiles. Sizes range anywhere from large to small. It’s better to opt for large panels as they eliminate grout lines that harbor collected dirt and gunk.

If you want a more distinct look, patterned stainless steel is an option too. It’s a great way to stay functional in your modern kitchen while adding some necessary texture. No other material gives the modern industrial look like stainless steel.

More reasons you need a stainless steel backsplash in your kitchen:
  • A modern, futuristic look
  • Easy clean
  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Affordable
  • Durability and longevity
  • Natural light
  • Manageable installation
Price: RM140-400 / sheet/panel
  1. 316 Stainless Steel Sheet Backsplash,
  2. Stainless Steel Backsplash 30″ x 36″ 304 #4 (Hemmed Edge),
  3. Art3d 5 Piece Peel and Stick Tile Metal Backsplash for Kitchen,
  4. Peel and Stick Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Tiles 3” x 6” Silver Brushed Metal Mosaic Wall Sticker

Modern Kitchen – Flooring

Flooring is the best candidate to make sure your kitchen is updated with the latest trends. However, finding the right flooring to complement your modern kitchen can be an overwhelming experience due to the many choices available today. As such, we come up with some modern kitchen flooring options to help you find the perfect flooring for your kitchen. Read on and find out which best matches your flooring needs.

Kitchen Design Idea: Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Flooring
Image Via

Hardwood flooring is a great option if you want to create an evergreen look that never go out of style. With its unparalleled warmth and visual appeal, it has been on the top flooring choices for homeowners.

If you have an open floor plan, hardwood works well in both kitchens and living areas. It creates a cozy and unified look, whilst adding a considerable resale value if you ever sell your home.

Apart from that, hardwood is also highly durable. It requires low maintenance and can withstand decades of use. However, if you live in a high humidity region, add an extra finishing coat as special protection to keep the wood sealed and moisture-resistant.

Kitchen Design Idea: Laminate Flooring


Laminate Flooring
Image Via

Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly flooring solution for a modern kitchen. Comes in a wide variety of styles, it can easily be installed over another flooring with a little effort.

Besides, laminate flooring is durable and relatively more resistant than other tiles. It is a popular option because homeowners usually prefer it over hardwood flooring to achieve the wood look for their kitchen.

What’s more, laminate flooring has an edge over hardwood because it is 100% waterproof. This simply means you can conveniently install it in damp or wet areas without having to worry it being warped or damaged.

Nevertheless, laminate flooring’s high quality will make sure it lasts anywhere between 10 and 30 years. We believe it will likely be a trending choice for modern kitchens over the next decade.

Kitchen Design Idea: Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Flooring
Image Via

Combining style with practicality, vinyl flooring is highly suitable for a modern kitchen. It belongs to a group of flooring products called resilient flooring, which is the softest flooring option. If your kitchen traffic is high, this cushiness makes your feet easier to walk on the floor.

As an easy-to-maintain flooring option, you need not to worry about spills, heavy objects or water splashes because it is completely waterproof and stain-proof. Be careful, however, as vinyl flooring does scratch easily.

To cope with it, vinyl flooring has a wear layer that helps resist scratches and scuff marks. But it does eventually wear off. This shall not be too much of a concern as good quality vinyl flooring should last at least 20 years.

Kitchen Design Idea: Porcelain Flooring


Porcelain Flooring
Image Via

Porcelain flooring is an excellent choice for a modern kitchen. Being extremely hard, durable and stain-resistant, it is most suitable for high traffic areas like kitchens due to its ability to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Any harm done on the tile does not show easily as it has color runs all the way through it.

As a matter of fact, porcelain flooring is so tough it is applicable outdoors in virtually any climate. Like common ceramic tile, it takes on the color of its clay mixture, so it has naturally earthy tones and can mimic the look and texture of a real stone.

Furthermore, porcelain flooring is incredibly strong. This means it is unlikely to scratch or crack in the long term. It is less likely to stain as well and those spills or stains, which are inevitable in a kitchen, can be easily wiped away.

Kitchen Design Idea: Concrete Flooring


Concrete Flooring
Image Via

Concrete flooring has an unmatched contemporary look and tone. As a super durable and versatile material, it can withstand activity in the busiest kitchens whilst looking great. Nothing can ruin it thanks to its outstanding resistance, and it keeps its cool which makes it practical for warm climates.

Concrete flooring offers a variety of finishes for homeowners to customize its look. Freshly poured concrete can be stamped, while every other concrete can be stained, polished, stenciled and waxed.

Moreover, it is a pretty affordable flooring option compared to the rest. If you have a concrete slab, you can have it polished and give it a luxurious sheen for a relatively cheap price. Not to mention that any cracks or discolorations will add a natural, stone-like feel.

Kitchen Design Idea: Tile Flooring


Tile Flooring
Image Via

Tile flooring is a great, low-maintenance solution that has been the kitchen flooring staple for years. It is easy to clean, durable, and has a reflective quality that expands the appearance of space in a kitchen.

Tile flooring no longer comes exclusively as a 12” square. The latest modern and trending designs incorporate large, rectangular shapes; some even mimic wood and other textures and patterns.

However, the grout lines that come with tile flooring may be difficult to keep clean. Hence, we advise homeowners to hire professionals to install tiles with grout lines that are as small as possible for ease of maintenance.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Cork Flooring


Cork Flooring
Image Via

Cork flooring is another option for a unique texture and a padded feel underfoot. As its material is a natural insulator against both temperature change and noise, it is a good flooring choice for a modern kitchen.

Likewise, it is also naturally anti-microbial, thanks to a waxy substance in the cork, which repels insects and pests. Being soft and durable, cork flooring is also immune to chipping, cracking, and scuffing. And if you are on a budget, cork flooring is a great DIY solution that you can easily install in your kitchen.

In addition, cork provides a spongy surface that cushions your floors. The result is a room that is acoustically pleasing, warm, and aesthetic. It is worth mentioning that cork flooring comes in a range of different shapes and sizes, from planks to tiles, adding aesthetic freedom for homeowners.

In conclusion, we hope we’ve given you a general yet comprehensive idea of what makes up a modern kitchen. Perhaps this ultimate guide might come in handy and help you out in one way or another when you consider giving your kitchen a modern makeover in near future. Nevertheless, good luck and have fun in your kitchen renovation journey!  

everyone who is enjoying a pleasant and fantastic outdoor kitchen meal experience.

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