Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring

Are you planning to do kitchen renovation or remodel? But you may face a problem in the starting point. The number of options for kitchen flooring gives you difficulty making decisions— that’s a nightmare. Here’s a good suggestion for you! Vinyl flooring is a type of flooring that is suitable for institutional and commercial applications. Most people choose to purchase vinyl flooring as it is a durable and affordable floor covering. Stop worrying about your kitchen flooring.

Please browse through our Timbergo Adventure Collection, Mi Floor Premier Collection, Fina Floor Aldo Locking and more. Do consult our team to make your kitchen renovation or design planning as easy! Today, this article will bring you some reasons for choosing vinyl flooring.   Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Flooring   Content:

1. Water-Resistant 2. Easy and Shorter Installation Time 3. Variety of Designs and Colours 4. High Durability 5. Cost Efficiency 6. User Friendly 7. Easy Cleaning

1. Hard for Repairing 2. Not Suitable for Bathroom 3. Not Suitable for Outdoors

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Before getting to the point, perhaps we can have a brief understanding about vinyl flooring first. There are two most common types of vinyl flooring in the market: printed vinyl flooring and inlaid vinyl flooring.

  • Inlaid vinyl flooring: has a thin protective coating on the vinyl base
  • Printed vinyl flooring: embed colour granules into the flooring sheet

Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 1: Water-Resistant

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Waterproof is the most potent virtue vinyl flooring has. Majority vinyl flooring is 100% moisture-resistant, as they are primarily made up of PVC. Compared to conventional tile, it does not require too much time and energy for maintenance. That was utterly due to the water-resistant properties. There is still a risk of seeping water or moisture into the seams between the vinyl flooring. No worries, it will happen due to incorrect installation only. Be afraid of making mistakes for your kitchen renovation? Do contact our expert now!  

Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 2: Easy and Shorter Installation Time

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Wish to roll up your sleeves and prepare to do the kitchen flooring yourself? Both luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl rolls are your best choices! Vinyl flooring doesn’t cost you too many times; you can even complete the installation within fifteen minutes. More than anything, it can directly install on the existing floor, save your energy in demolishing the previous base.


Simple requirement for installation of vinyl flooring— A clean, dry and flat surface.

Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 3: Variety of Designs and Colours

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If you think that you no longer make tough decisions in choosing flooring, you are wrong. There are diversified choices for the colours and design pattern among the vinyl flooring, no matter vinyl sheets or tiles.


Wood, concrete, stone, terrazzo are some of the major tile patterns available from the hundreds of designs manufactured nowadays.


The good news is, you are allowed to choose your desired kitchen floor that matches your kitchen style and theme! Looking for kitchen supplier Johor Bahru?  Ampquartz’s experts are ready to assist you!  

Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 4: High Durability

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High traffic flow in the kitchen always is the leading cause that scuffed the floor surface. Vinyl floors are highly durable materials and also resistant to stains and scratches. What proof for the durability of the vinyl floor? For instance, majority manufacturers even provide warranty of vinyl floors for their customers for about ten to fifteen years.

Commonly, the vinyl floor has a long working life-span, which is up to twenty years.

Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 5: Cost Efficiency

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As we all know, we can find lots of kitchen flooring options in the market nowadays—for instance, hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum, etc. But, vinyl flooring is one of the best options that will save you a large sum of money. Due to its material which is primarily composed of PVC, it is cheaper than other floorings.

So, why not choose vinyl floors? It is worth mentioning that the vinyl floors are much affordable, although they have high durability.

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Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 6: User Friendly

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Imagine you have to spend a long time in your kitchen, but need to bear with the cold and hard kitchen floor. That’s suffering. Soft and cushioned vinyl floor is user-friendly, making us more comfortable to stand on it for a long time. Vinyl floors give the warm, and allow the barefoot on the kitchen floor without getting cold feet. Ampquartz is a kitchen supplier Johor Bahru that expertise in kitchen design. Call us now!  

Reason choosing Vinyl Flooring 7: Easy Cleaning

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You will definitely don’t wish to get the kitchen floor with the tenacious spots on it. It was, no doubt: vinyl flooring will be your lifesaver. The cleaning job for vinyl flooring is as easy as winking. To keep it clean, only need the occasional sweeping and mopping in daily life. If there are tenacious spots on it, mechanical buffing equipment and chemical strippers will lend you a good help. Want to find out the right ways in cleaning the vinyl flooring?



Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

Everything has a division of good and bad, same goes to the vinyl flooring. There are some disadvantages of vinyl flooring:  


1. Hard for Repairing

Heavy, hot or sharp kitchen objects may cause damage vinyl flooring, although it has high durability. It is hard to repair the damaged spots or replace the specific place. The only way to fix it is to replace the whole flooring.  


2. Not Suitable for Bathroom

High water-resistant doesn’t mean it has waterproofing property. The vinyl may peel off after immersing in water for a long time. Hence, avoid choosing vinyl flooring for your bathroom.  


3. Not Suitable for Outdoors

The vinyl flooring is highly recommended for indoor use only. The direct sunlight and changes in temperature will cause the colours to fade and also damage the floor surface.  

Embarking on a kitchen renovation? Don’t let the multitude of flooring options overwhelm you; consider the excellent choice of vinyl flooring. Renowned for its durability and affordability, vinyl flooring suits both institutional and commercial applications.

The Timbergo Adventure Collection, Mi Floor Premier Collection, and Fina Floor Aldo Locking are just a few options to explore for your kitchen renovation. Why opt for vinyl flooring? Here are the top seven reasons: water resistance, easy and quick installation, a variety of designs and colors, high durability, cost efficiency, user-friendliness, and easy cleaning.

Despite its advantages, it’s essential to note some drawbacks, including difficulties in repairing, unsuitability for bathrooms, and restriction to indoor use. With diverse types and reasons for choosing vinyl flooring, Ampquartz simplifies your kitchen flooring decisions.

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Related Articles That Might Entice You

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