Granite Countertops: The Best Material for your home

One of the hardest known minerals, granite is the go-to choice of natural rock when a combination of durability and aesthetics is required. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, the resilience of granite is ideal for practically any home application, including floors, staircases, countertops, and road pavements. Granite countertops are popularly used in most homes for its elegant and timeless look.

Granite Slabs
Granite Slabs (Credit:Shutterstock)


Granite has been used for many years. It often used material for construction, dimension stone, architectural stone, and has also been used to produce a variety of products. Granite can be seen used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects.

Unlike outdoors, the uses of granite indoors are for its elegant look. Granite is polished and cuts into slabs or tiles. All these processes are to be used in countertops, tile floors, stairs, and other design elements.

Granite is a prestigious material that is used to produce a project that will leave an impression of quality and elegance.

granite, Granite

Granite Grade

There are 3 levels of grade for granite. The granite is evaluated by the colours, veins, marking, pitting, thickness, amount of soft material in it, and the country it quarried from. The grade are as follow; Level 1 (Low-Grade Granite), Level 2 (Mid-Grade Granite) and Level 3+ (High-Grade Grade) that are available at Ampquartz. We only provide the best Granite Countertops for you and your home.

Level 1 (Low-Grade Granite)

granite, Granite
Credit: EastCoast Granite and tile


Level 1 granite, often referred to as a commercial-grade or builder’s grade. Lower-grade granite is prefabricated and used for apartments, remodels, or furniture. A level 1 granite slab cut thinner, usually about 3/8 inch, and often needs a piece of plywood backing to support and add more strength. Level 1 granite has a simple design and standardised colours. This low-grade granite typically imported from China and sold in big box stores or in the shape of tiles.

Level 2 (Medium-Grade Granite)

Credit: EastCoast Granite and tile
Credit: EastCoast Granite and tile


Level 2 granite has an average thickness of 3/4 inches. Compare to level 1, level 2 granite has designs and colours that look a little more unique than level 1. The markings also have variations and usually, level 2 granite is from India or Brazil.

Level 3 (High-Grade Granite)

granite, Granite
Credit: EastCoast Granite and tile


Level 3+ granite is the highest quality of granite you can get in the market. This is due to the rarity of its appearance and the source of the granite. It has also a noticeable amount of soft and hard material in it.  Granite with uncommon colours, veins and patterns can go even to level 6 or 7. They are the finest granite there are perfect for granite countertops for your kitchen. At Ampquartz, we only have premium granite for you to choose from.

Why Choose Granite Countertops?

Granite has an elegant beauty that other countertop materials cannot match. With its natural process of giving the timeless aura and appeal. Granite countertops take countertops in your home to the next level. Visually, granite countertops often become the cornerstone of the room it sits. With varieties of color selection, you can find that can fit perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and walls.

Granite is a very hard and strong material. It is harder than marble and quartz It could be considered as one of the strongest materials there is for your countertops. Not only that, granite countertops are very durable and have high resistance to scratch and heat. It is possible to cut your ingredient directly on the surface of the granite countertops but it is not recommended as it will only damage the knife and dull it. Granite countertops also heat resistance. It can be used as a cooktop. You can place a used hot pan on the surface of granite countertops. It will not be damaged or weakened by the heat at all.

Granite countertops are a long-term investment for your home. It can last many years. A mere 5-6 years is not enough as you will have to pay more money on the maintenance rather than the product itself. Granite countertops can last more than 30+ years if installed properly. Once choose granite countertops for your home, you will not regret it due to its nature of being durable and easy to maintain.

If you are still not convinced with granite countertops, click here to find out why you should get granite countertops in your home. It might be the best decision in your life.

Granite Features


Eccentric designs

Every granite slab has its own distinctive, unique veins, textures and unrepeatable colours


High quality

Granite surface will not decolorize even after a long time



Pretty difficult to make a scratch on granite surface



Has a profound protective treatment that provides them with a high resistance to stains


Easy maintenance

Very easy to maintain and clean with just a microfiber cloth



Once installed, it can last a lifetime in your home

Granite FAQ

Yes, just like any solid surface, granite will be harmed too when encountering high impact blows. If unsealed, granite can absorb stains like oil, wine which can ultimately result in dark spots on the surface.

No, most stains can be removed from the granite surface. Even oil stains can usually be removed using a poultice or paste in which it will draw out the oil from the stone as long as the spill is cleaned immediately.

Yes. Granite is heat-resistant. It can withstand heat from hot pans to burning liquids under normal circumstances. You can comfortably take your pots and pans from the stove or oven and place them directly on your granite countertop without damaging its surface.

Routine cleaning with a mild soap and water is all you need for your granite countertop. A re-application of penetrating sealer is recommended on an annual basis and it will only take about 15 minutes.

Not all granite countertops need to be sealed, only those that are porous. This can be easily checked by pouring a little water on its surface. If the water is still there after 30 minutes, then the countertop does not need to be sealed. If the water is still has been absorbed, then it needs to be sealed for the liquid to protect the material from absorbing the water.

A true granite cannot be scratch by kitchen knives. Granite score 7 on the Mohs hardness scale making it one of the hardest materials there is. Although it is advisable to not cut directly on your granite countertops surface as it will only dull and damage the knife and not the granite countertops.

Granite Products

Black Galaxy - Granite Malaysia
Black Galaxy
Blue Pearl - Granite Malaysia
Blue Pearl
Blues In The Night - Granite Malaysia
Blues In The Night
Emerald Pearl - Granite Malaysia
Emerald Pearl
G603 - Granite Malaysia
G628 - Granite Malaysia
G629 - Granite Malaysia
G654 - Granite Malaysia
G818 - Granite Malaysia
Imperial Red - Granite Malaysia
Imperial Red
Jet Black - Granite Malaysia
Jet Black
Leopard Skin - Granite Malaysia
Leopard Skin
Multicolor Red - Granite Malaysia
Multicolor Red
Tan Brown - Granite Malaysia
Tan Brown

granite, Granite

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