5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Granite Kitchen Countertop

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Granite is made of pure, solid stone and it is one of the most popular and preferred materials for kitchen countertops. Unlike other kitchen countertop materials, granite is 100% natural, highly durable and available in hundreds of identical designs.

Granite kitchen countertops are very popular nationwide because it has a balanced mixture of durability, beauty and affordable price. If you are not sure whether to choose granite kitchen countertops for your kitchen, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a granite kitchen countertop.  

1. Granite kitchen countertop is tough and durable

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Granite is tough and has high durability, mainly because it is rock-hard, heat resistant, bacteria and stain-resistant. Being the second only to diamond in terms of hardness, it is very difficult to even leave a tiny scratch on a granite kitchen countertop

Besides that, granite is formed from a process of intense heat and after it is cooled down it will become hard and impenetrable. Due to the way it is formed, it has a high resistance to heat and cannot be melted or damaged by mere hot pots and pans.  A properly sealed granite means there is no room for any bacteria to live in as stains or dirt are unable to seep into the granite.

This is due to the kitchen countertop surface being perfectly sealed with no more pores for any form of substance to flow through. Hence, your kitchen countertop will be hygienic and you don’t have to worry about germs that could affect your health.  With that said, granite kitchen countertops are highly durable and can last up to almost forever. A granite kitchen countertop would be the last countertop you would ever need. Click HERE to see why.  

2. Granite kitchen countertop is easy to maintain and clean

How To Clean Granite Kitchen Countertop When granite kitchen countertops are newly installed, it has to be sealed properly using a sealer to ensure that all the pores on the surface are sealed. The sealant will form a glossy and smooth surface, where it allows you to clean up messes from kitchen preparation, cooking or spills easily without any fuss.  All you need is some gentle dish soap and a gentle microfibre cloth to clean the mess, thus no harsh scrubbing needed. 

As mentioned above, granite kitchen countertops are very hard and almost impenetrable, so there is not much maintenance needed because it has high resistance on impact, decreasing the possibility of having scratches, cracks or chippings. Even though you accidentally do any damage to it, fear not as there are a lot of DIY kits for you to fix it.  There is only one maintenance needed, which is the re-application of the sealer. This process is recommended to be done on an annual basis, and it is only 15 minutes per process.   

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3. Granite kitchen countertop is unique in style and design

Kitchen Countertop Choices As it is made out of natural stones, there will be no two pieces of granite stones that will look the same or identical. Each slab of granite stone has its own charm, colour, variation, linings and patterns. In this case, you are able to own a granite kitchen countertop that is exclusive to yourself and no one on earth has the exact same one as yours. In addition, when compared with other countertops, it keeps the natural appeal of the stone and it gives you a more genuine feeling.

As for the other countertop materials, most of them are man-made materials and their patterns replicate granite stones by using a lot of chemicals and unnatural materials such as plastics. Despite all the effort, they are nothing close to the real granite stones and they often end up looking unnatural. This is because granite stones are the handicraft of mother nature and each of them has its own natural features which mankind could not replicate.  As such, granite is very beautiful with its own unique style and texture. It is gorgeous enough to blend in with all sorts of kitchen types and gives your kitchen a classy, elegant feeling  

4. Granite kitchen countertop is affordable

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The kitchen countertop can be one of the most expensive items during the entire kitchen installation process, so if you are on a tight budget but want to own a durable, beautiful and affordable kitchen design, you can consider using granite as your kitchen countertop material.

The price range for granite slabs is between RM 10 to RM500 per square feet, which is relatively economical when compared to other materials. However, the prices of granite can be higher than this range, depending on the quality of the granite stone, country of origin, colours and designs.   

5. Granite kitchen countertop increases home value

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If there is a possibility you might want to shift out and sell your house in the future, you should start to invest now by installing granite kitchen countertops.  The kitchen is one of the highest traffic and impactful spaces in a house because people spend a lot of time in the space not only for preparing food and eating but also to bond with family members. Hence, homebuyers will pay special attention to this space more as it is the core of family life.

Granite kitchen countertops can increase your home value because of its high durability, heat resistant, easy maintenance, elegant look and long lifespan. All these benefits provide homebuyers convenience, as they don’t have to spend too much time and resources to renovate or maintain the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen is an important asset to you and by installing a granite kitchen countertop, it will be a good investment to increase your home value.    

Final Word

In a nutshell, granite kitchen countertops have good value for money and can last for a very long time. The key is to have them installed by an experienced professional who can properly seal them and make sure maintenance is done annually. By doing that, it will continue to provide you with outstanding looks and durability for the next few decades ahead.  

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