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OTTO Marbleline is the result of extensive study to bring to the interior decoration community a beautiful range of Quartz surfaces inspired by the natural beauty of marble.

For a long time, natural marble is adore by many as it brings earth most natural beauty, to our living space. However, marble is also known to require very high level of care as its porosity is well known to all. It tends to be highly susceptible to damage from usage and degrade over times.

OTTO Marbleline marries human creativity with advance technology to bring us the perfect solution The beauty of natural marble with the strength of quartz……… PERFECTION!

OTTO Products

Otto Malaysia GQ 9012 Calacatta AMPQUartz
GQ 9012 Calacatta
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1702 Mirage AMPQuartz
GQ 1702 Mirage
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1607 Ibiza AMPQUartz
GQ 1607 Ibiza
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1546 illusion AMPQUartz
GQ 1546 illusion
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1807 Oasis AMPQuartz
GQ 1807 Oasis
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1601 Coral AMPQuartz
GQ 1601 Coral
OTTO Malaysia GQ 5108 Reef AMPQuartz
GQ 5108 Reef
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1543 Riva AMPQuartz
GQ 1543 Riva
OTTO Malaysia GQ 5107 Shitake AMPQuartz
GQ 5107 Shitake
OTTO Malaysia GQ 5113 Ginger AMPQuartz
GQ 5113 Ginger
OTTO Malaysia GQ 8017 Aristo AMPQuartz
GQ 8017 Aristo
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1537 Spazio AMPQuartz
GQ 1537 Spazio
OTTO Malaysia GQ 1009 Notte AMPQuartz
GQ 1009 Notte

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