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kitchen hood & hob

OBRO is one of the best appliance manufacturers in the market, and their products definitely stand the test of time with flying colors.

Featuring a fine range of Cooker Hoods, Induction Hobs and Integrated Sink Dishwashers, OBRO products are designed to be your state-of-the-art companions that make everyday life easy, convenient and visually magnetic.

Obro Products

kitchen hood & hob

HD6 VORNEHM Downdraft Cooker Hood

OBRO’s Downdraft Cooker Hood is incredibly attractive and features the latest technology all wrapped up in an exquisitely designed package. Not only is it stunningly crafted, but it also provides outstanding extraction solutions, advanced filtering systems and powerful airflow as well! The amazing features and gimmicky enhancements it offers are sure to make your life so much easier. As a versatile appliance, OBRO’s Downdraft Cooker Hood will definitely bring your kitchen to a whole new level!


  • Downdraft cooker hood
  • Stainless steel with black glass panel
  • Slide, touch and remote control
  • 1000m3/h airflow
kitchen hood & hob

ID36 SIEGEN 3-Burner Induction Hob

The ID36 Siegen induction cooker, equipped with 3 induction cooker burners, gives you a fast and energy saving way of cooking. Its versatility and convenience of precise temperature control, cool touch surface and safety features make every cooking time effortlessly.


  • Horizontal 3-burner induction hob
  • High-end glass-ceramic from German SCHOTT CERAN
  • 9-stage power setting
  • 99-min timer, auto switch off
  • Safety child-lock
kitchen hood & hob

DI6 GRANDIOS Downair Cooker Hood System

Covers 80cm in width, flush fits with your cooktop. This highly effective extractor hood rapidly eliminates unwanted kitchen smoke, steam and smell right away downwards. It’s not magic. It’s a creation of physics and beauty. It’s DI6 Grandios.


  • Integrated system with cooker hood and induction hob
  • 4-burner induction hob, 800mm by 520mm
  • High quality induction glass
  • 9-stage power setting, 99-min timer, auto switch off, Safety child-lock
  • Built-in cooker hood, 360mm by 110mm
  • Stainless steel panel, 3-level speed absorption
kitchen hood & hob

IDW10S SANFT Top Loader Dishwasher

Times and technologies changed. The top loader dishwasher is faster and easy to load after meal, it keeps stubborn dirty dishes out of sight and decreasing the need for bending over when loading and unloading.


  • 1 dishwasher
  • Spraying & heating with 4 cleaning modes
  • Sensor touch control
  • 46 litres high water storage volume
  • 10 litres water consumption
kitchen hood & hob

IDW20 MACHT Integrated Sink Dishwasher

Small & flexible built-in integrated sink dishwashers are the perfect way to complete your living style and. OBRO’s integrated sink dishwasher brilliantly combined efficiency and smart living to create a complete working kitchen station. Comes with high performance water heater to improve dish cleanliness without the need for rinse agent, OBRO’s integrated sink dishwasher is the perfect solution for your cleaning needs.


  • 1 sink & 1 dishwasher
  • Matte finishing
  • Spraying & heating with 4 cleaning modes
  • Ultrasonic wave cleaning
  • Washing of vegetables and fruits
  • Sensor touch control
  • 8 litres water consumption
kitchen hood & hob

OGP10 STARK Built In Oven With Pyrolytic

Our electric built in oven are designed to offer convenience and ease in the kitchen. As modern pyrolytic ovens ‘automatic’ self cleaning function that dramatically reduce your oven cleaning time. The oven was designed with multiple premium functions to enhance the cooking experience & improve the food quality.


  • 70L Capacity
  • 12 functions – Pyrolytic Cleaning, Built in Meat Probe & Rotisseries
  • Tinted Glass with 4 Layer Cooling Glass
  • Soft Closing Door
  • Full Telescopic
  • Ease Remove Rack
  • Digital Control
  • A Class, 3200W

kitchen hood & hob

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