Induction Cookers VS Stove Hobs – What’s Best for You?

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Electric or gas?

Induction cooker or stove hobs?

Those are the questions on every new homeowner’s mind. This is especially true, as there has been an uptick in the popularity of induction cookers in Malaysia in recent memory. Whether for its convenience, efficient energy use and so on, there’s no doubt induction cooker reigns supreme in the eyes of the modern homeowner.  

So which is better? It mainly boils down to preference, though both induction cookers and stove hobs do bring their own benefits to the table.  


Induction Vs Stove
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That being said, this article aims to provide insight on both sides and which would fit your home better. Whether induction cooking fits your lifestyle, or otherwise you’d prefer the traditional stove hob, the final decision rests with you. So without further ado, here’s how induction cooker and stove hobs match up to each other.   Spoilers: we do have a soft spot for induction cookers in general but we’ll try not to be too biased (no promises though).  


Induction Cooker Vs Stove Hobs


Induction &Amp; Gas Cooking
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Since the advent of induction technology, there’s a constant debate on which cooking method is better. Do you go with the traditional and familiar gas cooking, or is the modern way of electric cooking that much better?

Cooking Efficiency with Induction & Stove


Induction Cooking
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A major difference between induction cookers and stove hobs is cooking efficiency. Induction is significantly more efficient than gas. Generally, induction cooking allows food to receive about 90% of the heat generated, whereas gas only provides 40-55% heat. What this means is that a kitchen using induction cookers will be much cooler than one with a stove hob. You’ll feel much more comfortable preparing your meals this way.


There’s a saying, “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” but we believe that this saying applies only to stove hob kitchens. Another win for the induction cooker is safety. With induction cooking, you won’t directly work with an open flame. Subsequently, the risk of burns and accidental fires is also minimal.  


Being Economical on your Cooking Needs


Gas Cooking
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Now, if budget is your concern, we feel that induction cooking is better for your wallet in the long run. On one hand, induction appliances tend to be more expensive upfront. Though, most kitchen layouts don’t require anything special other than an electrical outlet. Also, you’ll need pots and pans that are induction-friendly which would require you to shell out some more money.  


Gas Tong
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On the other hand, gas cookers require a steady flow of, well, gas. Depending on your home, you could either opt for ordering gas cylinders or installing a gas line. The latter obviously being the more expensive of the two. Moreover, gas lines are dependent upon your location.


And ordering gas cylinders constantly is going to really put a damper on your monthly budgeting if you’re a serial chef at home.  What we’re saying is that gas cooking is sometimes a real hassle and is costly to get going. In this case, we’d advocate for installing induction cookers in your home.  


Obro Induction Cooking System
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Our suggestion? OBRO international has an excellent range of cooker hoods and induction hobs to suit your needs.  


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Familiarity with Gas Cooking


Gas Cooking Chef
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So why is gas cooking still so popular? Simply put, gas cooking loyalists believe in their way because it’s the one that they’re familiar with. Many chefs and homeowners prefer using something they already know how to use, rather than switching to something that they’ve never used before.  

Obro Induction Cooker
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Another point in the gas vs electric debate is visual cues. Some chefs depend on the stove hob’s flames to determine the level of heat. Though a lot of modern induction cookers feature LED indicators to give users a clear visual of the pan’s heat. So it depends entirely on your preference.  


Gas Cooking Hawker
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Also, depending on the style of cooking, many people believe that gas flames are useful to enrich your cooking with that flavor of “smokiness”. There’s a reason why using charcoal to cook or smoking your food is a popular cooking technique. Induction cooking does not allow this as it does not use any real flames.  


Cleaning your Induction Cooker


Cleaning Induction Cooker
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Induction cookers by far are the easiest to clean compared to stove hobs. It’s as easy as wiping down your countertops with a damp cloth! You can even use general cleaning agents to spray your induction cookers if you’re a clean freak, no fancy cleaning liquids required.   Conversely, gas cooking is a messy affair.


The very use of open flames makes your kitchen feel a lot greasier and icky. Sure, the food you make on an open flame may taste great, but at what cost? You’ll need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cleaning up as compared to using induction cookers.  


Of course, you could resort to using cooking hoods to suck up the grease. In that case, OBRO has a downdraft cooker hood and induction hob combo that will fulfil your desires.  


The Verdict


So which is the better choice? Are induction cookers really the future of homecooked food preparation? Do you see yourself using your kitchen to cook often? It all depends on your preferences and priorities.


But we’d definitely put forth that induction cookers are the future, especially in our ever-growing Malaysian food climate. Convenience, efficient cooking, and easy cleaning afterward.


What more could you ask for? If you’re interested in an induction cooker or want more information on our OBRO line, you can check here.

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