5 Solid Reasons Why Your Home Needs an OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob


Dreaming of a sleek, stylish kitchen that tackles cooking chaos? Look no further than the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob combo! This isn’t just any hob and hood duo – it’s a kitchen revolution waiting to happen.

Here’s why this combo is a recipe for success:

  • Modern Marvels: Let’s face it, traditional hobs and hoods can look clunky. This OBRO combo boasts a modern, exquisite design that adds instant class to any kitchen.

  • Power Couple Performance: This hob and hood work together seamlessly. The hob cooks like a dream, while the downdraft hood whisks away smoke, grease, and odors before they can take over your kitchen. Say goodbye to greasy walls and lingering smells!

  • Fresh Air Fanatic? This combo is your new best friend! It removes nasty fumes, heat, and steam, keeping your kitchen fresh and breathable – perfect for open floor plan living.

  • Induction Innovation: The induction hob heats up lightning fast and cools down instantly, making it super energy-efficient. Plus, it’s safer than traditional hobs – no more accidental burns!

  • Convenience King: This combo makes cooking a breeze. The hob is easy to clean, and the downdraft hood eliminates splatters on your stovetop. Less mess, more culinary creations!

So ditch the outdated appliances and upgrade your kitchen with the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob. It’s the perfect blend of style, performance, and convenience!



Obro Downdraft Cooker Hood And Induction Hob-Minimalist Calling all minimalists! Looking for sleek appliances that elevate your kitchen without sacrificing function? Then the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob is your perfect match!

Why this combo is a minimalist dream:

  • Effortless Elegance: This duo boasts a timeless stainless steel and black glass design that complements any kitchen décor. No more bulky hoods or dated appliances – just clean lines and modern sophistication.

  • Hidden Hero: Say goodbye to traditional, space-hogging hoods! This ingenious downdraft hood retracts seamlessly into your countertop, maximizing space and creating a sleek, minimalist look.

  • Seamless Style: The black glass hob disappears into your countertop, creating a unified and ultra-modern aesthetic. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your minimalist haven.

  • Function Meets Design: Don’t be fooled by the sleekness – this combo is a powerhouse! The induction hob delivers top-notch performance, while the downdraft hood efficiently removes smoke, grease, and odors.

Upgrade your kitchen with the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob. It’s the perfect blend of minimalist style, exceptional functionality, and instant prestige!



Beautiful-Obro Downdraft Cooker Hood And Induction Hob
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Let’s be honest, nobody loves cleaning after a culinary masterpiece. But fear not, the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob are here to revolutionize your kitchen experience!

Effortless Cleaning, Happy Chef:

  • Say Goodbye to Scrubbing: The smooth glass and stainless steel surfaces make cleaning a breeze. Less time cleaning, more time creating delicious meals – that’s a recipe for a happy cook!


Looking Good, Working Great:

  • Tech Meets Style: Don’t be fooled by the sleek design – this combo is a powerhouse! OBRO incorporates cutting-edge technology into a beautifully crafted appliance.

  • Powerhouse Performance: This fully automated system boasts superior extraction, advanced filtering, and powerful airflow. Odors, fumes, heat, and contaminants? Gone in a flash!

  • 9-Speed Induction Hob: Experience ultimate cooking control with the 9-stage power setting hob. From simmering sauces to searing steaks, it handles it all flawlessly.


Effortless Efficiency, Unmatched Style:

  • Hassle-Free Cooking: Enjoy a safe and efficient cooking experience with this innovative duo. The hob ensures precise heating, while the downdraft hood keeps your kitchen fresh and clean.


Upgrade your kitchen with the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob. It’s the perfect combination of stunning design, effortless cleaning, and powerful performance!

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We all love convenience, especially in the kitchen. Who wants to spend hours scrubbing after a delicious meal? The OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob are here to save the day!

Effortless Cleaning, Happy You:

  • Wipe-Away Wonder: Both the hood and hob boast smooth, easy-clean surfaces. Simply wipe away spills and splashes with a regular cleaning agent – no scrubbing required! Just remember, wait for the hob to cool down before cleaning.

  • Minimal Maintenance Marvels: Maintaining this combo is a breeze. The carbon filter in the hood only needs replacing every 3-6 months, and the oil filter requires a quick weekly soak and brush. Easy peasy!

Efficiency & Convenience Combined:

  • Hassle-Free Cooking: Focus on creating culinary masterpieces, not cleaning up messes. This innovative duo ensures efficient cooking and effortless cleaning. More time cooking, less time scrubbing – that’s a win-win!

  • Simple Maintenance: Say goodbye to complicated appliance upkeep. The OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob prioritize convenience, making maintenance a breeze.

Upgrade your kitchen to a haven of convenience and style with the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob. It’s the perfect combination of effortless cleaning, minimal maintenance, and powerful performance!




Cooking shouldn’t come with a side of safety worries. That’s where the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob come in! This innovative duo prioritizes safety for you and your loved ones, making kitchen time a joy.

Safety First, Flavor Always:

  • Induction Revolution: Ditch the open flame dangers! Induction hobs only heat the pan itself, keeping the surrounding surface cool to the touch – perfect for curious little hands.

  • Breathe Easy, Cook Happy: The powerful downdraft hood eliminates smoke, grease, and harmful airborne contaminants. This means cleaner air and less worry about inhaling toxins while you cook.

  • 99-Minute Wonder: Multitasking in the kitchen? No problem! The built-in timer ensures you never forget about a simmering pot, preventing accidental burns.

  • Automatic Shut-Off: For ultimate peace of mind, the hob features an automatic shut-off function, eliminating the risk of leaving it on accidentally.

  • Child Lock Protection: Keep little explorers safe with the child lock feature. This simple yet effective feature prevents accidental activation of the hob.

Energy Efficiency Bonus:

  • Save Money, Save the Planet: Induction hobs are renowned for their energy efficiency. This means lower utility bills and a smaller environmental footprint – a win-win!


Upgrade your kitchen to a haven of safety, convenience, and style with the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob. It’s the perfect choice for peace of mind and delicious meals!




Looking for a downdraft cooker hood and induction hob that goes the distance? Look no further than OBRO! Here’s why OBRO stands out from the crowd:

Built to Last, Guaranteed:

  • 2-Year Warranty: Enjoy complete peace of mind with a 2-year warranty covering both labor and parts. Plus, the internal motor in the hood boasts a generous 5-year warranty – a true testament to OBRO’s confidence in their quality.

  • Premium Materials: OBRO doesn’t compromise on quality. The sleek body is crafted from high-grade stainless steel, while the hob features a top-of-the-line glass-ceramic surface from German SCHOTT CERAN. These premium materials ensure durability and lasting performance.

  • Advanced Technology: OBRO seamlessly blends innovation with functionality. Experience the ease of slide, touch, and even remote control for effortless operation. High-powered components guarantee optimal performance.

More Than Just Quality:

  • Money Well Spent: OBRO offers exceptional value for your investment. This combo ticks all the boxes – minimalist design, efficient cooking, effortless cleaning, and guaranteed safety. It’s a smart investment that will elevate your kitchen experience for years to come.


Invest in the OBRO Downdraft Cooker Hood and Induction Hob. It’s the perfect combination of quality, performance, peace of mind, and value!

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