Melamine Kitchen Cabinet: #1 Comprehensive Buyer Guide

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Are you getting a kitchen cabinet for your new kitchen or replacing your existing kitchen cabinet? With so many options in the market, you may have heard of melamine kitchen cabinets. But what are melamine kitchen cabinets? 

Melamine kitchen cabinets have made leaps and bounds recently. They were viewed as poor quality and cheap in the kitchen cabinet world for years, but you will realize that melamine is becoming a popular option for the kitchen.  

Melamine is getting popular because they offer many options that fit any budget or design style. But do you know how to find the right one that fits your kitchen? We will let you know more about melamine kitchen cabinets in this article. 

What Are Melamine Kitchen Cabinets?

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Hanseceramictile

Melamine works well for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and many more, but what is this material? Melamine is a laminate made by heat-sealing a substrate, such as medium-density fiberboard, pressed wood, plywood, or similar material, between paper saturated with TFM or thermally fused melamine resin.

Melamine may have a reputation as a dangerous material, but the resin used in kitchen cabinets and similar products is made from melamine that’s been chemically bonded with formaldehyde. It has larger and safer molecules, meaning melamine is safe for kitchen cabinets.

You can find melamine kitchen cabinets in many designs, as TFM paper can be printed with almost any pattern or color before being heat-bonded. The melamine will harden when it is attached and form a decorative surface that is colorfast, scratch-resistant, and highly durable. 

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Styles #1 - Textured Melamine Cabinets

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Foshan Darwin

One of the common melamine kitchen cabinet styles is textured melamine. It allows using deep and congruent wood-grain visuals in an artificial product.

Textured melamine can replicate many wood species’ grains or alternative surfaces as they are printed images. Textured melamine can produce a more uniform, constant wood grain than natural materials. This is because no two natural materials will have the same grain patterns. So if you want consistency in a wood-grain look, textured melamine is a good choice.

When you get natural wood for your kitchen cabinet, you get material with imperfections and incongruencies. It may be uneven, or sometimes blotchy, finish.

Texture melamine kitchen cabinets door will look like wood, but they may not be as convincing when you feel them as the decorative paper is sealed with plastic resins. The surface of the cabinet will have a plasticky feel, depending on the product quality.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Styles #2 - European Textured Melamine Cabinets

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Home Bagus

European textured melamine (ETM) is more of a premium, high-end product. It is known as European textured melamine because it was strictly sourced from Europe until 2021. Nowadays, manufacturers are also sourcing it from North America.

European textured melamine is a higher quality product in melamine cabinets. It produces deeper textures and colors with a more realistic-looking wood grain. The surface even feels more like natural hardwood.

Compared to standard textured melamine kitchen cabinets, European textured melamine won’t give you the “plasticky” feel, and it is richer in imitation of natural wood. European textured melamine is a higher quality option you can find in the market, and it is perfect for you if you are looking for a consistent hardwood aesthetic material.

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Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Styles #3 - Solid Colour Melamine Cabinets

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Homebagus

Solid color melamine is less popular than the two options mentioned above, but they offer a nice alternative.

Solid color melamine comes in various colors, such as greys, white, black, and beiges. Some manufacturers offer other options, such as green or deep blue. But traditionally, solid color melamine kitchen cabinets will be centralized around grey and beige tones.

Benefit Of Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Range of Colors and Styles: Melamine can be crafted in any color and print. Besides, it can be customized to fit a variety of spaces. Melamine is available in various styles and types, such as framed or frameless cabinet variations. You can easily find one that fits your needs. 

From the choices you can choose from, melamine kitchen cabinets can match any style, personality, or vibe in your kitchen.

Longevity and Durability: If you can properly maintain melamine, it can last for years or even decades. It’s also a lower maintenance material and less subject to swelling, splitting, or expanding.

Since melamine kitchen cabinets have a printed paper surface, no end grain is visible. No special treatment for painting, staining, or others is required.

Eco-Friendly: The materials used for melamine kitchen cabinets come from sustainable-growth forests or recycled wood. It is easy to clean, and you don’t need much effort to maintain it. 

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Quality

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

The quality of the kitchen cabinets is one factor that homeowners are concerned about. One of the most durable materials you can find in the market for kitchen cabinets is melamine. It is resistant to moisture, heat, and stains.

The resin-filled paper is permanently fused to the substrate, so it will not peel away easily. Standard textured melamine and European textured melamine are both durable, but issues can arise with standard textured melamine. For example, it can be prone to chipping. In comparison, European textured melamine has a higher quality. It is thicker and can hold up to everyday bumps and damage.

What most homeowners are afraid of is water damage. But due to the plastic coating, melamine kitchen cabinets can hold up well to liquid. Be sure to dry the doors properly if it gets wet, and there shouldn’t be any issues. Any liquid can find its way to the substrate if the particle board becomes exposed due to scratches, chips, or other damage. Just ensure that the door finishes are not compromised, water shouldn’t be an issue.

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