Kitchen Cabinet Style: 6 Amazing Styles You Will Love

kitchen cabinet style

It’s time to renovate your kitchen. Sometimes it can be overwhelming as there are too many details to look into for the perfect kitchen design. No detail is too small for you to consider. Your kitchen cabinet style is something that you don’t want to miss out on.

The decision for your kitchen cabinet style is one decision that can affect your overall kitchen design. There can be plenty of ideas for you to choose from, whether you are flipping from a homestyle magazine or searching the internet.

But before you decide which kitchen cabinet style you want to install for your kitchen, you need to know which kitchen cabinet style suits your kitchen design. All the kitchen cabinet styles have their beautifulness, and you will want to know more about them. Here are some fantastic styles you will want to know more about.


1. Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Style

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Image Credit: Spruce

Shaker style is the most common kitchen cabinet style. The simple and classic look makes it work beautifully with all kitchen designs. Shaker style is also called “five-piece.” It consists of five pieces of flat panel, creating a frame with four pieces and a single flat center panel.

Shaker kitchen cabinet style can be a little modern or traditional, depending on how you want to customize the kitchen cabinet and how you want to match your kitchen design. The thicker and more ornate the frame is, you will get a more traditional look.

The material often used for shaker kitchen cabinet style will be high-quality American wood. It is usually found in the northeastern United States. The wood commonly used is cherry, maple, quartersawn oak, and hickory.

Although shaker-style can be a versatile and timeless appeal, you will need to clean it often as dust and grime will gather inside the frame. If you don’t mind the maintenance, it can enhance almost any style for a long time.


2. Slab Kitchen Cabinet Style

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Image Credit: Effortless Chic

Also known as the flat-front kitchen cabinet, the kitchen cabinet consist of single-board doors without frames, panels, or beveling. This simple and minimal kitchen cabinet style can fit many kitchen designs, such as Scandinavian, mid-century, and modern farmhouses. You can pair it up for an industrial look with a concrete countertop or create a colorful backsplash.

There are a variety of finishes and veneers for this kitchen cabinet style. The choice ranges from glossy white to gray or colored lacquer and natural wood tones. It can be warmed with different wood finishes or colors.

This slab kitchen cabinet style won’t go out of style. If you are tired of the color, you can repaint them easily. Compared to other kitchen cabinet styles, the slab style will be easier to keep clean as there are no crevices to attract dust or cooking grease.

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3. Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Style

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Image Credit: Decorpad

This beadboard kitchen cabinet style is popular if you are looking for vintage or rustic kitchens. If you want a modern farmhouse feeling, you will want to put this kitchen cabinet style into your kitchen. This style fits in well for modern or traditional homes.

A beadboard kitchen cabinet can be stained or painted. White beadboard cabinets can complete your kitchen if you are looking for a cottage-style kitchen. If not, they won’t be your only option. White color can be tricky to keep clean. You can try out emerald green or navy color.

Uniform beads and recessed lines are features of the beadboard cabinet doors. But it can be troublesome when it comes to maintenance. Dirt and grease can get trapped in the crevice, so you need to make some effort to clean it. But it creates a full cottage effect with the look of an aged brass cup pull.


4. Craftsman Kitchen Cabinet Style

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Image Credit: Smith &Amp; Vallee

Craftsman kitchen cabinet style definitely suits you if you are looking for a warm and organic ambiance. The material for craftsman’s kitchen cabinets is medium-colored wood such as quartersawn oak. The difference between Craftsman-style and Shaker style is that Craftsman-style uses three vertical stiles on the door and creates two flat panels per door. It is just adding a vertical stile in the center of the door.

Craftsman kitchen cabinets work well with beach houses, farmhouse decor, or an urban home, especially if you pair them with linear and simplistic furniture. It is not recommended if you are looking for an ornate-style home. It would not work well in a Victorian house.


5. Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Style

Kitchen Cabinet Style


Image Credit: Canva

Tradition-style kitchen cabinet is known for their warmth and timeless appeal. It can create an elegant and homey look. This style can be very adaptable as their design is simple or detailed with lines and edges. A traditional kitchen cabinet can be a good choice if you love a formal aesthetic look in your kitchen, especially if you want to incorporate furniture such as decorative legs and corbels.

If you are looking for a transitional style kitchen, you can also consider traditional cabinets combining traditional and contemporary designs. This style often has wood tones but has other options, such as glazes and antique finishes.

The little drawback of the traditional kitchen cabinet style is that you will need more time to clean up due to the detailed lines and edges.


6. Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Style

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Image Credit: Dagiga

Thermofoil doesn’t apply directly to wood. Instead, it’s molded out of medium-density fiberboard. It is then wrapped in a plastic coating and put under intense heat to be sealed. The kitchen cabinet will be more durable after going through this process.

As Thermofoil kitchen cabinet is usually mass-produced, it only comes in solid colors and is imitation wood. You wouldn’t need to worry that this kitchen cabinet will break your bank, as they are not expensive.

If you don’t like to clean too often, the Thermofoil kitchen cabinet style is easy to care for, low maintenance, and moisture resistant. But one thing you must note is that they have poor heat resistance. You wouldn’t want to install them near a heat source like your stove. The laminate can become loose quickly.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Style, molded from medium-density fiberboard and sealed with a plastic coating under intense heat, offers durability and cost-effectiveness.

While limited to solid colors and imitation wood, its easy-care, low-maintenance, and moisture-resistant features make it a practical choice.

However, caution is needed as it exhibits poor heat resistance, making it unsuitable for installation near heat sources like stoves to prevent laminate loosening. If budget-friendly and hassle-free maintenance are priorities, Thermofoil style can be an efficient option for your kitchen cabinet design.

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