Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Door Style: #1 Comprehensive Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

As one of the important visual elements in your kitchen, you want to ensure your kitchen cabinet door style is intact for your kitchen design. It can have a great impact on the overall kitchen design.

There are many choices you can find in the market. Your choice can set the tone for your kitchen, which can be minimalistic, classic, or traditional. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet door style can be challenging.

If you are finding it hard to decide which is the right kitchen cabinet door style to achieve the look and feel you’re going for, here are some tips you can consider when selecting one.

Deciding on Kitchen Cabinet Door Style #1 - Kitchen Layout And Style

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

There should be a theme and style carried throughout your entire house. All your furniture, fixtures, and fittings should work together. The style of each room may vary, but it should have a consistent theme that will run throughout your house. This includes your kitchen space.

When you are deciding on your kitchen cabinet door style, consider your home’s overall style. Ask yourself, is it traditional or modern, classic or elegant? No matter what style it is, your kitchen cabinet door style suit fits into the theme.

In addition to the theme, your kitchen layout should also be considered. Think about how the door will look in your current layout and how it will impact your kitchen design.

Deciding on Kitchen Cabinet Door Style #2 - Price

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

The kitchen cabinet door price can vary depending on the style and materials. Some are cheap, while others can be expensive.

You can look through the options that are available to you as you are browsing through the options. You will have an understanding of the price ranges. You can decide how much you are willing to spend depending on your budget. It will be easier for you to eliminate the options that are out of your budget.

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Deciding on Kitchen Cabinet Door Style #3 - Construction

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

There is a wide range of cabinet designs for you to choose from, but another factor you will want to consider is the structural bones of the cabinet, which is available in two primary different construction options.

The first option is the full-access cabinets. It is more toward the European style, with slightly more storage space inside an elegant frameless construction.

The second option is framed cabinets, which is a more popular option. It can be built in many different sub-styles, which you can choose from.

There are other constructions you can consider, which include dovetail drawers, smooth-close hinges, and more. There is a variable amount of cabinet types you can choose from. As you shop for your kitchen cabinet door style, ensure that it fits your construction type.

Deciding on Kitchen Cabinet Door Style #4 - Door Styles And Finishes

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style
Image Credit: Avoncabinet

The finishes and styles are an important part of the choosing process. Ask yourself which one you like the best and if it will look good in your kitchen. It can help you narrow down the choices.

There are two primaries different kitchen cabinet door styles: full overlay and standard overlay. Here are the differences between these two styles.

Full overlay: Known as Euro-style, the drawers and doors almost overlay the box. There is only 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch gaps between the cabinet units. The small gap gives the cabinet a seamless look. This type of cabinet is more suitable for a transitional or contemporary style cabinet. You will need a high level of knowledge and precision to make and install this cabinet; the price will be higher than standard overlay cabinets. 

Standard overlay: Known as a partial overlay. This type of kitchen cabinet was a norm for many years. The door only partially covers the face of the cabinet, leaving a one to two inches gap between units. 

No matter which style you choose, both types can look great in your kitchen. You won’t need to compromise on the design by choosing either one. Styles like mortise-and-tenon, slab-style, or mitred doors can be found in the overlay types. You don’t have to worry about losing aesthetic options. 

Deciding on Kitchen Cabinet Door Style #5 - Additional Door Style Options

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Drawer fronts can be one of the factors to consider when choosing your kitchen cabinet door style. It comes in two styles: one-piece drawer fronts and five-piece drawer fronts. Besides customizing your kitchen cabinets, you will have some freedom and expression with your drawers.

Stains and finishes are another design element you need to consider too. Kitchen cabinets and drawers come in different colors, finishes, and shades, and you will want to choose based on the factors such as price, taste, and overall compliance with your kitchen’s designs.

Kitchen cabinet door styles can have a great impact on your kitchen design. You will want to understand your needs and requirement for your kitchen design. Do some research before getting one to ensure it fits well with your kitchen design.

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