6 Best Digital Door Lock Brands in Malaysia

Digital Door Lock


As we move into an era with more technology breakthroughs, security such as home, smartphone or laptop should always be our first priority. Malaysian producers have utilized this technological development in Malaysia by spending a great deal of time and money on injecting the digital door lock into contemporary houses or residences. These digital door lock devices help protect us and our property. As a result, the way people live their lives has been changed unexpectedly. So, if you are a forgetful person living a fast-paced life, this post will be fascinating for you.

To assist you in making the decision, we are delighted to introduce the best 6 digital door lock brands in Malaysia and offer a quick overview of all the brands.

Best Digital Door Lock Brands In Malaysia


Smart Digital Door Lock #1: Samsung SHP DP728 

Digital Door Lock Samsung Shp Dp728 
Source: Samsung

Samsung isn’t just a smartphone and TV giant – they’re redefining home security with their smart digital door locks! Forget the usual fingerprint or keycard hassle – this lock boasts amazing features that put your home security at your fingertips (literally!).

Here’s why your next lock should be a Samsung Smart Lock:

  • Unlocking Reimagined: Go beyond fingerprints and keycards! This lock offers access via Bluetooth, perfect for letting someone in remotely – like a trusted friend while you’re on vacation (genius, right?)

  • Security Superhero: An alarm deters break-ins, while real-time notifications keep you informed of any activity at your door. You’ll always know who’s coming and going, even when you’re miles away.

  • Effortless Entry: Gone are the days of fumbling with keys. This lock features a smooth pull and push mechanism for effortless entry – perfect for those times you’re juggling groceries.

With a Samsung Smart Lock, convenience and top-notch security go hand-in-hand. Upgrade your home security today and experience the future of smart living!


Smart Digital Door Lock 2: Ymi70 Yale

Digital Door Lock Ymi70 Yale
Source: Yale

Forget fumbling with keys – Yale Digital Door Locks put the power of convenience and security right at your fingertips! Here’s why Yale should be your go-to brand for smart home security:

  • One-Touch Bliss: Imagine rushing home with groceries, only to be met with a fumbled key search? Not with Yale! Unlock your door instantly with a single scan of your fingerprint – biometric security at its finest!

  • Beyond Biometrics: While fingerprints are awesome, Yale offers multiple access options. Use a PIN number, the Yale app on your phone, or even grant temporary access to trusted individuals. Flexibility is key!

  • Fake PIN Power: Worried about prying eyes? Yale’s clever fake PIN feature allows you to enter random numbers before your real code, keeping your actual PIN a secret.

  • Security Sentinel: Yale doesn’t mess around with security. An alarm triggers if someone tries to tamper with your lock, giving you peace of mind and deterring unwanted visitors.

Yale Digital Door Locks – it’s the perfect blend of convenience, security, and smart home innovation. Upgrade your entryway today!


Smart Keybox 3 Digital Door Lock 3: Igloohome 

Digital Door Lock Igloohome 
Source: Igloohome

Ever get stuck juggling keys for friends, family, or even the dog walker? The Keybox digital lock is your solution! Think of it as a smart, secure key holder that eliminates the hassle of key sharing.

Here’s why the Keybox is a game-changer:

  • Beyond Just Keys: This isn’t just about house keys! Store car keys, access cards, or anything else that needs safekeeping.

  • Effortless Sharing: Grant access instantly! No need for friends or family to download apps. Simply send them a PIN code via WhatsApp, text message, or any other messaging service – convenience at its finest!

  • Versatility is Key (Literally): The Keybox’s compact size makes it perfect for various places. Mount it on doorknobs, handles, fences, or even use it as a digital lock for your grill door!

  • Built to Last: Don’t worry about the elements. The Keybox is scratch-resistant, dustproof, and can handle light rain – perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Upgrade your key management system with the Keybox! It’s the smart, secure, and hassle-free solution for sharing access with anyone, anytime.

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Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Door Lock 4: Igloohome

Calling all minimalists! Looking for a digital lock that’s both sleek and smart? Look no further than the Deadbolt 2S. Don’t let its simple design fool you – this lock packs a powerful security punch.

Why the Deadbolt 2S is Your Minimalist Dream:

  • Style Meets Smarts: This lock boasts a clean, modern design that complements any minimalist aesthetic. But don’t let its good looks fool you – it’s packed with smart features.

  • App Power, Offline Security: Enjoy features typically found in Wi-Fi locks through a dedicated app. The best part? The Deadbolt 2S works even without an internet connection, keeping you safe from potential Wi-Fi hacking attempts. Talk about double security!

  • Multiple Unlocking Options: Unlocking is a breeze with your choice of PIN code, Bluetooth keys on your phone, or even a physical backup key for ultimate peace of mind.

The Deadbolt 2S Digital Lockset – it’s the perfect blend of minimalist style, cutting-edge security, and total convenience. Upgrade your entryway today!


Smart Digital Door Lock 5: SHP- DS705G Samsung

Digital Door Lock Shp- Ds705G Samsung
Source: Samsung

Forget clunky keys and fumbling for codes – the Samsung Digital Door Lock is a game-changer for busy families! This isn’t your average lock; it’s a digital gateway packed with features that make life easier and your home safer.

Here’s why Samsung is the smart choice for your door:

  • Unlocking Reimagined: Say goodbye to key stress! Unlock with your smartphone via Bluetooth, use an RFID card or tag, enter a PIN code, or even use a remote control – the choice is yours!

  • Family Watchdog: Ever worry about the kids getting home safely? Samsung’s got your back! Receive smartphone notifications when your loved ones unlock the door, giving you peace of mind.

  • Guest Mode Activated: Having friends over? Grant temporary access with a simple click on your smartphone – no more hiding spare keys!

  • Track & Trace: Curious about who’s coming and going? The lock can track entry times, giving you an extra layer of security.

  • Scatterbrain Savior: For those forgetful moments, the auto-lock feature ensures your door is always locked, even if you’re rushing out the door.

With the Samsung Digital Door Lock, convenience and security go hand-in-hand. Upgrade your entryway today and experience the future of smart living!


Smart Digital Door Lock 6: Rim Lock-Igloohome

Imagine a life free from fumbling with keys – that’s the reality with the Igloohome Smart Rim Lock! This sleek digital lock integrates seamlessly with your smart lifestyle.

Unlocking Made Easy:

  • Button Bliss: Ditch the key ring! Simply tap your Bluetooth key fob for instant access – convenience at its finest.

  • Multiple Unlocking Options: Feeling flexible? This lock offers a variety of unlocking methods – use PIN codes, RFID cards, or your trusty Bluetooth key fob.

  • Offline Advantage: No Wi-Fi? No problem! The Igloohome lock works offline, so you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi hacking or connection issues.

Plus, with the Igloohome mobile app, you can:

  • Grant Access Remotely: Got a friend stopping by? Grant them temporary access through the app – no more key exchanges!
  • Always in Control: Manage your lock and access settings anytime, anywhere with the user-friendly app.


Live smarter and experience the convenience and security of the Igloohome Smart Rim Lock. Upgrade your entryway today!

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