Outdoor Kitchen Renovation: 5 Upgrade To Make It Perfect

outdoor kitchen

Dreaming of hosting unforgettable gatherings under the stars? Look no further than the outdoor kitchen!

More Than Just a Grill: Imagine cooking surrounded by fresh air and beautiful scenery. Outdoor kitchens aren’t just a fad; they’re a lifestyle upgrade, transforming your backyard into an entertainment haven.

Why Go Alfresco?

  • The Joy of Togetherness: Outdoor kitchens provide the perfect space for large gatherings, fostering connection with loved ones while enjoying the beauty of nature.
  • Sensory Delights: The aroma of food mingling with the fresh air creates a truly unique and appetizing experience. Food simply tastes better outdoors!
  • A Growing Trend: Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique selling point for your home.


1. Flooring For Outdoor Kitchen

75 Asian Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You'Ll Love - February, 2023 | HouzzKitchen Cabinet Johor

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Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Your outdoor kitchen deserves a foundation that’s as stunning as it is functional. But with so many flooring choices, where do you begin? Let’s explore some popular options to create a dream kitchen under the stars!

Flooring for the Foodie Fanatic:

  • Slate Tiles:
    • Pros: Naturally textured for a beautiful outdoor aesthetic, variety of colors to match your indoor space.
    • Cons: Can be cold underfoot, slightly more expensive than other options.
  • Porcelain Tiles:
    • Pros: Durable, hard surface, slip-resistant (perfect for outdoor spills!), low moisture absorption.
    • Cons: Ensure you choose outdoor-rated tiles for weather resistance.
  • Decking:
    • Pros: Seamless flow from your kitchen to pool areas (ideal for Malaysian backyards!), warm and inviting underfoot.
    • Cons: Not suitable for very heavy appliances, requires regular maintenance.
    • Pro Tip: Consider Vitex wood for its durability, but be mindful of weight limitations.
  • Concrete:
    • Pros: Affordable, wide variety of colors to customize your space.
    • Cons: Might not be the most visually appealing option.


2. Roof For Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet JohorOriental Inspiration: Asian-Style Sunrooms Bring Light-Filled Radiance

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Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Sunshine or showers, your outdoor kitchen should be an all-weather haven. But how do you ensure year-round enjoyment? The answer lies in the perfect roof!

Rooftop Retreat:

Outdoor kitchen roofs are more than just aesthetics; they provide essential protection from the elements. Here are some popular options to consider:

Open the Skies (Literally):

    • Retractable Roofs: Enjoy the best of both worlds! Open it up on sunny days for a refreshing al fresco experience and close it down when the weather turns bad.
    • Louvered Roofs: Imagine adjustable louvers controlled with a simple button. Let sunshine filter through even when the roof is partially closed, creating a perfect balance of light and shade.


Seamless Integration:

    • Matching Your Existing Roof: For a cohesive look, consider using the same material as your existing house roof, especially during a renovation. This creates a sense of flow and visual unity between your home and outdoor space.

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3. Outdoor Kitchen Appliances


Outdoor Kitchen Design

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Deciding which appliances to include in your outdoor kitchen can feel like a daunting task. But worry not! Let’s explore some essentials to transform your backyard into a grilling and entertaining paradise.

The Heart of Your Outdoor Kitchen:

  • Cooking Up a Storm: Built-in grills and covered gas barbecues are no-brainers for any outdoor kitchen. Consider your cooking style, preferred menu, and number of guests when choosing the perfect unit.


Keeping Things Cool:

  • Refrigeration Revelation: An under-counter or full-size refrigerator is a game-changer. Stock up on refreshing drinks, keep ingredients chilled, and avoid food spoilage.
  • Freeze and Please: Consider a separate freezer or a unit with a freezer compartment for ice cubes, ice cream, and other frozen delights.


Double Duty for the Entertainer:

  • Dual Fridge Delights: If you have the space, consider two refrigerator units. Dedicate one near the serving area for easy access to beverages, minimizing disruptions while you cook!


Built to Endure:

  • Weatherproof Wonders: Choose appliances designed to withstand outdoor temperatures. Consider adding a protective shelter to further extend their lifespan.


4. Lighting For Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet JohorLighting For Your Outdoor Kitchen! - A1 Electrical

Image Credit: A1 Electrical

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

The perfect outdoor kitchen isn’t just about the food; it’s about creating an inviting atmosphere. And the key ingredient? The right lighting! Let’s explore how to illuminate your space for both functionality and ambiance.

Shining a Light on Every Zone:

  • Cooking in Comfort: Your food prep and cooking areas need bright, task lighting. This ensures safety and precision while you whip up culinary masterpieces. Consider under-cabinet lights or pendant lights strategically placed above your cooking zone.
  • Safe Passage: Walkways should have enough ambient light to allow for safe and easy movement, especially after the sun sets. Opt for low-level path lights or solar-powered bollards.
  • Gathering in Style: Set the mood for intimate gatherings with soft, inviting ambient lighting. String lights, hanging lanterns, or strategically placed spotlights can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


5. Furniture For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Johor


75 Asian Outdoor With A Gazebo Ideas You'Ll Love - February, 2023 | Houzz
Image Credit: Houzz

Your outdoor kitchen dreams are within reach! But beyond the grill, what other elements are essential for a functional and stylish space? Let’s dive into some key features:

The Workhorses of Your Kitchen:

  • Sinks & Faucets: A no-brainer! Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and easy maintenance. Consider a cover to keep out dirt when not in use. Explore other options like stone, concrete, or hammered metals, ensuring they’re suitable for outdoor use.
  • Countertops: Beauty meets functionality. Stone is a popular pick for its durability and ease of cleaning. Wood offers warmth and complements various styles. Concrete creates a sleek, contemporary look. Choose a material that complements your overall design.

Solid Foundations:

  • Bases & Cabinets: These house your grill, cabinets, drawers, refrigerators, and sink. They should be sturdy enough for food prep, serving, or even doubling as a casual dining space. The chosen material must withstand outdoor elements, spills, and heavy use.

Pro Tip: Partner with a Professional:

For proper installation, including necessary insulation and flameproofing, enlist the help of a professional. They can also help you choose the right finishes – from classic brick and wood to modern concrete and natural materials.

Your outdoor kitchen should be an extension of your living space, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. But where do you begin with furniture selection? Let’s explore key considerations to create a culinary haven you’ll love!

The Heart of Your Kitchen:

  • Sinks & Faucets: Durability is key! Stainless steel remains a popular choice, but explore weather-resistant options like stone or concrete that complement your design. Remember to add a protective cover for the sink. 
  • Countertops: Beauty and brawn! Stone offers lasting appeal and easy maintenance. Wood adds warmth and versatility. Concrete creates a modern touch. Choose a material that reflects your style and complements your surroundings. 
  • Bases & Cabinets: The backbone of your kitchen! They should be sturdy enough to house your grill, provide storage, and even double as a casual dining area. Opt for materials that can withstand the elements, spills, and everyday use.


Building a Solid Foundation:

  • Professional Installation Matters: For proper insulation and flameproofing, enlist the help of a professional. They can also guide you on choosing the right finishes, from timeless brick and wood to contemporary concrete and natural materials.

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