Outdoor Kitchen Renovation: 5 Essential Things To Add

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If you love gathering, an outdoor kitchen is a gathering spot where you can enjoy the landscape when the weather is good, especially when you have a large group of guests. It can be satisfying when you are cooking outside. The smell of food makes us warmer, and the food taste seems to be better when served in the fresh air.

The outdoor kitchen seems to get more popular in recent years. It’s also a challenge to landscape designers and builders as they must consider outdoor and landscape weather. Many kitchen appliances are available for you to choose from.

From ovens to sinks and fridges, do you know what to add to your outdoor kitchen when planning your kitchen renovation? There are many things you need to consider. Read on, and you will know what to add to your outdoor kitchen.

1. Flooring For Outdoor Kitchen

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You will need solid flooring for your outdoor kitchen. The popular flooring options for outdoor kitchens are slate or porcelain tiles. There are various choices of colors that can match the flooring in your indoors. Slate is naturally textured, which will look great outdoors but be cold and slightly expensive.

Porcelain tiles are another option for an outdoor kitchen, but they are hard and don’t absorb much moisture. They can be pretty slip-resistant. You will need to ensure that the tiles you use are for outdoor use.

Decking is also another popular outdoor kitchen flooring, especially if you have a pool area in your house. It can flow onto the pool areas. Vitex wood is an ideal choice, but you will want to note that some barbecues and kitchen units are too heavy to be put on the decking.

Another flooring option will be concrete, although it may not be the most attractive option. There can be a range of colored concrete for you to choose from to match your outdoor space. There are various ways to look at tiles, which are much cheaper.

2. Roof For Outdoor Kitchen

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The top for your outdoor kitchen is equally important, especially when the weather gets bad. Opening roofs can be a good choice. You can open it on a sunny day to let the sunshine in or close it on a rainy day to create a snuggly haven.

An aluminum opening roof can be great for outdoor kitchens. A button controls the angles of the louver. There is a range of louvers styles that allow the sunlight to shine through when you close the roof.

If you want a seamless look for your house, you can match your outdoor kitchen roof with your existing house roof material. This can be effective if you replace the entire roof during a renovation.

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3. Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

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It can be overwhelming when deciding what kitchen appliance you need for your outdoor kitchen. Do you need refrigeration for your outdoor kitchen? Should you put a sink? You can list and narrow down your option to see which suit your lifestyle.

Cooking elements: Cooking elements such as a built-in grill and covered gas barbecues are now available for your outdoor kitchen. It would help to choose the right cooking element for what you want to cook, how you want to cook, and who you want to cook.

Refrigeration: If you are looking for refrigeration for your outdoor kitchen, an under-counter or full-size refrigerator can stock cold drinks and keep your food from spoiling. You can get a freezer separately or as part of the unit to store ice cubes, ice cream, and other frozen treats.

Depending on your need, if you need to store food and beverages, you can consider getting two refrigerator units. One unit can be used specifically for beverages where you can place it near the end of the counter. It will be easier for your family and friends to take their beverages without disturbing your food preparation.

The refrigerator you get for your outdoor kitchen should be able to handle high and low temperatures. You will want to shelter it to extend its life span.

4. Lighting For Outdoor Kitchen

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If you combine seating areas in your outdoor kitchen and want to enjoy private time with friends and family, having the right lighting can make the difference.

Your cooking and food prep area should have enough light. Walkways don’t need direct lighting, but they should have enough light to move around safely and easily. A soft and subtle ambient light at the gathering area can help to create an atmosphere.

5. Furniture For Your Outdoor Kitchen

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Sinks and faucets: You will definitely need a sink for your outdoor kitchen if you are cooking in your outdoor kitchen. It gives you a spot to clean your food and pans. Consider getting a stainless steel sink as it is weather-hardy and easily maintained. Some other material option includes stone, concrete, and hammered metals. Ensure that the material you choose is suitable for outdoor use. You will want to add a cover for your sink to keep dirt out when it is not in use.

Countertops: There are various material options for the countertops for your outdoor kitchen. Stone is the most popular choice. It’s durable and easily maintained. Another choice is a wood countertop. It fits in with almost any style. Concrete will be a good choice for outdoor countertops if you want to pair your countertop with your contemporary landscape design.

Bases and base cabinets: Base and base cabinets are the ones housing the grill and holding the cabinets, drawers, refrigerators, and sinks. It needs to be solid enough for you to prepare and serve food on them. You may even use them as a dining space. The material you choose for the base and base cabinets must stand up to hard use, spills, and the elements.

You will need a professional to fabricate the basic structure and add the necessary insulation and flameproofing material. There are a few finishes to select from, which include brick and wood, concrete, and natural materials.

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