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Child-Friendly Kitchen Ideas For Your Home

Child-Friendly Kitchen Ideas For Your Home

How To Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly


Having kids means you will have to take extra precautions in making sure your home is child-friendly. From their bedrooms to the living room, all the way to the kitchen. All your rooms and spaces has to be child-proof.

Kid friendly kitchen
Image via Pixabay

The kitchen is probably one of the spaces in your home where you may have to take extra precautions in making sure it is child-friendly. With all those sharp objects and things that can break easily, here are ways you can make sure how your kitchen is kid-friendly.


  1. Closed storage

Kid friendly kitchen
Image via Pixabay

One good way to make your kitchen child-friendly is to have closed storages. This does not just limit to having closed storages in your kitchen, but elsewhere in your home too.

Separate cabinets
Image via Pixabay

Closed storages is a good way to keep your chinaware and spices out of your children’s grubby hands. For better storages, have it mounted on the wall instead of it on the ground as your kids still can reach into it.

Kitchen drawers
Image via Pixabay

For floor cabinets, avoid putting anything sharp or breakable in it. If it helps for any, compartmentalise your drawers and put your utensils in it.


  1. Round Tables instead of Sharp-Edged Tables

Rounded Tables
Image via Pixabay

When shopping for a new table for your kitchen, keep in mind the possible accidents that may happen at home if you have small kids. Most times people will recommend getting rounded tables for their kitchens as it’s less likely to cause accidents.


Alternatively, families with young children can choose to get tables that are still rectangular or square in shape but has rounded edges instead of sharp edges.


The key idea is that sharp-edged tables may cause possible harm and accidents in your home. Hence, not kid-friendly.




  1. Plastic or wooden material instead of metal or glass material

Sharp utensils
Image via Pixabay

You won’t know when accidents may happen in your home. As adults, it’s totally ok to use metal utensils as we can handle ourselves better. Kids, on the other hand, is another matter.


Coming previously from keeping your children’s plates and utensils in your grounded cabinet, we are pretty sure you can take a guess where this is heading. Knowing kids can be messy and clumsy at times, try to avoid having utensils made of metal. You’d never know if your kids may accidentally harm themselves with their metal utensils.

kid friendly utensils
Image via Pixabay

Also avoid using plates made of glass, ceramic, or other breakable material for your kids. If you do have such chinaware, keep them in mounted cabinets if you have any. Keep them out of your children’s sight if you have to.


Some people went the extra mile to completely not have ceramic wares or wares made of easily breakable material in their homes. You don’t have to go to such extreme methods as long as you keep them out of your kids’ reach.


  1. Kids’ Counters

Kitchen cabinets
Image via Pixabay

If you feel you don’t want to confuse your kids or mix your things with your kids’ – get a separate counter just for your kids’ items. Try to get one with drawers and cabinets incorporated. You can have one custom-made or look for one in home living stores.


Keep all your kids’ utensils, plates, and even food here. You won’t have to worry about mixing your adult utensils with your kids’. This doesn’t just easily help you keep track of your kitchen wares but at least you’ll worry less if your kids will touch your other precarious utensils.


  1. Child-friendly flooring material

wooden flooring
Image via Pixabay

Choosing the right kitchen flooring can be tiring at times, especially when you have kids. If you are looking remodel your kitchen floor here are several options for you to consider


  1. Hardwood Flooring

HArdwood flooring
Image via Pixabay

Hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options you can have for your kitchen. It’s very easy to maintain – it’s easy to clean and is less likely to harbour dust, pollen, or other allergens your children may come into contact with.


Hardwood floorings also have the durability to withstand nicks and scratches. You don’t have to panic at the sight of your children dragging their hard toys across the floor. If you have distressed hardwood floorings, it is already enough imperfections to hide any nicks and scratches that are done on the floor.


  1. Cork Flooring


The benefit of hardwood is that its hardness sometimes is an undesirable option for some parents. If its hardness worries you as a parent, choose cork flooring.


Cork flooring is desirable because of its anti-microbial properties. Some other floorings may not what cork flooring has, which is the growth of mould, which poses a health risk to your children.


The only downside to cork flooring is its softness leaves it vulnerable to scratching and damages. This isn’t necessarily a reason to decide not to install it, as it’s often installed as tiles. It means any damages incurred, you can easily replace the damaged tile.


  1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring
Image via Pixabay

Laminate flooring is like bamboo flooring. It’s soft and kid-friendly. Another benefit of having laminate flooring is that it’s cheaper compared to most other wood floorings. It does have a reputation of being cheap-looking but with advanced technology have produced laminate flooring that’s attractive to look at. Some are designed to look like hardwood even.


And yes, it’s easy to clean laminate flooring. You don’t have to worry about its maintenance much.


  1. Quartz Flooring

quartz material
Image via Pixabay

If you are not pleased with having wooden floors, choose quartz flooring. Quartz flooring may be hard but it can withstand some of the most demanding conditions. It also has a high-traction surface, meaning to say when it’s wet, it’s less slippery than other stones. That is why it’s quite a popular option for bathroom floorings.


The downside? Aside from it meant for indoor use, it can crack on high impact. Although that may be the case, professionals can repair the damage so the cracks and chippings are nearly invisible. It also does not take extreme heat very well and can also crack under high temperatures.


At least it looks pretty in your kitchen.


Kid-friendly kitchens are not that hard to have, in all honesty. With basic changes gets you pretty far for your family and your home. Just need to invest in some material you’ll be good.


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