Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets Advantages Over Laminated Plywood [Johor Bahru]

aluminium kitchen cabinet

High humidity and lots of rain – these are the conditions that lend to the advantages of aluminium kitchen cabinets in Malaysia over laminated plywood. This article takes a brief look at the characteristics responsible. Aluminium! That’s a catchphrase that you’ll be hearing a lot of from now on. There’s a good reason why the market for aluminium kitchen cabinets is growing, and a lot of it has to do with how practical they are in most situations.

In fact we’re sort of surprised that its popularity did not pick up sooner. Sharing many of the main characteristics of makes stainless steel, aluminium has many unique advantages over laminated plywood – so let’s take a peek at what makes aluminium kitchen cabinets special


Table summary of Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminium and Laminated Plywood.





1. Cost-effective when long-term maintenance costs are factored in.

2. Customizable.

3. Comes in a variety of colours.

4. Easy to install.

5. Low, easy maintenance needs.

6. Modern aesthetics.

7. Not biodegradable.

8. Non-porous and Hygienic – doesn’t absorb moisture and spills.

9. Fire resistant.

10. Chemical resistant.

11. Resistant to damage from pests; termites, roaches, etc.  

1. Poor natural insulation characteristics.

2. Metallic clanging may not appeal to some.

3. Higher initial cost.

4. Susceptible to damage from electrolysis if the electrical insulation layer is damaged.

5. Relatively soft.  

Plywood Laminate

1. Lower initial cost/economical.

2. Natural insulation characteristics.

3. Easy to repair.

4. Quite durable, dependent on the type of wood used.

5. Comes in large sheets.

6. Can be curved.  

1. Needs periodic maintenance to retain water resistance.

2. Biodegradable if not treated.

3. Can be damaged by water and other chemicals.

4. High-porosity and unevenness of surface can cause hygiene concerns.

Main Advantages Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets in Malaysia Have:


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Low-Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is probably aluminium’s biggest advantage. Unlike laminated plywood which needs to be treated with lemon oil or some other protectant to keep it safe from water. With aluminium you can skip this step completely. Also, you’ll be happy to know that almost any mess will come off its surface by simply wiping it off with a clean, damp cloth.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Cost-Effective

While the initial cost might seem unreasonable to this idea at first, aluminium kitchen cabinets are virtually maintenance-free and are more lasting. Laminated plywood cabinets, while being cheaper, need to be glazed periodically to protect it from moisture and other chemicals which is absolutely necessary in a tropical climate. This translates into long-term savings for the aluminium kitchen cabinet owner.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Canva

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Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Water-Resistant

An interesting physical property of aluminium is how its surface reacts with water or oxygen to form a thin oxide layer naturally. This layer protects it from water and further oxidation by those same elements. Which is a real big plus where humidity is high like Malaysia where it’s practically impossible to keep moisture away. In fact, if this oxide layer does get nicked in any way, a new layer forms very quickly naturally.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Chemical Resistant

While not its forte, aluminium is resistant to weak acids and bases like those found in fruit and acidic food, like tomatoes, oranges and vinegar. Furthermore, aluminium is also unaffected by oil and gasoline (you’ll find it used extensively in engine components). However, it is not resistant to strong acids (or bases, which it reacts with to produce a metal salt and water), so keep bleach and strong acidic cleaners (such as grout cleaners) away!

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Canva

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Fire Resistant

Anything will burn if it gets hot enough (whether at the molecular or atomic level, it depends), but it takes a lot to make aluminium to burst into flames! Under normal circumstances, aluminium melts at 660 degrees Celsius and only burns at 3826 degrees Celsius! Not even a propane blowtorch will ignite aluminium, so you can be sure that your kitchen cabinet will not explode in any way. Wooden laminated plywood would probably feed the flames…just saying.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Pest Resistant

There’s a bunch of little critters that live to do a number on laminated plywood kitchen cabinet. Termites enjoy snacking on the cellulose in wood. Carpenter ants and their terrifying mandibles single-mindedly exist to carve out caverns into wood. Dry-rot fungi will cause wood to decay if enough moisture is available. Aluminium, on the other hand, is kindly ignored by most pests.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Canva

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Hygienic

Aluminium avoids many of the hygiene traps that laminated plywood suffers from. Its smooth, non-porous surface makes it difficult for bacteria and other microorganisms latch on and it won’t rot and feed bacteria, either. On the other hand, to stop laminated plywood from rotting it is often treated with toxic chemicals like chromated copper arsenate (CCA).

Although safer alternatives (such as copper-based preservatives) are starting to replace CCA, these chemicals can still be hazardous if handled wrongly or if they burn. Now, with all that being said, we hope that this piece has been a great help for you to make your material choice! At AmpQuartz, we offer dendron wood series, motif pattern series and solid series of KompacPlus. Browse through our collection of KompacPlus here.

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