Top 5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas in Johor Bahru

Kitchen cabinet design ideas

“A kitchen’s visual appeal and functionality may be dramatically improved by installing kitchen cabinets.” Do you agree or disagree with the statement made herein?

If you like a traditional appearance with plenty of details or something more futuristic, such as a kitchen island, following kitchen cabinet design ideas will give you the motivation and inspiration that is appropriate for your personal taste, the size, and measurements of the kitchen and the overall theme of your interior.

To paraphrase consultant designer Tiffany Duggan, we should begin thinking about the aesthetic and vibe that we want for our kitchen as soon as possible. Consider, for example, how it may link not only to the sitting room and dining rooms, notably if it is part of public space, but also how it could interconnect to the general design of the house.

While there are several selections to be made in respect to the outward design of the cabinets, we sometimes tend to neglect other factors such as organizing.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 kitchen cabinet design ideas that will not only enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen but will also make your kitchen more functional.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 1: Bring some color into your kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas


Source: Hgtv

The tone of your kitchen, and specifically the color of your kitchen’s cabinetry, is one of the many design selections you must make. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of homeowners who have opted to go with a stronger, riskier color palette for their modular kitchens, mainly because these are the colors that will express their individuality the most.

Make use of vivid color in tiny doses – maybe only to draw attention to a significant centerpiece – or keep it out of your line of vision as you approach the kitchen, to stop it from becoming overwhelming. However, keep in mind that a large-scale kitchen can withstand a far larger flash of color than a small one.

For those who are concerned that the color they have chosen will become dated or will not complement their interior concept, they might choose neutral colors and then incorporate color through tiling, painting, and other decorative elements.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 2: Two-toned design 

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas


Source: Hgtv

You should not “surrender” to your goal of having colored cabinets just because you do not believe they would match your kitchen design. Consider painting part of your cabinets in a dark hue such as ebony or indigo, rather than painting all of them together in that color. The most effective method to accomplish this is to paint your bottom cabinets one color (white) and paint your wall cabinets a different one (grey/black).

Cabinets with a deeper color on the base and a lighter color on the wall are the greatest representations of this approach   The advantages of both colors are now available to you. Aside from adding individuality and intrigue, as previously said, the color will help to keep your kitchen appearing light and bright by contrasting with the white cabinetry

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Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 3: Open Shelving Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas


Source: The Spurce

The number of different types of kitchen storage options available, aside from the traditional wall cupboards, is significantly greater than you would have thought. For those who have a vast collection of dishes or who enjoy cooking and want to have their supplies near at hand, open kitchen shelving solutions are a fantastic option.

Even while open shelving appears fantastic in professionally arranged photographs, you could find that it’s not a good choice in your kitchen. When it comes to your cabinetry, do you really want everything on showcase? You will be required to maintain a strict cleaning schedule in order to prevent your cabinets from becoming a dust collecting hazard. If you are not cautious, your kitchen may wind up appearing like a dirty and disorganized disaster if you are not taking care carefully.

Aside from that, think about whether you want something conventional with plenty of woodwork or clean and minimalist with a modern twist. Think about what you’re putting on the show, as well. This will guarantee that each shelf or cabinet is created with enough depth and weight capacity to be warp-free.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 4: Space! Space! Space!

Whatever your kitchen size or shape, make the most of every available area. As opposed to base unit cabinets, which are normally 530mm thick, you can consider installing shorter ones at 360mm depth to maximize the area like behind counter chairs, for keeping inventory that is only used rarely.

For high units, Tiffany Duggan suggests that they should be placed towards the roof, or slightly below it if there is molding. It is also normally preferable to fill blank spaces above stubby pieces in a high-ceilinged room with extra cabinets, which would be used for keeping those goods that are only used sometimes, such as plastic containers, cups, and terracotta pots.

There are many more tips and tactics for a small kitchen; click here to read the article, or you may contact our staff to ask for help.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 5: Never underestimate the value of hardware

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas


Source: Architizer

It is possible to make adjustments to your cabinet hardware (materials) if you are unable to make any modifications to the cabinets themselves. Never underestimate the importance of this minor adjustment only because it is a simple and easy process for your cabinets. Consider it to be the finishing touches on your kitchen cabinets. Prominent jewelry, such as a statement necklace, may completely alter an outfit, and distinctive hardware can also dramatically alter your cabinets.

Choosing the right material for your cabinet hardware is important if you really want to keep your cabinets in a good condition. Polished gold and bronze are popular current trends, but stylish black is always a safe bet when it comes to home decor and furnishings. Make no apprehensions about combining different metals. Keep in mind that it is not essential to align your cabinet materials to your sink or illumination components.

Alternatively, you might choose to have no hardware at all. This aesthetic complements slab-style cabinets with entirely flat surfaces that are popular right now.

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