4 Kitchen Cabinets Options You Can Fit Into Your Kitchen

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are one feature that can bring out the beauty of your kitchen. It deserves special attention as it can showcase your kitchen design aesthetic and provide a backdrop when gathering with your friends and family.

One of the busiest spaces in your house, a perfect kitchen layout should cater to the foot traffic of your family members going in and out of the space. Kitchen cabinets should fit well into your kitchen layout and retain functionality.

You should know your options, whether getting a new one or upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Before getting one, here are 4 types of kitchen cabinets you should know. Get to know the difference and choose the right one for your kitchen.

1.Ready-To-Assembly (RTA)

Kitchen Cabinets
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Ready-To-Assembly kitchen cabinet is popular among homeowners. It is a perfect and affordable method for homeowners who want to DIY. It is easy to install. Everything is prepared well, with a hole drilled and a tool added.

You can find them in almost all home improvement stores or retail kitchen cabinet shops. If you have a limited budget and are experienced at building kitchen cabinets, it will be a good option for you to get Ready-To-Assembly kitchen cabinets.

But bear in mind that the choices for material, finishes, size, and aesthetics for an RTA kitchen cabinet can be limited. It will be hard for you to fit your kitchen design and layout.

2. Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets
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A basic, cost-effective kitchen cabinet type, stock kitchen cabinets are pre-manufactured. It can be supplied either as ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled. As it is pre-manufactured, they are only available in predetermined sizes. You won’t be able to change the sizes according to your need.

Suppose you decide to get stock kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. In that case, other features in your kitchen, such as countertop and kitchen appliances, will have to adapt according to your kitchen cabinet. Although less adaptable, stock kitchen cabinets are the most practical and cost-effective option among the other kitchen cabinet types.

The choice for stock kitchen cabinets may be limited accessories, but there is a wide variety of kitchen cabinet door styles for you. The materials in stock kitchen cabinets include solid wood, melamine, or particle board covered with plastic laminates.

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3. Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Compared to the above two kitchen cabinet options, semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer a wider range of materials, styles, and finishes. They are similar to stock kitchen cabinets but have more options for customization and better cabinet construction.

You can make some adjustments to semi-custom kitchen cabinets, but not everything. For example, you can change the depth or height of the semi-custom kitchen cabinets. Besides, semi-custom kitchen cabinets have a greater capacity to incorporate inserts and accessories, such as pullouts, cutlery trays, and spice racks.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets have a more personalized style while still providing great functionality. They are a lower-cost alternative to customize and provide greater customization than stock kitchen cabinets.

4. Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets
Image Credit: Aspire Building Material

You definitely have complete control over the kitchen cabinet materials, styles, and finishes if you go for custom kitchen cabinets. You can customize it according to the space you plan to install the kitchen cabinet and your family’s habits.

You can design everything to fulfill your practicality and storage need. Depending on how you want to use the cabinet, you can decide whether you want a top or drawer cabinet. You will be the one deciding the materials, finishes, and colors.

Different from the other three kitchen cabinet options, custom kitchen cabinets provide customized sizes with a wide range of materials, finishes, and styles.

What To Consider When You Are Choosing The Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets
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Materials: You can choose from various types of materials for your kitchen cabinet. The cabinet box is usually made of plywood or particleboard. Sometimes may even use medium-density fiberboard or solid wood. There are also materials, such as aluminum, melamine, and many more. The material you choose will impact the cost, durability, and appearance.

Styles : You can choose framed cabinets with a traditional, contemporary, or classic aesthetic or a simple design of frameless cabinets with a minimalist style. Consider switching out the hardware for a cabinet style you like.

Maintenance: It is important to maintain your cabinet to last it long. Cabinet styles with deep crevices and details will be harder to clean. The finishes also determine how much cleaning your cabinet needs.

Cost: Depending on your budget, you will want to decide which type of cabinet you want. Ready-to-assembly kitchen cabinets will be the cheapest, while customized kitchen cabinets will be the most expensive. If you want to go for a wider choice and not go for the high-end side, semi-custom will be a good option as it will be a more average price.

Various Type Of Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Kitchen Cabinets
Image Credit: Design Liike

1. Melamine

Melamine is one of the most durable materials for kitchen cabinets, as it can resist moisture, stains, and heat. It is firmly glued to the particleboard base, making it harder to remove.

They are an eco-friendly material and provide your kitchen with an ultra-modern feeling. If you keep the cabinet in good condition, it can last for years.

2. Solid Wood

Besides having an appealing appearance, it is strong and durable. Some popular choices are oak, maple, hickory, pine, and cherry.

You won’t have to worry about minor flaws as they will be concealed by the wood grain and stain. Small nicks and dents can be repaired easily.

3. Aluminium

Made of solely aluminium, aluminum cabinets perform better than wood derivatives cabinets. Unlike wooden cabinets, aluminum cabinets are fire and heat-resistant.

Aluminum cabinets have many other benefits, such as being waterproof and easy to clean. Homeowners won’t have to worry about the cabinet getting ruined by moisture or humidity, which will easily happen to wooden cabinets.

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