5 Smart Tips To Choose Cabinet Hardware That Reflects Your Style

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During the kitchen renovation process, there are many things to take note of. The kitchen layout, appliances in the kitchen and even the smallest detail like cabinet hardware can affect your kitchen design. When you are selecting your cabinet it may not come into mind about the kitchen cabinet hardware but there are so many options that can change your kitchen design.

Cabinet hardware includes knobs, handles, pulls and hinges. Picking out the right cabinet hardware can subtly make a world of difference in your house’s overall aesthetics. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or just giving your furniture a new look, choosing cabinet hardware matters.

Right cabinet hardware balances between form and function perfectly. In this article we will guide you through some essential tips and insights on how to choose the right cabinet hardware thus making an informed decision.

Choose Cabinet Hardware Tips #1 - Whether Knobs Or Pulls

Kitchen Cabinet

When choosing your cabinet hardware homeowners are often faced with one common dilemma – should they prefer knobs or pulls? They have their own specific benefits and add some personalization to be applied on cupboards.

Pulls, sometimes called handles or knobs, attach longer objects used for opening drawers or doors on cabinets.

Knobs are small round-shaped pieces of equipment that can be fitted onto cabinets’ front part as well as opening sections.

Knobs are popularly chosen due to their timeless classic appeal. From basic circular knobs to more elaborate ones, there is a wide range of knob styles which will suit almost every aesthetic in existence. Alternatively, pulls come with diverse sizes, shapes as well as finishes that allow you to have one contemporary design style all over.

Pulls assist in using drawers since grasping area in their middle is larger and contents inside them become easier accessible. This type takes place especially when talking about pots-and-pans units in kitchens. Any option you prefer should be associated with high-quality materials and proper installation for smooth workability and improved attractiveness of cabinets.

Choose Cabinet Hardware Tips #2 - Determine Your Style

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In order to choose the right cabinet hardware, you should know what style you want. Your style preferences will determine the kind of hardware that will match your interior design.

Ask yourself whether you prefer modern and sleek aesthetic characterized by clean lines and minimalistic designs or if you are attracted to a more traditional and classic style with ornate detailing and timeless elegance. Make sure your cabinet hardware matches the theme that you wish to achieve.

Consider how you intend to use the room. Consider functionality of this space when making a decision on how it should look like. For example, ergonomics and ease of use may take priority in a kitchen.

You can get inspiration from various sources to help you decide on your style. Go through home magazines, websites, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Take note of any images that speak to you while depicting your desired outcome in terms of home appearance.

Remember that everyone has different taste as far as the style is concerned hence there are no strict rules for interior design. The aim is having a space which reflects who you really are inside and makes you feel contented and relaxed.

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Choose Cabinet Hardware Tips #3 - Consider The Finish

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To obtain the desired aesthetic and function for your room, you should consider the finish on your cabinet hardware. The finish can alter how a room looks and works with the color of your cabinets, interior design elements or other materials.

Your cabinet hardware finish must coordinate with the decor and color scheme of your space. Matching finishes can help integrate together different chrome or stainless steel fixtures in your kitchen into a harmonious and polished look.

Choosing an opposite finish from your furniture can make it rather distinctive. A striking contrast could be created by installing oil-rubbed bronze hardware when brushed nickel is predominant among fixtures in this room.

Ensure that the finish of your cabinet hardware complements other fixtures in the room, such as faucets, lighting fixtures, and appliances. Consistent finishes throughout the room create a unified, well-designed look.

Choose Cabinet Hardware Tips #4- Consider The Color Scheme

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The most important thing to consider when choosing cabinet hardware is how well it fits with the overall decor of your space’s interior design. For example, a clean white kitchen will require you to use brushed nickel hinges instead of golden ones that are usually put on traditional looking cabinets.

Start by thinking about what colors dominate where you plan to install cabinets. Remember the primary shades used for furniture in rooms like kitchens where cupboards are situated. A proper understanding of color schemes allows homeowners to choose appropriate finishes for their cabinet handles.

Match hardware finishes to match existing color scheme for incredible matching or contrasting color hard wares. This way you can either complement or add visual interest through mixing vibrant shades with others in different parts of the cabinetry.

Or they may be bold statements that fit within one unified palette only if they are compatible with other items in this particular space.

Choose Cabinet Hardware Tips #5- Keep Size In Mind

Kitchen Cabinet

The right size of cabinet hardware contributes to its good look as well as ease in functioning while poor size selection may lead to worse looking appearance and clumsy cabinets.

Consider the size of the cabinet doors or drawers. The hardware should be in scale with the size of the cabinet surface. Larger hardware is suitable for use on big cabinet doors or drawers to create a balanced look. On smaller cabinets, smaller, more delicate hardware may be more appropriate. Be sure to choose hardware that doesn’t overpower the cabinet.

Consider how far the hardware will protrude from the cabinet surface. This could even be dangerous in compact spaces like kitchens where it juts out too much. There must be enough clearance for you to grip the hardware comfortably without any impediment.


Cabinet hardware selection may seem negligible but it influences your home’s look and functionality in a big way. Remember not to exceed your budget and keep on changing alternatives as long as you need them without making hasty decisions.

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