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  As technology has gradually transformed our lives to make our lives much better, easier and more secure.  Over the years, digital door locks inventions and innovations do not stop and therefore the demand for digital door locks has increased as they are versatile security devices for both homes and offices.  

  With the Internet of Things (IoT) technology,  digital door locks typically can be assessed by keypads or keycards and connected mobile devices at a fingertip. Prior to choosing the right digital door lock for your door, let’s explore the different types of digital door locks available in the market which best fit your door of installation. Notice the nature of the door lock installation so that investing in an appropriate digital door lock is worthwhile.

Mortise Locks

  The mechanism of the mortise is like the pocket which is cut into the door where the lock is fitted which is more commonly found on wooden doors. If the nature of the door lock installation is mortise type, then this type of digital door lock could be ideal for you. There are two types of mortise digital locks: Pull-and-Push Mortise and Lever Handle Mortise.

Pull-and-Push Mortise Digital Lock

Igloohome Push-Pull Mortise

  This is a pull and push motion that is easy to operate and convenient. The deadbolt will spontaneously pop out instantly when you close the door by pushing it without much effort. When the door is not closed properly, it triggers the alarm to alert the homeowners to close the door properly.

  This push and pull mortise digital door lock offers a biometric security feature by scanning fingerprints to unlock the door, and a keypad to input the PIN code.  If you are busy cooking in the kitchen but not convenient to open the door for your guests. simply connect your mobile devices with Wifi or Bluetooth to the digital door lock. and you can easily unlock the door at your convenience with a fingertip.

  Because of their stylish look, Push-and-Pull Digital Door Locks are commonly found in today’s new homes.  It can be installed mainly on the main entrance door or on the bedroom door.  Prior to installation. keep in mind to check your existing door lock and consult the professionals.  

Lever Handler Mortise Digital Lock

Credit: Igloohome Mortise 2+

  Another option for mortise digital door locks is Level Handle Digital Door Lock.  The mechanism of the deadbolt is similar to the push-pull mortise door lock, except this type of digital door lock allows you to turn the level to open and close the door. You might want to choose this type of digital door lock if you would prefer the traditional lock system. 

  Contrary to the Push-and-Pull lock which is sleek, Lever Handle Digital Door Lock is exactly the same as the conventional lever handle locks in the olden days. Likewise, you can choose either one of the methods to access your property such as PIN codes, keycards or fingerprint scans, and now even with your mobile devices with Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity by just installing the apps easily.  In the event of any unforeseen circumstances happening and all the unlock attempts are unavailable, physical backup keys are here to rescue.  Keep in mind that the backup keys are stored securely, and they are readily available whenever an emergency happens.

Digital Deadbolt Lock

Credit: Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

  Deadbolt Digital Door Lock has a sleek and compact design and it is common to see this kind of door lock installed on the door with the typical deadbolt lock which has a bolt that needs to be locked or unlocked by a key or a thumb on.  This digital deadbolt door lock sits above the door handle or the knob and the position of the existing door handle can still remain unchanged.

  For those who are looking for the compact type Digital Door Lock where you need to keep your door unlocked when moving or loading bulky furniture, or having parties with friends without much hassle, Deadbolt Digital Door Lock could be your choice.  In general, a digital deadbolt door lock is designed and installed on wooden doors only. Unlike Push-and-Pull Mortise and Lever Handle Mortise Digital Door Locks, Deadbolt Digital Door Lock has 3 types of access control security features simple, smart and safe. Therefore it is less expensive than the mortise door lock. 

   Deadbolt Digital Door Lock is energy efficient. It is so energy saving that you could just connect the lock with only 4 AA Alkaline batteries, as it uses low Bluetooth energy.  If someone attempts to hack your digital door lock, the keypad is disabled after several attempts to access it with incorrect PIN codes.  Of course, always keep your physical key in the safest place and easy to access as a last resort for unlocking the solution in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  Getting a consultation for digital door installation is recommended before purchasing here.

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 Digital Rim Lock

Igloohome Rim Lock
Image Credit: Igloohome

  Some homeowners might wonder if there is any digital door lock specifically for metal doors, especially the metal gates installed outside your main entrance. Fret not,  Digital Rim Lock could be your best option as an added layer of security.

  Some digital door lock brands, for instance, Igloohome,  come with a bundled feature with the Mortises without using any single key. It is so simple and smart that both digital door locks can be unlocked simultaneously, ie. you can unlock your gate and the door at the same time without worrying of searching for a bunch of keys around.  Rest assured that when the battery of the lock is being drained, the lock can be jump-started with a AA 9V battery at ease. 

  One of the typical features of a digital rim lock is that it is engaged automatically within a few seconds when you close the door.  The unlocking methods of digital rim lock include PIN code, Bluetooth key, RFID tags & stickers, and key fob.  While some digital rim locks are weather-resistant, it is advisable to install digital rim rocks in a sheltered area and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Digital Glass Door Lock

Glass Door Lock


Image Credit: igloohome

Digital glass door lock is a surface-mounted device that is installed on glass doors at the main entrance of offices, retail shops, restaurants, co-working spaces, and educational institutions.  It is a simplified control on protection wireless solution for the glass door to safeguard the properties at all times, as well as to give your premise a brilliant look. 

  The special feature of the Digital Glass Door Lock is the ability to detect high temperature from inside premises and triggers a fire alarm.  Similar to a digital rim lock, this type of digital door lock can lock by itself automatically within a few seconds when the door is closed.  This digital glass door lock facilitates access control of unlocking the door by PIN code, Bluetooth key or  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  tags & stickers,  Digital glass door lock is not applicable to all kinds of the glass door. In fact, it is designed for swing glass doors only,

  Overall, the main features of digital door locks are to attain home security,  convenience and have better access control.  Nevertheless, a final note to those buyers, spend a little on the door compatibility guide such as the existing door lock mechanisms, door material, door thickness and so on.  it is worth asking what real advantages it will bring to create the best security experience for you.

Digital door locks have become essential elements in modern security systems, offering versatility for both homes and offices. Among the various types available, Mortise Locks stand out, with Pull-and-Push Mortise Digital Locks providing a sleek, biometric security solution and a convenient push-and-pull mechanism.

For those inclined towards traditional locks, Lever Handle Mortise Digital Locks offer a familiar deadbolt mechanism with the added convenience of digital access. The Digital Deadbolt Lock, with its compact design and energy efficiency, is an excellent choice for wooden doors, providing security without compromising simplicity.

Metal doors find their match in the Digital Rim Lock, offering an additional layer of security with automatic engagement and multiple unlocking methods. Lastly, the Digital Glass Door Lock enhances security for swing glass doors, incorporating features like fire alarm detection and automatic locking.

As technology advances, exploring these digital door lock options ensures a tailored and secure solution for your specific needs.

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