5 Surprising Benefits of Digital Locks

benefits of digital locks

Digital locks are getting popular nowadays. There are many benefits of digital locks. Traditional locks are easier to manipulate, and burglars have learned how to break in, and they can get the tools to break them easily. Digital locks are proven to be reliable when it comes to security.

When it comes to security, people are concerned about pursuing ways to upgrade and add value to their properties. Adding a digital lock is the simplest way to upgrade your home security.

You may be curious why is digital lock is getting popular and what is the benefits of digital locks. Let’s have a brief on it.

What is Digital Locks?

Benefits Of Digital Locks


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Digital locks are electronic or battery-operated locks. It doesn’t require any physical keys for access. It is an alternative to the conventional mechanical locks, which use automated features. It is a more creative security solution depending on its use.

In the digital lock, the blots are made to block the door and door frames to prevent anyone from entering. The door is held in place by using a spring. It allows the door to close but will not re-open when locked. It will be closed until it is manually unlocked.

While a traditional lock uses several locking components, it is held with a small metal line. When the lock is rotated, each leg is moved to a certain distance. It can be turned on when the latch has enough space to create a split.

Benefits Of Digital Locks

Benefits of Digital Locks

1. Keyless Entry

Benefits Of Digital Locks


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One of the benefits of digital locks is that you won’t have to carry any keys. Keys can easily drop by accident or be stolen without you noticing. The digital lock can reduce the stress of your keys getting picked up or lose.

The benefits of digital locks are that they can reduce the risk of suspicious people entering your home. It can increase the security of your property. In addition, while you use the traditional lock, you will have to issue the key to each person who needs to access the premise. This made it harder to track the keys and caused a severe security breach.

Using a digital lock, you only need to remember the passcode or a secure phone app to open the door. You wouldn’t need to hunt for keys anymore.

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2. High Safety and Security

Benefits Of Digital Locks


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Traditional lock is easier to break in. Most burglars know how to break a traditional lock. If you have any spare keys you hide on your property, they will know where to find them. But for digital locks, breaking in will be more challenging as they will need special equipment and tools. The lock is also structured, consisting of 5 latches instead of 2 latches. Furthermore, you wouldn’t need to hire someone with special skills to make a replacement.

Another benefits of digital locks are if you are using a fingerprint for your digital lock, it is harder to open as everyone’s fingerprint is different. The fingerprint will be hard to fake. Digital locks use a biometric reader or a smartphone detection unit, so there will be no phenomenon break. The door lock will emit an alarm sound if there is an intense action or a raid phenomenon. Security is greatly enhanced.

In addition, digital locks allow you to change your codes quickly. If you think it is necessary to change, you can change it without any difficulty. 


3. Share Access and Manage Users

Benefits Of Digital Locks


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You will have complete control of the access when you install the digital lock. Give them access if you have a few family members staying on the premises. You will be able to share the access password and monitor it through a mobile app.

The device will allow you to record dates, times, and people who enter and leave the premises. It is an ideal tool, especially for your working place. It can control a specific area completely, especially if you want to monitor your employee or child’s activities. This type of approach is quite popular nowadays.

Not only that, you can set a specific period for somebody that is just staying for a short term. You will be able to do it by setting up the application. This will help you avoid problems like changing the lock or returning the keys.

4. Better Durability

Benefits Of Digital Locks


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An inevitable situation for the traditional lock is that they rust through time and maybe malfunction due to frequent usage. It will wear and tear as time passes. You may have to replace the entire lock if there is any problem, especially if the key gets stuck inside the lock.

You will be surprised that one of the benefits of digital locks is that they are surprisingly durable. It will not sustain any damage because of the spinning keys’ repetitive friction. It may suffer natural decline like rusting, but it will not affect the locking mechanism much. Digital locks mainly use touch screens or keypads, and it is quite impossible that it will cause any damage as you will need minimal force to open the lock.

5. Flexible Installation

Benefits Of Digital Locks


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The last benefit of digital locks is that they are very easy to install. You won’t need to purchase any particular frame or door to install the digital locks. It is suitable for all homes and offices. In addition, digital locks don’t require any additional wires for the power source. Each unit runs on batteries and doesn’t need any power supply. The battery should last for years and doesn’t need repairs. It doesn’t use any hardware shutdown mechanisms, so it will last longer without any risks of damage or wear. But you may want to wipe off the dust as time passes.

Do the benefits of digital locks sound attractive to you? If so, why not get one for your home? There are many types of digital locks for you to choose from. If you are fed up with your old lock, why not consider installing one for your house? Keep up with the technology and keep your home safe.

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