Arrange your Kitchen Appliances With 7 Powerful Tricks

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Remember the disarray of your kitchen appliances? We feel you! In our last post, we tackled kitchen cabinet organization. Now, let’s tackle the rest! This guide unveils 7 powerful hacks to arrange ALL your kitchen appliances (not just the cabinet dwellers) for maximum efficiency and a dream workflow. Get ready to transform your kitchen into a culinary haven – no more appliance-induced meltdowns!


7 Tricks to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances: 

Arrange Tricks #1: Banish Your never-Used Kitchen Appliances

Throw Unused Kitchen AppliancesImage credit: Canva

Let’s face it, kitchens can easily become graveyards for unused appliances. That juicer you used once? The bread maker collecting dust? It’s time for a kitchen appliance detox! Here’s how to clear the clutter and create a more functional kitchen:

The “Use It or Lose It” Audit

Be honest – do you really need that popcorn maker you used twice? This first step is all about decluttering. If an appliance hasn’t seen the light of day in months, it’s probably time to say goodbye.

But How Do I Decide?

Here are some tips to help you decide what stays and what goes:

  • Haven’t Used It in Months? This is a red flag. Unless it’s a seasonal appliance (hello, waffle maker!), consider letting it go.
  • The “One-Trick Pony” Test: Does the appliance only serve one very specific purpose? If so, weigh its usefulness against the valuable counter space it occupies.

The Art of Letting Go (Without Tears)

Parting with a beloved (or barely used) appliance can be tough. Here’s a strategy to ease the pain:

  • The 30-Day Trial: Can’t bear to toss that fancy juicer? Give it a 30-day trial on your counter for easy access. If it becomes a habit, it earns its spot!
  • Sell or Donate: Don’t throw away perfectly good appliances! Sell them online or donate them to a good cause.


Arrange Tricks #2: Keep Regularly Used Kitchen Appliances in Reach

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Ever spend ages digging for a pot while dinner simmers? Let’s streamline your kitchen routine with these smart organization hacks:

The “Golden Zone”: Lower Shelves for Everyday Heroes

Think of your cabinets as prime real estate. Frequently used items like plates, glasses, and mugs deserve VIP treatment – place them on lower shelves towards the front for easy grab-and-go access. No more wrestling with stacks of dishes just to get a coffee cup!

The Kitchen All-Stars: Your 5 Must-Have Reachables

Some kitchen essentials need to be close at hand. Here’s your “Kitchen A-Team”:

  • Best Knife: The trusty tool for all your chopping needs.
  • Colander: For draining pasta, rinsing veggies, and more.
  • Cutting Board: Your prep station MVP.
  • Sauté Pan: Perfect for everyday cooking tasks.
  • Stockpot: Ideal for soups, stews, and boiling large quantities.


Arrange Tricks #3: Stash Less frequently Used Kitchen Appliances Higher Up

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Kitchen countertops: prime real estate for culinary creations, not appliance graveyards! Here’s how to banish countertop clutter and arrange your appliances for ultimate efficiency:

The “Special Occasion Squad”: Higher Shelves for Occasional All-Stars

Let’s face it, that fancy punch bowl you used once probably doesn’t need to be front and center. Less-frequently used appliances, like serving platters or holiday gadgets, get VIP treatment in higher cabinets. They’ll still be there when you need them, but won’t steal precious counter space.

The “Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind” Rule:

Here’s a golden rule: unless you use an appliance daily (or almost daily), it shouldn’t be hogging counter space. Lower shelves are prime territory for your kitchen workhorses – blenders, toasters, coffee makers – the tools you reach for constantly.

Arrange Tricks #4: Store Heavy Kitchen Appliances in Lower Cabinets

Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Imagine reaching for your favorite cast iron skillet and…oof! Suddenly, you’re giving biceps curls a whole new meaning. Here’s how to arrange your appliances with safety and ease of access in mind:

Lower Levels for Lifting Champions:

Let’s be honest, that hefty Dutch oven shouldn’t be playing peek-a-boo from a top shelf. Reserve lower cabinets for heavyweight appliances like stand mixers, cast iron cookware, and anything that would challenge your inner weightlifter. Your back (and your baby!) will thank you for it.

Safety First, Style Always:

Kitchen safety is paramount. Always prioritize storing heavy items within easy reach to avoid potential accidents or injuries.


Arrange Tricks #5: Move Older Food Items To The Front To Use First

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

While this text snippet is relevant to food storage, it doesn’t directly relate to kitchen appliance arrangement. Our focus in this blog post is on organizing appliances for optimal use.


Arrange Tricks #6: Arrange Food Items By Size and Type

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Conquering kitchen clutter is a battle worth winning. Here’s how to strategically arrange your appliances for maximum efficiency and a stress-free cooking zone:

The Appliance Sorting Shuffle:

First things first – organize your troops! Sort your appliances by type and size. Spices can join forces on a designated shelf, while baking essentials can band together in another zone.

The “Tall at the Back” Formation:

Think Tetris! Stagger your appliances from tallest to shortest, with the towering titans in the back. This ensures no tiny tools get lost in the shuffle – everything is in clear view and easy to grab.

Spice Squad Goals: Labeling for the Win!

Speaking of spices, group those colorful jars together in a designated spot. Here’s a pro tip: label them clearly! No more frantic searches for that elusive cumin – a well-labeled spice rack is a thing of beauty (and culinary convenience).

Space Maximization Maneuvers:

Don’t let those precious cabinet inches go to waste! Here are some bonus space-saving strategies:

  • Stacking Savvy: Canisters and containers of similar size can be stacked like tiny kitchen soldiers.
  • The Nesting Doll Technique: Do your measuring cups fit snugly inside a mixing bowl? Embrace the nesting doll approach for smaller items that can be tucked away within larger ones.


Arrange Tricks #7: Put All Your Kitchen Appliances On One Wall

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Congratulations! By following these steps, you’ve conquered kitchen clutter and created a culinary haven. But wait, there’s more! Here’s a final tip from design guru Michael Wright to truly elevate your kitchen game:

The Appliance Oasis: A Wall of Kitchen Efficiency

Imagine a world where your appliances reside peacefully on a single wall, a symphony of stainless steel and functionality. This isn’t a dream, it’s kitchen design reality! Consolidating your appliances on one wall offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Tidy Triumph: A designated appliance zone creates a streamlined and organized look. No more appliance sprawl across multiple cabinets!
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Everything you need is within easy reach, streamlining your cooking workflow.
  • The “Wow” Factor: A well-designed appliance wall adds a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen.


Does your kitchen resemble a culinary warzone? Fear not, warriors! By following these 7 simple steps, you can transform your messy kitchen into a neat and efficient workspace. Get ready to say goodbye to appliance clutter and hello to a fantastic kitchen you’ll love using!

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