5 Smart Tips For Creating Outdoor Kitchen: JB Kitchen Oasis

5 Smart Tips for Creating Outdoor Kitchen: Johor Bahru Kitchen Oasis

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Perfect Tips You Should Consider

Outdoor kitchens are no longer just a backyard feature in other parts of the world. Here in Asia, they're becoming a popular way to elevate your living space and enjoy the benefits of alfresco cooking.

More Than Just Grilling:

While traditional outdoor cooking might involve a simple grill, modern outdoor kitchens offer a complete culinary experience. Think advanced appliances, high-tech equipment, and durable materials – all designed to create a beautiful and functional extension of your indoor kitchen.

Investment in Your Lifestyle:

A well-designed outdoor kitchen isn't just about aesthetics; it's an investment in your lifestyle. Imagine enjoying delicious meals prepared outdoors, entertaining guests in a unique setting, and expanding your living space. It can even increase the value of your property!

Planning for Success:

However, building an outdoor kitchen requires careful planning. Don't be tempted to jump in based solely on aesthetics. The following design tips and considerations will help you create a functional and enjoyable outdoor kitchen that complements your lifestyle and home.

Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor Kitchen Tips #1. Access The Available Space 

Outdoor Kitchen Tips: Available Space

Don't let limited space hold you back from creating your dream outdoor kitchen! Even with a smaller patio or balcony, smart planning can make it a reality. Here's why considering space is crucial:

  • Convenience: A close proximity to your indoor kitchen minimizes trips back and forth for ingredients or utensils.
  • Social Interaction: Being close to your indoor living areas allows you to stay connected with guests while cooking.
  • Traffic Flow: Think about how people will move around the space to avoid congestion, especially when grilling.


Small Space Solutions:

Even with limitations, there are creative ways to design a functional outdoor kitchen:

  • Compact Layouts: Consider a linear layout along a wall or a galley layout with appliances facing each other.
  • Multi-functional Furniture: Invest in furniture that serves double duty, like a grill cart with storage or a bar table that folds away.
  • Vertical Space Utilization: Utilize wall-mounted shelves, hanging pot racks, or vertical herb gardens to maximize storage.


Thinking Outside the Box:

For very limited space, explore non-traditional options:

  • Balcony Kitchens: Compact grills, mini-fridges, and folding prep tables can create a mini outdoor kitchen on a balcony.
  • Mobile Kitchen Carts: A portable cart with a grill and prep space can be rolled out for use and stored away when not needed.


Outdoor Kitchen Tips #2: Take Into Account Different Types

Outdoor Kitchen Tips: Different Types Of Kitchen
Source: Homebnc

There's no single “best” type of outdoor kitchen – it all depends on your lifestyle, budget, and space. Here's a breakdown of popular options to help you find your ideal match:

Grilling Essentials:

A grill is indeed a foundational element for most outdoor kitchens. Consider factors like fuel type (gas, charcoal, electric), size, and features (side burners, rotisseries) when choosing your grill.

Beyond the Grill:

While a basic grill setup can be a great starting point, many people enjoy incorporating additional features:

  • Outdoor Bar: A built-in bar creates a dedicated space for drinks and socializing. Consider a sink, storage for beverages, and a small refrigerator for convenience.
  • Full Outdoor Kitchen: For the ultimate alfresco cooking experience, create a complete kitchen with countertops, cabinets, sink, and appliances like refrigerators, cooktops, or pizza ovens.


Matching Your Needs & Budget:

The key lies in prioritizing your needs and budget. Do you crave a space for casual grilling, or do you dream of a fully equipped kitchen for elaborate outdoor meals? Once you determine your priorities, you can create a plan that reflects your lifestyle and financial comfort zone.

Think about these factors:

  • Frequency of Use: How often will you use your outdoor kitchen? A more elaborate setup might be justified for frequent use.
  • Cooking Style: Do you prefer simple grilling or a wider range of culinary options?
  • Available Space: Consider the size of your patio or yard and choose a layout that optimizes the space.

Outdoor Kitchen Tips #3:  Importance Of Entertaining Space

Outdoor Kitchen Tips: Entertaining Space
Source: Architectural Digest

An outdoor kitchen is fantastic, but don't forget about the fun! Consider how your kitchen will integrate with the rest of your outdoor space for seamless entertaining.

Think Unified Flow:

Imagine your entire backyard as one connected living area. When designing your outdoor kitchen, consider how it will connect with:

  • Dining Areas: Ensure there's a designated and comfortable space for guests to enjoy meals prepared outdoors.
  • Seating Areas: Create inviting seating areas near the kitchen for socializing and conversation.
  • Swimming Pools or Patios: Position your kitchen for easy access to other recreational areas in your backyard.


Planning for Traffic Flow:

People will naturally move around your outdoor space. Aim for a layout that encourages a smooth flow of traffic, especially when entertaining. Avoid bottlenecks or congested areas near the kitchen.

Cohesive Design Elements:

For a truly unified feel, consider extending the design elements of your outdoor kitchen to other areas:

  • Matching Materials: Choose furniture, flooring, and finishes that complement the style of your kitchen.
  • Color Scheme Consistency: Maintain a consistent color palette throughout your outdoor space to create a cohesive look.
  • Functional Harmony: Ensure your kitchen's layout and features allow for easy interaction with other entertaining areas.


Outdoor Kitchen Tips #4: Adequate Lightning and Heating

Outdoor Kitchen Tips: Lightning And Heating

Just like your indoor kitchen, lighting and temperature play a crucial role in how much you enjoy your outdoor kitchen. Here's how to ensure your outdoor culinary haven is usable throughout the day and even into cooler evenings:

The Power of Light:

Don't limit your outdoor kitchen use to daylight hours! Strategic lighting allows you to cook, dine, and entertain well into the night. Consider these options:

  • Recessed Lighting: Under-counter or overhead recessed lighting provides task lighting for food preparation.
  • Pendant Lights: Hanging pendant lights add a decorative touch and illuminate your dining area.
  • String Lights: Festive string lights create a warm and inviting ambience for evening gatherings.


Keeping the Chill Away:

For year-round enjoyment, consider options for keeping your outdoor kitchen comfortable in cooler weather:

  • Outdoor Fireplaces or Fire Pits: A crackling fire provides warmth, ambiance, and a focal point for socializing.
  • Patio Heaters: Overhead or freestanding electric or gas heaters offer targeted warmth.


Planning for Your Needs:

Think about how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen. Do you primarily entertain during the day, or do you crave evening gatherings under the stars? Choose lighting and heating solutions that match your needs for optimal enjoyment.


Outdoor Kitchen Tips #5: Perform Regular Maintenance

Source: YouTube

Just like any well-loved space, your outdoor kitchen requires regular maintenance to keep it looking and functioning its best. Here's why outdoor kitchens demand a bit more attention:

  • Exposure to the Elements: Sun, wind, rain, and dust can take a toll on outdoor appliances, furniture, and surfaces.


Simple Maintenance for Lasting Enjoyment:

A little TLC goes a long way! Here are some easy maintenance tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down surfaces after each use to prevent grime buildup. Clean grills after each cooking session.
  • Seasonal Maintenance: At the end of the season, perform a more thorough cleaning, including covering furniture and grills for storage.
  • Winterizing (if applicable): For colder climates, winterize your plumbing to prevent freezing and damage.


Considering Professional Help:

Maintaining your outdoor kitchen can be a breeze. However, if you're short on time or prefer professional assistance, consider hiring cleaning or maintenance services.

The key is to find a maintenance routine that works for you. By taking the time to care for your outdoor kitchen, you'll ensure it remains a beautiful and functional space for years to come.


  • Stronger Opening: Focuses on keeping your outdoor kitchen looking its best.
  • Explained Reasons: Explains why outdoor kitchens require more maintenance due to exposure to elements.
  • Simple Maintenance Tips: Provides actionable tips for regular cleaning, seasonal maintenance, and winterizing (if applicable).
  • Professional Help Option: Acknowledges the option of hiring professional help.
  • Positive Closing: Encourages finding a maintenance routine that works for long-lasting enjoyment.

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