5 Unique Types of Cabinet Doors

5 Unique Types of Cabinet Doors the Pros Promised By

5 Unique Types of Cabinet Doors the Pros Promised By


If you are an experienced homeowner, you are probably aware that kitchen cabinets are like a double-edged sword that may upgrade or downgrade the interior design of your kitchen as they occupy a large portion of the closet space and serve as a focus of visual attention. Without a great makeover of your kitchen, replacing cabinet doors appears to be the best solution to enhance the visual and general ambience of your kitchen.

It is important to bear in mind that whenever we mention cabinet door types, we are not talking about fashion or style here, despite the fact that door style and door topping are two of the important elements of the visual aspect. Rather than that, we are referring to the construction, description, as well as classification of cabinet doors by the producers or manufacturers.

However, owing to the superb cabinet door styles in the marketplace, we can get to switch our cabinets door to simultaneously remodel the design of our kitchen, while ensuring it represents our distinct individuality.

Therefore, in this article, we will ‘dig’ more deeply into different types of kitchen cabinet doors together with a brief explanation so that you can pick the best solution for your kitchen.


5 Unique Types of Cabinet Doors




1. Raised-Panel Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors
Source: Wood Magazine

As the name implies, the raised-panel cabinet door type, where the central piece extends to the depth of the door frame, on the whole, has become one of the most widespread cabinet door styles in recent generations. The structure generally gives a deep degree to your cabinet doors, highlighting shadows with a textured appearance.

It is safe to assume that raised-panel doors are often present in unsophisticated kitchens, but in fact, they are also perfectly suited to both classic and modern kitchen designs. This has simply proven that raised-panel cabinet doors are ageless and flexible for almost every home.

A functional yet elegant cabinet door style. Your heart is in it, isn’t it?


2. Shaker Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors
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Shaker cabinet doors? Perhaps one of the most popular door patterns, if not the most popular. Shaker cabinet doors are so well-known among the homeowners mainly because of their simple yet amazing designs and also the sunken middle which makes them unique. The simple design also works with many kitchen kinds perfectly, such as traditional, classic, and modern kitchens. This makes it possible for you to have no problems if they are not suitable for your kitchen type.

Besides that, with its adaptable and attractive ability, shaker cabinet doors can also be fitted in different ways such as:

a) Fully overlay
b) Half overlay
c) Inset installations

In short, these cabinet doors are almost the ideal option for most Asian houses and are one of the most popular cabinet door types on the market due to their minimalism, reliability and adaptability.


3. Slab Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors
Source: Pinterest

In contrast to the shaker cabinet doors, the slab cabinet doors in European countries were a “staple” and are a perfect pattern for basic and minimalistic kitchen designs. These types of cabinet doors can be considered as the most self-descriptive sort of design as a wooden slab is the whole door or drawer front. They are also typically created from manufactured wood coated in a furnace with hardwoods and banded side borders.

For kitchen cabinets, slab doors can fit directly at the ends of the cabinet. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the slab door has succeeded in specialising in a modern style and new architectural applications.


4. Mullion Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors
Source: Elias Woodwork

According to an explanation on the internet, “a mullion is a vertical bar between the panes of glass in a window”. The mullion cabinet doors are built with two main components: glass and hardwood or a wood-like substance”. One of the features of this kind of cabinet door is that the transparent centre panel allows you to exhibit your exquisite glassware and dinnerware behind a protective barrier.

Furthermore, the different degrees of transparency given by this style could also generate the impression of greater cabinet thickness, which amplifies the feeling of spaciousness. In most houses, the pattern of the mullion cabinet doors is also usually matched to the design of the main door.


5. Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors

Source: YouTube

Recessed panel doors are almost similar to raised-cabinet panel doors, although they have slight differences. Compared to raised-panel cabinet doors, recessed also known as flat-panel door style delivers a neater and smarter appearance. This model also goes very well with traditional and modern kitchens and the recessed-panel door has the greatest versatility in its design, which would become a brilliant option if you want to make your kitchen seem a little different on a shim

So, what are the distinctive characteristics of this design? This type of cabinet door features square corners and frames which might increase the visual attractiveness of the kitchen cabinet. The sleek profile can be also fitted effortlessly into nearly any kind of layout and design in most kitchens.




There are, however, many other different types of kitchen cabinet doors type, we just have the tip of the iceberg covered. If you have any doubts, CLICK HERE to find more detailed information on a kitchen renovation and AMPQUARTZ is always here for your queries. We provide the best marble in Johor Bahru and we are the best for a reason. Book your appointment now to start.

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