Don’t Miss The 5 Benefits of Induction Hobs

Benefits of induction hobs

You can’t miss the benefits of induction hobs if you love cooking. There are many choices now for kitchen appliances. With the advance in technology now, most appliances are electrical now. If you are thinking of getting a hob and haven’t figured out what kind of hobs you want for your kitchen, you may consider the induction hobs.

You may wonder how many types of hobs are in the market. There are electric, ceramic, gas, induction, and domino. We will be talking about induction hobs today. So here are some benefits of induction hobs that you wouldn’t want to miss.

What Is Induction Hobs?

Benefits Of Induction Hobs


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If you do not know what induction hobs are yet, we shall brief you a bit on what induction hobs are. The induction hob is a cooktop (also known as a stovetop or range top) that uses electromagnetism instead of gas or an electric element to cook or heat food quickly. Other types of hobs that you find in most homes tend to use a conduction method.

Induction hobs can come in different shapes and sizes. It is also smooth and flat. Different makes and models of the induction hob will have different shapes and sizes, including the availability of the cooking features.

You may be concerned if the surface of the induction hobs will have any cracks due to the heat. You don’t have to worry about it, as the surface is made from heat-resistant, toughened ceramic glass. The most common one is black glass, but you will be able to see induction hobs in silver or white-colored glass in the market.

The hob is very easy to use. You can control it by using a touch-button interface to change the cooking zone and the power level you want. If you bought a more advanced model, it may have a larger touch screen or a twist pad to help control the changing settings.

You need to know that your pots and pans need to be made from ferrous metal like iron or steel to use on the induction hob. The benefits of induction hobs definitely help you a lot. 

Benefits of Induction Hobs

1. Precise Temperatures 

Benefits Of Induction Hobs


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Induction hobs definitely suit you if you don’t have the patients or have a busy lifestyle or some screaming kids and impatient parents shouting for their meals. You wouldn’t need to wait too long for the hob to heat up.

Compared with any other method, one of the benefits of induction hobs is that they heat up a lot quicker. Comparing the power output to a traditional hob, induction hobs produce 50% more power. With the time saved on waiting for your hob to heat up, your food will be cooked faster than you think.

One reason why people tend to love induction cooking is because of precise temperature control. You don’t have to wait for the pan to react to the heat change or lower the coils’ temperature. Induction heating is ahead of the other type of hobs. The burners respond fast too. These benefits of induction hobs can cook more evenly compared to other cooking technology on the market.

2. Safer

Benefits Of Induction Hobs


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One of the benefits of induction hobs is safer than other hobs. They do not heat up as much as others. There will still be some heat from the hob, but it will not be like an electric cooker where the ring still burns intensely and long even after you have removed the pan.

This is because induction works by a connection between the pan and the hob. Once the connection is broken, it will turn off automatically. If you have kids at home or you may be just forgetful, which sometimes happens, induction hobs will be much safer than a gas or electric cooker top. Traditional gas or electric stove will remain heated after removing the pots and pans.

But with induction hobs, the stove will shut off after removing the pans and pots. You won’t be worried if you have off the power. You didn’t expect this to be one of the benefits of induction hobs, isn’t it? 

3. Burner Cool Quickly

Benefits Of Induction Hobs


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There will be occasions when you accidentally turn on a burner without a pot. You don’t have to worry as one of the benefits of the induction hobs is that the burner will not heat when no pot or pan is in place. This can help prevent injuries as you may touch it accidentally thinking the power wasn’t on. You can touch the burner seconds later without worrying about injury.

This is an excellent feature if you have kids or the elderly or when you’ve forgotten the stove is still hot. There will be lesser chances of getting burnt. Take the benefits of induction hobs into consideration if you have kids or the elderly in your house. 

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4. Low Likelihood of Grease Fires

Benefits Of Induction Hobs


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One common kitchen accident is grease fires. Why does it happen? For a grease fire to happen, you will need grease and a flame. Grease is highly flammable. About 75% of kitchen fires are because of grease.

If you have kids or elderly people at home, you would want to reduce the risk of having a grease fire. It may danger their life when a grease fire happens.

There won’t be an open flame or any cooking surface that holds heat with an induction hob. Without the flame and heat, it will surely reduce the likelihood of a grease fire in your kitchen. Aren’t the benefits of induction hobs great? 

5. Cleaning Is Easy

Benefits Of Induction Hobs


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The worst part of cooking is the cleaning at the end. It is a nightmare to clean when spillages get into the gas hob or take a brush to wipe off the marks left on your hob. One of the biggest benefits of induction hobs is that they are easy to clean.

Induction hobs have a completely flat surface, and after you take the pan off, it cools off immediately. You don’t have to worry about getting burnt to clean up any liquid or spillage on the surface. You can simply clean up in seconds for it to cool down.

Do all these benefits of induction hobs get your interest? If you love to be in the kitchen cooking your favorite meals, you will want to try out the induction hobs. Not only is it simple to use, but it also gives your house a modern and stylish design. There are many other benefits of induction hobs for you to explore. 

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