Popular Kitchen Design Ideas 2024 in Malaysia

kitchen design ideas

Kitchen design ideas are not just about arranging your tables and chairs around. You will need practical consideration to create a kitchen space where you can enjoy cooking.

A kitchen is a place where you can make some delicious spreads to serve your family and friends. It is one of the important places if you love cooking. It is a place where you want to enjoy creating amazing dishes. You will want a relaxed and comfortable place to do the magic. Kitchen design ideas in Malaysia are about creating an area where you can enjoy cooking for friends or your family.

So you will be wondering what the most popular kitchen design ideas in Malaysia are. We will bring you to explore these kitchen design ideas that will inspire you.

What To Take Note of When Looking For Kitchen Designs Ideas?

Kitchen Cabinet JohorWet And Dry Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You -


Image Credit: Iproperty

When you think of kitchen design ideas, you first want to consider the balance between a wet and dry kitchen design. What is the wet kitchen? Wet kitchen is the area where the oven and hobs are installed. This includes the sink and other stations where you need to prepare your food. This area will need more frequent cleaning, the kitchen design ideas you want to use in the wet kitchen will need to consider practical needs and the aesthetic value.

What about the dry kitchen? The dry kitchen is for preparation and presentation. Kitchen design ideas for dry kitchens will have a little more freedom to experiment. Not every kitchen in Malaysia has room for wet and dry kitchens. But if you can separate the dry and wet kitchen, it helps promote better food hygiene and a more productive kitchen environment. But also, you can think of your kitchen design ideas from a whole new angle.

What Is The Popular Kitchen Design Ideas In Malaysia

Kitchen Design Ideas #1 – Open layout

Kitchen Cabinet Johor7 Reasons Why Homeowners Love The Open Kitchen Concept!


Image Credit: Propertyguru

This kitchen design is more toward a structural choice. If you love cooking and entertaining your family or guest simultaneously, this is a good choice. An open layout design creates a new social area. At the same time, it opens into other rooms in your house.

It can be a wonderful experience for your family and friends. You can share the joy of cooking with your guest and sharing the joy of food. If you want to create a more positive experience while cooking, you can add a workbench to replace a wall. It helps to add more space to your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas #2 – Vibrant Colours

Kitchen Cabinet JohorKitchen Cabinet 3D Design &Amp; Provided Company List In Malaysia Bright Colors Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen 3D Design Drawing | Homebagus - Home And Deco Online Expo!


Image Credit: Home Bagus

If you want to bring your kitchen alive, add a pop of color. Bringing bright colors to your kitchen helps bring vibrancy into your kitchen style. It reflects the beautiful palette of your cooking.

You may wonder which is the best place to add a pop of color to your kitchen. The kitchen cupboards will be the perfect place if you like different colors in your kitchen. It can create a patchwork using colors, bringing your kitchen alive.

Kitchen Design Ideas #3 – Standalone Colour

Kitchen Cabinet JohorKitchen Cabinet 3D Design Suitable Malaysia Bright Colors Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen 3D Design Drawing | Homebagus - Home And Deco Online Expo!


Image Credit: Homebagus

If vibrant colors are too fancy, standalone colors may meet your needs. Black and white are mostly associated with this style, but standalone colours can be incorporated with modernist design elements with bolder colors.

If you want to liven up your kitchen, consider adding a vibrant kitchen cabinet in a standalone color kitchen. If you are looking for a practical choice, a darker surface top will be perfect. Embrace your kitchen with a unique design.

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Kitchen Design Ideas #4 - Technology Design

Kitchen Cabinet Johor
Image Credit: Propertyguru

While technology is getting advanced, you will find how amazing it is with all kinds of kitchen technology that are available today. If you love technology, this will be an exciting opportunity to try it out in your kitchen.

Incorporate your design elements with the latest kitchen technology. Get a Bluetooth speaker to keep the tunes going as your smart assistant reads your recipe. If you always forget to close your fridge door tight, get one smart fridge to remind you to close the door. All this high-end technology will blast you off to the future.

Kitchen Design Ideas #5 – Simple Minimalism

Kitchen Cabinet Johor14 Practical Wet And Dry Kitchens In Malaysia - | Minimalist  Kitchen Design, Interior Design Kitchen, Minimalist Kitchen
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you are a person who likes things to be simple, minimalism will be a good kitchen design for your home. Minimalism may look boring, but it can simply create a special space. You can consider using simple white or black to make your kitchen stand out.

Minimalist kitchens use the concept of getting rid of unnecessary clutter. It creates a ‘clean’ kitchen space that only features a few meaningful items. It centers around a more sustainable and practical way of living.

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Kitchen Design Ideas #6 – Rustic kitchen

22 Appealing Rustic Modern Kitchen Design Ideas | Home Design Lover
Image Credit: Home Design Lover

If you have always loved the style of a European farmhouse or old country home style, you don’t have to buy a plane ticket oversea to see it. Bring this kitchen design idea back to Malaysia, and combine the joy of food with a vintage appeal.

The rustic kitchen style is usually used in bungalows or larger kitchens. Includes a large range-style cooker and a rustic white ceramic sink typically. Pine or light wood cabinets will be fantastic for this kitchen design. Simple pastel colors help to create a relaxing ambiance in your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas #7 – Bold and black

Kitchen Cabinet Johor15 Bold And Black Kitchen Designs | Home Design Lover
Image Credit: Home Design Lover

If you don’t like too many colors in your house, a bold black kitchen design may suit you. This solid black kitchen design can create a simple beauty in your kitchen, and nothing can go wrong.

This classy option is one of the best kitchen designs, as it can receive a little natural light. No doubt this simple black design can sap the light from the space in smaller kitchens. Use black for cupboards and features, but you will want to balance the kitchen design by considering a lighter color for your workbench.

These are the most popular kitchen design ideas in Malaysia for 2022. If you are remodeling your kitchen and have no idea what to do, we hope these kitchen design ideas can help you.

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