Create A Stunning Open Kitchen With 5 Transformative Tips

open kitchen

Nowadays open kitchen is quite a common concept in modern homes. One of the reasons that make open kitchens popular are space constraints; it is also an easy way to add a sense of modernity and functionality to your house. It is just one among the many kitchen designs that you can try.

The beauty with open space is that it helps maximize space especially for small houses that have little room. An open kitchen that has been properly designed enables you to utilize every corner of your home. In addition, there will be no walls, thus you will monitor your kids and cook while entertaining visitors.

By erasing walls and other barriers, an open kitchen accommodates this trend by linking the kitchen with living spaces, dining areas etc. In this article, we will share some tips for creating a seamless open kitchen blending style and practicality.

Tips To Create Open Kitchen #1 - Combine With Dining Room

Open Kitchen

Combining an open kitchen with your dining area is a superb idea for creating a balanced living space which encourages interaction and usability. You can easily talk to family members as you cook or eat since there are no physical obstructions.

Also combining such areas means making use of every inch of space available thus making the home more spacious and airy. Locate your kitchen against an outside facing wall if possible, so as to ease the process. Also your kitchen cabinets and appliances can be easier arranged this way.

Think about where to place it in relation to the cooking section. Obviously you don’t want it at a far distance from where you prepare food. Avoid placing your dining table in such a way that it will block your path when moving around preparing meals. Moreover, hosting dinner parties and other social gatherings become easier because you can still entertain guests while doing some cooking.

Tips To Create Open Kitchen #2- Choose The Right Kitchen Layout And Design

Open Kitchen

Designing an open kitchen gives you the opportunity to convert your home into a lively place of activity and socialization. Choosing the right layout and design for this concept is vital if you want to reap maximum benefits.

Evaluate your space. The kitchen area and shape will determine the possible layouts. More flexibility may be offered by a larger room, but a smaller space demands careful planning.

The most common layout choices in an open kitchen are single wall, L-shaped and peninsular island. They can be arranged along the walls with sinks, cookers and other appliances. It’s the right choice for an open kitchen.

When designing your kitchen ensure that you consider how far your kitchen area is from other areas within your house. If you placed it too close to where people sit; the noise generated would disturb them as they carry out their daily tasks.

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Tips To Create Open Kitchen #3- The Color Scheme

Open Kitchen

The colors you choose while designing your open kitchen go a long way in setting the mood of your space, style or overall ambiance. Your chosen color scheme could have a great effect on what both you and others feel about this room, so it’s important to pay attention to it when creating its design aspect

The main reason for having an open kitchen is to allow the cooking area to flow seamlessly into the dining space and finally connect with the living room. It is in this regard that a well thought out color scheme can help one achieve harmony. For instance, you can start by painting your walls and large surfaces like cabinetry and countertops with neutral base colors like white, beige, or soft gray. With these ones serving as canvases, other elements stand out.

On the other hand, kitchen accessories, decorative elements, and kitchenware in general can be used to introduce accent colors. This will bring life into your living space. Make sure that your open kitchen’s color palette extends to its adjoining areas. This helps maintain uniformity and coherence throughout the room.

If that does not interest you then there are bolder colors to try out. Some of these bold hues include deep blues, rich reds or forest greens as accent colors against a neutral background.

Tips To Create Open Kitchen #4- Meet The Lighting Needs

Open Kitchen

Lighting is an integral aspect of any open kitchen design; it enhances visibility and sets up an atmosphere for the entire space. When planning for an open kitchen lighting design that appeals and beckons warmly those who enter it should be carefully considered.

In case natural light is available it is advisable to exploit it abundantly since it eliminates darkness bringing about spaciousness and warmth too.When there is ample natural light in your house maximize its availability through using as many windows as possible just place them strategically so that light can be distributed uniformly throughout the entire room

Additionally, pick ceiling fixtures such as flush-mountain or pendant lights over the kitchen island or dining area. This adds some style and attractiveness. Similarly if light falls short while preparing food because countertops make things darker think about installing under-cabinet lighting. Pucks or light bars may also be installed on countertops to provide additional illumination.

Tips To Create Open Kitchen #5 - Broken-plan layout

Open Kitchen

Broken-plan layout is a contemporary and innovative approach to designing open spaces, including open kitchens. Unlike contemporary open-plan designs where there are hardly any divisions separating areas, broken-plan layout introduces subtle partitions or design elements in order to make a space more functional, personal and beautiful.

The aim of the broken-plan layout is to create areas within an open space that are divided but still related to each other. You can have separate sections for cooking, dining and relaxation with each one having its own feel.

It helps you group your kitchen based on the functionality it serves. For instance, you may want to place all cooking appliances together in one area, have the dining furniture in another, and then create a small lounge area in yet another part of the kitchen.

Such room designs may involve different floor materials marking out different zones visually. The kitchen can be made from tiles while hardwood can be laid down in the dining or living room. There is need to locate furniture properly so as to demarcate certain lines. A sofa is ideal for such separation among other things.

The broken-plan layout gives homeowners the freedom of having both large open spaces as well as smaller functional spaces all at once thus making it possible for them to get versatile kitchens that suits them best.

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