5 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Never Goes Out Of Trend

kitchen cabinet colors

Most homeowners tend to focus on the countertop material and backsplash when renovating kitchens. How many of you will look into the kitchen cabinet color? The kitchen cabinet is a major focal point in your kitchen, and the colors can give a refreshing look to your kitchen.

You can choose various colors for your kitchen cabinet to fit into your kitchen design. But what do you need to consider when you are selecting colors? You would want to go for one that always stays in style rather than those on trend, and you will need to change it after a few years.

Choosing the kitchen cabinet colors can be a personal preference, but you will want to consider the benefit that will exploit in your room design. Some kitchen cabinet colors will brighten your room, while others can visually enlarge your kitchen. You will want to get one that fits into your kitchen design.

So if you are prepared to give your kitchen a fresh look, let’s take some time to see what kitchen cabinet colors won’t go out of trend.

Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color #1 - White

Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Image Credit: Oppein Home

Trends will come and go, but for white, it will never grow old. Getting a white kitchen cabinet can be a grounding palette within your kitchen space. It definitely fits in with a whole range of kitchen styles and is also a perfect choice to brighten up if you are going for a traditional scheme.

What makes white color doesn’t go out of trend is that it can give kitchen cabinet an uplifting look, and it work perfectly as a base for neutral and colorful furnishing. If you balance the color well, it can add character and warmth to your kitchen.

If you think white is too plain for your kitchen design, consider pairing it with beige and gray. It can remain a calming neutral in the most chaotic kitchen. Looking for a more impactful look but want to maintain the fresh base? Another choice for you to pair up is a more colorful green.

When choosing a white kitchen cabinet, you need to pay attention to the room’s orientation. The natural light that enters the kitchen will affect the way you feel in the kitchen. Will you have a cold feel in it? Can it be warmed by the color of the flooring or cabinets? If you insist on a white kitchen cabinet and want to avoid a cold feel, find one with undertones of yellow or pink.

Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color #2 - Black

Kitchen Cabinet Colors
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Black is another kitchen cabinet color that is a huge trend. It can be fabulous, especially in smaller kitchens, as it can trick the eyes into making your kitchen space look larger. Black can look dramatic and sophisticated in your kitchen.

It can look dark in your kitchen with a black cabinet, and you will want to ensure your kitchen gets lots of natural daylight. You will also want to plan your kitchen lighting accordingly. The secret of the beauty of a dark kitchen is creating a sophisticated yet snug ambiance. You can add pale natural flooring or a white surface to let the light bounce around, but avoid placing too many pale surfaces.

You will want a shade that is not too harsh with your black kitchen cabinet. If you balance it well, it can go well with any kitchen design and create a richness and depth that is harder to achieve with lighter colors.

Consider using brass or matt black brass brassware if you prefer a black kitchen cabinet with handles. It can provide an industrial and luxurious finishing touch.

Black kitchen cabinets will be a more classic design. Make sure you have enough natural lights or lighting to take such a bold color. You will also want to add lighter touches through dining tables, chairs, and countertops.

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Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color #3 - Blue

Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Image Credit: Qanvast

Blue kitchen cabinets are in trend, and it seems it will not end. Most homeowners will look into deep rich navy blues, but other shades of blue are getting popular.

You will be getting different effects from different shades. Get a fresh and clean look for your kitchen with a fashion-forward powder blue. If you want something eye-catching, get a slightly gray-toned ocean blue.

If you find it hard to fit blue into your kitchen design, go for ocean-inspired blue, which works well with timeless and traditional kitchen styles. You can pair it up with a quartz countertop and wooden features, bringing a warm feeling to your kitchen.

A blue kitchen cabinet can optimize the experience of light and space. It will be a wonderful choice for south-facing rooms. Are you looking for an advance visually? Go for dark blue, which is best for larger kitchen spaces. Going for a satin finish with your dark blue kitchen cabinet will add some elegance to your kitchen space and create a timeless look.

Blue can make your kitchen space look cool. So if you don’t like the cool feeling but want to go for blue, get those blue ones that tend a little toward green. It helps to create a warmer atmosphere.

Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color #4 - Green

Video Credit: Decor Tips

Go for a nature color if you want a timeless kitchen cabinet color. One color that connects us to nature, green, can be a soothing shade. Green kitchen cabinet has made it through all these years because of their calming and also the natural feeling that it brings to the kitchen. It can range from mint to the earthiness of sage, even towards the deep foliage green.

Use a lighter green to make your small kitchen feel larger. While dark greens can make larger kitchens look sophisticated. You can go for the sage green, reminiscent of the sky, sea, and foliage surrounding us. It can actually complement our interior space.

Green is positioned in between the cool and warm colors. It helps to create a cozy kitchen color scheme. But sometimes, the freshest greens can feel cool, and you wouldn’t want to put them in a north-facing room.

Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Color #5- Gray

Kitchen Cabinet Colors
Image Credit: Asian Paints

Go for gray if you are looking for a gorgeous-looking kitchen cabinet. From gray whites to dark gray, there are many choices for you to choose from. Gray is getting popular, especially in recent years, as it works well with any kitchen style.

Grey can sometimes look dull. You should balance it with the right accessories and finishes touch that contrast the color. It can help brighten the space and balance the color scheme.

Lighter gray can create a timeless kitchen space and keep small space fresh and feeling spacious. Pale gray goes well with most backsplash and countertop materials. You will get a more modern feel if you pair it with silver-toned or black hardware. Pairing it with warm-toned hardware will give your kitchen a more traditional feel.

Kitchen cabinet colors can affect your kitchen design and the feeling of your kitchen space. Choose the colors wisely when deciding on them, as they will stay with you for decades.

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