5 Modern Kitchen Essentials You Need To Know!

5 Modern Kitchen Essentials You Need to Know!

A modern kitchen is any homeowner's desire. Interior designers always suggest the kitchen should be the most updated room in any home. Isn't there a sense of pride you get when you have a beautiful and modern kitchen?
You end up wanting to use it and entertain guests more. The answer is obvious. To have and maintain a modern kitchen, it needs constant up-to-date facelifts. But, even with remodel or makeover, your kitchen may not seem as modern.
To really get the modern feel, your appliances have to be updated and modern too. So, here are 5 modern kitchen appliance essentials HGTV worthy modern kitchen.
Ever wonder how to achieve the modern kitchen look through appliances? Nothing screams modern like combined purpose and integrated appliances! They exude modernity with added design consideration. Gone are the days of one appliance, one purpose. That takes up a lot of space. Something which is a scarcity in any modern city. So, most modern appliances serve multiple purposes.
Most dishwashers serve a single purpose to merely wash dishes. However, OBRO has taken into consideration that a sink needs to go hand in hand with any dishwasher. So, OBRO created a chic multipurpose integrated sink dishwasher.
Swiftly rinse off scraps then load up the toploading dishwasher. Press a few buttons and voila! Bye-bye mess! What is a modern kitchen without a dishwasher? Why trouble yourself when technology has overcome that problem with a convenient solution?
So, leave behind the drudgery and hassle of manual washing.
Also, leave behind the space-eating bulky old front-loading dishwasher. This compact, sink cum dishwasher will do the job for you. All while looking amazing in your home and saving you precious space.
Also, bask in the added convenience of having the sink literally attached to your dishwasher. No drips or having to rinse then bend to load your dishwasher. The OBRO Integrated Sink Dishwasher is all ergonomics and style.
It's highly contemporary as it's fitted with all new tech and has a beautiful body.

Reduce breaks, enhance wash quality, and save time and water. Get it and have your kitchen look modern, chic, and clean.



2. Contemporary and safe Induction Hob

Obro-Induction-Hobs-Modern Kitchen

Modern or not, what is a kitchen without a hob? In terms of modernity, hands down induction will surpass gas or electric coil. It's in. OBRO has a sleek line of induction hobs only fitted with the latest tech and design.

With OBRO you get an eco-friendly, non-toxic and cutting edge cooker hob.
Get the essential cooktop you need for delicious home-cooked meals. With all the added benefits. Inductions cookers are also more convenient. As they save a lot of time and energy compared to conventional hobs. Induction hobs are far more efficient and safe.
OBRO's induction hob line comes in two, three or four-burner options suited for any cooking capacity. All OBRO hobs have a 9-stage power setting and a 99-minute timer to precisely give any required cook.
The hobs also have an auto switch off and a safety child lock. This is to prevent accidental burns and keep your little one(s) safe. Induction cookers are a modern and safer option. Gas hobs emit contaminants that may be detrimental.
They also add the risk of burns within your home and aren't generally user-friendly. The black glass-ceramic from German SCHOTT CERAN is extremely durable. It looks simple yet exquisitely contemporary and modern. It has a look that never goes out of style. You can pair OBRO's black induction hobs with anything. Their hobs are style chameleons sure to fit into any countertop and blend with any cabinet style.

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3. Wholesomely vigorous air with a high-performance Island, Range or Downdraft Hood

Obro-Hoods-Modern Kitchen

It's standard HSE practice to have a hood in your kitchen to accompany your hob. Keeping the inside air clean and cool while minimizing odour is necessary. A modern kitchen covers all bases so it needs a contemporary hood to match the induction hob.
OBRO has a great range of beautifully designed powerful hoods. Get all the modern kitchen aesthetics without compromising functionality. OBRO's hoods are guaranteed to not only serve you functionally but as a showpiece too.
OBRO's elegantly designed hoods offer tremendous extraction solutions. They have advanced filtering systems and powerful 1000m3/hr airflow. Their hood range removes moisture and contaminants from the air, as well as filters out the smell.
Besides that, it fights mould and grease build-up.
Maintain comfort and health within your home with superior air quality. All while having an added chic decor piece to your modern kitchen. OBRO's hood range also provides you with added security and convenience. Its stainless steel and tempered glass body give added durability and longevity.
Also, its body enables easy swift cleaning. The electronic controls are also so easy to use. Therefore, any modern kitchen needs a functional hood. Health and wellbeing are all the rage now. OBRO's hood range maintains wellbeing and convenience while looking madly sleek.  

4. Convenient and Easy Self Cleaning Oven

Obro-Oven-Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is incomplete without an oven. Any modern kitchen covers all bases. So, it has to be equipped to cook any kind of meal. No oven means an incomplete kitchen. What better oven to equip your kitchen with than the OBRO pyrolysis oven.
Boasting modernity, this oven uses pyrolysis self-cleaning tech. It offers ultimate convenience and ease in the kitchen. Have your cooking and cleaning time dramatically reduced. This powerful self-cleaning oven saves time and energy. The oven has multiple premium functions.
All enhance the cooking experience and improve food quality. The sleek and modern oven is big too. It has a 70L capacity, enabling you to cook any amount of food you desire. The oven has a four-layer cooling tinted glass exterior.
The oven door is soft closing and fully telescopic so you can watch as your food cooks in your modern kitchen. Enjoy fully digital control and high power performance. This oven has up-to-date technology compacted into a sleek package. It blends seamlessly into any kitchen and looks exquisite.

5. Comprehensive and functional incorporation of modern kitchen cooker Systems

Obro-Systems-Modern Kitchen

One thing that's making waves in the kitchen scene is kitchen appliance systems.
Ever heard of it before?
Because it's the future. Kitchen cooker systems are paired with appliances to ease cooking.
OBRO offers cooker systems that are induction hobs paired with ventilation. OBRO offers two different system recommendations. They are the OBRO Downdraft and Downair Cooker Hood System. The modern induction hobs are intelligently paired with high-power 1000m3/hr airflow ventilation. Nothing screams modern like combined purpose and integrated appliances right? OBRO's system recommendations all comprehensively serve their purpose.
All while looking sleek in any kitchen. Their products are fully stainless steel and high-quality glass-ceramic. These systems guarantee durability. You get all the aesthetics with no compromise in functionality. Cook with ease and comfort.
OBRO's kitchen system recommendations brilliantly pair new materials and up-to-date tech. They smartly incorporate functional aesthetics. For example, hidden outlets and a retractable or concealed hood boast modernity. Reap ultimate convenience and ergonomics while cooking.
Basics in any modern kitchen are modern appliances and sleek decor. OBRO has an extensive catalogue filled with high-end products. All exceed market competitors. OBRO products are ahead of their time. OBRO brilliantly combines efficiency, style, ergonomics, and smart living. The innovative lifestyle and elevated kitchen experience are yours with OBRO.

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