Arrange your Kitchen Appliances With 7 Powerful Tricks

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In our previous article, “10 steps to organize your kitchen cabinets, we have shared some simple and approachable ways to organize your kitchen cabinets, but managing your kitchen is not only about organizing your kitchen cabinet. It is also important how you are going to arrange your kitchen appliances. 

In this article, we are going to share with you how to arrange your kitchen appliances.  The kitchen appliances we mention here are not only the appliances in your kitchen cabinets but all the appliances in your kitchen. If you want to know how to tidy up your kitchen, you will want to continue reading.

7 Tricks to Arrange your Kitchen Appliances:

Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 1: Banish your Never-Used Kitchen Appliances

Throw Unused Kitchen AppliancesImage credit: Canva

Sometimes we tend to buy more than we need. Go through your kitchen and see if you have any kitchen appliances that you don’t need. If you are not using the appliance, no matter how much you like it, it’s time to let it go. This is the first step for you to arrange your kitchen appliances.

Your kitchen may have rice cookers, juicers, egg poachers, etc. If you are using all these appliances, it would be great. But what if you are not using it. If you have never poached an egg or made yourself a juice, the chances of you using it will be very low. 

It will be hard to decide which kitchen appliances to throw. If you’re having trouble parting with an item, make a commitment to keep it for 30 days.

Using an appliance like a juicer is a lifestyle change, try moving it down to the countertop where you can access to it easily, instead of keeping it in the kitchen cabinet. If you begin using your juicer and it becomes a habit, keep it.

Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 2: Keep Regularly Used Kitchen Appliances in Reach

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Certain things you may need to use often. For kitchen appliances you often use, such as glasses and plates, place them on lower shelves toward the front for easy access. You wouldn’t want to shift things in and out to look for something you often used. 

Aside from kichen appliances, the five items that should always be within your reach are your best knife, colander, cutting board, sauté pan, and stockpot.

If you want to be more organized, you can also use an insertable organizer, trays, or drawer dividers to keep silverware neat.

Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 3: Stash Less Frequently Used Kitchen Appliances Higher Up

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

There will be kitchen appliances that you will not use often. For example, if you bought extra serving bowls if you have guests to serve, but you may not have guests visiting your house every day, you will want to store them in higher cabinets.

When arranging your kitchen appliances, remember that they should not be placed on top of your countertop or lower shelves unless you use the appliance frequently.

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Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 4: Store Heavy Kitchen Appliances in Lower Cabinets

Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

You wouldn’t want to place heavy items in a higher cabinet for safety and ease of access. Heavier items should be placed in lower cabinets, such as cast iron skillets and stand mixers. This is very important as you may not have enough strength to take it down from the upper cabinets, and you wouldn’t want to hit yourself or even your baby( if you have a baby currently) when it falls accidentally.

Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 5: Move Older Food Items To The Front To Use First

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

It is important to take note of the expiration date of your foods. Be mindful of any expiration dates and always keep older items toward the front to stay top of mind for use. This is a crucial step when it comes to arranging your kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 6: Arrange Food Items By Size and Type

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

Sort out all your kitchen appliances according to the type and size. Then, stagger items from tallest to shortest, with the tallest in the back so that you won’t miss the smaller items. Group items like spices and condiments in bottles and label them accordingly. Keep them all in one place for easy organization and access while cooking. You can also stack similar size items or place smaller items inside larger ones to maximize the space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances Arrange Tricks 7: Put All Your Kitchen Appliances On One Wall

Keep Your Kitchen Appliances NeatImage credit: Canva

After doing all the steps above, you should have a more organized kitchen. The last thing we should remind you of is to try to place all your kitchen appliances on one wall. It not only can make your kitchen look tidy but can also bring you convenience.

It adds wow factor,and because the wiring is concentrated in one area, it’s an easier job for your electrician and delivers a cleaner, smarter looking room. – Michael Wright, kitchen designer


It can be easy to turn your messy kitchen into a neat one. Just follow the 7 steps above to arrange your kitchen appliances, and you can also have a fantastic kitchen! Just remember that you should always clean your kitchen and maintain it neat. Try to clean your kitchen at least two weeks at a time to be neat and clean all the time.

The more often you organize your kitchen appliances, the less time it will take each season. 

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