Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: 6 Important Things You Need To Know

kitchen cabinet refacing 6 important things you need to know

The kitchen cabinet is one of the main pieces of furniture in your home, which can be functional and improve your home’s overall aesthetic. But it will wear off as time passes. The color may fade off, or malfunctioning handles and hinges causing you problems. If you have a tight budget and the structure is still in good shape, kitchen cabinet refacing can be an alternative option.

Renovating is not all about demolishing everything and replacing the whole thing with a new one. Refacing your existing cabinets can still give a new look to your kitchen

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a low-cost upgrade using new materials to cover your existing kitchen cabinet. Read on and learn more about kitchen cabinet refacing and how it helps to give your existing kitchen cabinet a new look. 


What Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
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Kitchen cabinet refacing is about replacing the cabinet skin panels and giving your kitchen a new look. After removing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, it applies a new veneer over the existing surface.

Kitchen cabinet refacing can also involve hardware replacements, such as drawer pulls, hinges, and handles. The upside is that the old cabinet boxes stay in place, and you don’t have to worry about custom sizing or building time.

They are repaired to match the surface material or new doors. Refaced kitchen cabinets can have a brand-new look and give your kitchen a completely fresh look.


Evaluating Kitchen Cabinets for Refacing

Evaluating Kitchen Cabinet For Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing may be a good option to refresh the look of your kitchen, but only some kitchen cabinets are candidates for refacing. It doesn’t mean that your old kitchen cabinet are in bad shape; it is just because older kitchen cabinet boxes have sturdier construction than newer ones. 

Kitchen cabinets that are applicable for refacing should have the following elements:

  • Sturdy box construction made of plywood is smooth and in good condition. Putting new veneers on your kitchen cabinet requires smooth solid surfaces to adhere properly. 
  • Good solid hardwood face frames will accept veneers. It also can solidly anchor new doors. 
  • Internal hardware that is in good shape. If the drawers do not operate smoothly or the cabinets lack shelving or storage accessories, the expense of the kitchen cabinet refacing may not be worth it. 

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Refacing Kitchen Cabinet #1 - If You Like Your Kitchen Layout

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
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Refacing your kitchen cabinet can bring a fresh new style, color, and finish to your kitchen space, but it’s best for those who are happy with the room’s existing layout.

If you intend to change the floor plan and cabinet locations, even the best kitchen cabinets might need to be moved around. To get good results, your existing kitchen cabinets should be in decent shape, with only a few cosmetic dents and chips.

If your kitchen cabinets have structural damage or defects, they can’t be refaced, and you will need to replace them.


Refacing Kitchen Cabinet #2 - Do Some Research To Find The Right Material

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You can find veneers at home centers, but you can find the broadest selection of wood species through internet searches. Most online shops selling veneers have hundreds of species to choose from.

Most homeowners acquire doors and drawer fronts from a cabinetmaker, though they are also available for purchase on various online shops. No matter where you buy it, try to buy the veneer and door or drawer fronts from the same vendor so that the wood grains will match perfectly.

Also, you want to ensure that you take precise measurements of your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts before ordering replacements.

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Refacing Kitchen Cabinet #3 - Less Expensive Than Replacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Price

The cost of kitchen cabinet refacing can be lower than replacing them. Normally, it can be done for less than half the cost of a total cabinet replacement.

“Although high-quality veneers can be expensive, you will not require a large amount of material.”

The doors and drawer fronts will be the most significant expenses in refacing the kitchen cabinet. The expenses depend on species, style, and size.


Refacing Kitchen Cabinet #4 - Variety Material To Work With

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

There are several types of materials to use for refacing kitchen cabinets. Veneers can come either in a raw state that requires finishing and staining after installation or pre-finish. There are three basic options you can choose from

  • Non-adhesive rolls need to be installed with contact cement: Although it can get a little messy, the installer gets to choose the cement. The bond will last the lifetime of the cabinet if high-quality cement is used.
  • Peel-and-stick adhesive (PSA) rolls with the adhesive that has been placed on the back of the veneer: This is a more straightforward process, but the quality of the glue cannot be guaranteed.
  • ⅛-inch plywood sheets that attach with wood glue and nails for the ends of cabinets: This option is more sturdy and durable, but it tends to be more expensive than a thin roll of veneer.

The easiest way to trim veneer to size is using utility knives and flush-trim router bits. A sharp craft knife is also a good option. You can break a sheet down to a rough size using scissors, a razor, or a router to trim it to the perfect fit. 

You can use different materials to build drawer fronts and doors. The most popular materials are oak and maple . But you want to ensure that the species and finish match the veneers.

You can find a variety of different finishes for your hardware, and hinges come in a variety of different finishes. It includes chrome, stainless steel, bronze, and brass. You will want to choose one that accents your finished product perfectly.

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