Best 5 Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022

Best 5 Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022

Small kitchen design Malaysia is growing in number as many people in Malaysia now prefer to live in tiny houses like apartments or condominiums. If you are having trouble searching for a kitchen design that can be stuffed into that limited kitchen, you are in the right place.

As people always say, the kitchen is the heart of the house. Causes the kitchen is where you make food, enjoy them with your beloved ones, or naturally have a casual talk with your guests. The kitchen is highly the place where we go the most, which makes it one of the cores places of our house. 

However, having a small kitchen somehow limits any creativity in order to design the space. Searching for the best concept, cabinet, furniture, and appliance suitable for a small-size kitchen can be tiresome. Hence, this article will exhibit more Malaysia-suited design ideas that fit that compact kitchen of yours. Let’s jump right in!

Best Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022 No.1: Combine Natural Colors

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Image Credit: Canva

The natural colors concept has not gone wrong and always remains timeless. The best natural color palettes you could pick and combine for your kitchen are white, grey, black, sandstone, and olive. However, in fact, there is actually no limit to deciding the best color for your kitchen.

You can combine with any color according to your preferences and tastes, it is as long as the kitchen feels right to you. But do note that you should always pick the natural colors to create a more spacious effect in your kitchen. You may even find that having a natural color can give you a greenish feel and it may actually be eco-friendly. It is highly recommended in Malaysia as there is more greenery than buildings in the rural side of Malaysia, which makes the kitchen fits the theme of the country.

Best Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022 No.2: Welcome the Light

Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2


Image Credit: Canva

Natural light does not only benefit humans and living beings but also proven as one of the significant elements of making the interior more sophisticated. It is highly recommended for people who live in apartments and condominiums in Malaysia as they would rather have natural light in their houses than artificial light. People in Malaysia are used to the high temperature as it only consists of 2 types of seasons that definitely do not include winter.

Natural light helps make the kitchen look bigger, spacious, and less crowded. Therefore, choosing the right blinds and lights to lighten your kitchen is crucial, as the wrong lighting may cause your kitchen to be too bright and hard to utilize. You can experiment with ceiling torches or hanging lamps to create natural lighting for the night.

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Best Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022 No.3: Minimalist

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Image Credit: Canva

Minimalism is one of the small kitchen design Malaysia that are getting a rise in popularity, along with the rise of people living in small houses. Implementing a minimalist concept to your small kitchen can help make the space looks less crowded and roomy. Maintenance is much easier as there is not much to clean in the first place.

You may have to be very considerate with every accessory you wish to put in your kitchen, or else it may become a cramp. In the minimalist concept of the interior, natural colors are one of the essential elements to create a clean and tidy ambiance. This small kitchen design Malaysia will last longer due to the proper maintenance provided by experts. The cost for such maintenance is nothing compared to other kitchens as this small kitchen design Malaysia aims to have the least amount of appliances possible, it is highly recommended to people who do not usually cook in their houses.

Best Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022 No.4: Maximize Storage

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Image Credit: Canva

Maximize storage is a small kitchen design Malaysia that does not pursue beauty but functionality. The choice of the precise kitchen cabinet design is very crucial in order to make the space to be highly functional. It is highly recommended to people that do not care much about beauty, as maximum storage will sometimes deny certain styles in order to gain the most work done.

Every drawer, storage, and rack you want must have its purpose and function to fit all of your kitchen appliances and cooking essentials into your cabinets. This kitchen design was highly chosen as it gives a clean look to your overall interior, and serves its duty as a kitchen.

Best Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 2022 No.5: L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

Small Kitchen Design Malaysia 5


Image Credit: Canva

The L-shaped cabinet is one of the kitchen cabinet types you should consider picking. It creates the option of multiple cooks in a single tiny kitchen. Suitable for a kitchen with limited space as it gives an open layout to your kitchen and makes it look spacious and roomy.

Some house owners also claimed that this small kitchen design Malaysia helps them in cooking compared to side kitchens. This claim comes due to the L-shaped kitchen design making getting supplies effortless, a turn to the sides is all that it needs to get the required substances.

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