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6 Simple Modular Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations No One Talks About

6 Simple Modular Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations No One Talks About


People always say kitchen is the heart of a home and it is completely true if we apply it to our modern age. Kitchen used to be the area for households to prepare meals, but it is not rare anymore to see individuals use kitchen to rest, study or do their easy tasks. As the kitchen has now become a multipurpose space for most family members, homeowners have made every attempt to make it better, especially through the use of modular kitchen cabinet color combinations.

For the Ampquartz team, we take the assumption that modular kitchen cabinet color combinations are the most important aspect, because different color combinations can perform different duties, such as light reflectance, providing a warm welcome characteristic, stimulate appetite and so on.

So, here comes the questions. What are the trendy modular kitchen cabinet color combinations in 2021? To address this issue, the Ampquartz team has prepared the 6 most popular modular kitchen cabinet color combinations in 2021 and is pleased to present you with them.  

Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combinations



1. Black and Grey Modular Kitchen Cabinet Colour Combination

Since we remain at home for roughly half a year, most of us will know that simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. Even while the black kitchen has been trending in the last couple of years, most designers still choose to blend black with grey or white when it comes to modular kitchen cabinet color combinations.

Black is certainly naturally simple and causes excitement, but the combination of the grey color gives a general perception of elegance and class. By combining the colors of black and grey, you will find that your kitchen is far simpler to manage than your room, because there is no need for regular cleaning. 


2. Blue and White Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination

Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combinations
Source: Design Cafe

If you feel black and grey are too overpowering, go for blue and white. Navy blue is a popular choice for kitchen colors because it matches the majority of your kitchen utensils. Marine blue, too, looks fantastic when combined with wood materials, the color of grey, or even stuff like steel materials and aluminum. YES, blue is a versatile color that is recognized for its calming characteristics.

If you’re weary of white, though, you may choose blue in other fashionable colors, such as green and grey. Team Ampquartz feels that these combinations will be your pick for modular kitchen cabinet color combinations.


3. White and Brown Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination

Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combinations
Source: McCoy Mart

What is the biggest lesson you learned from 2020 to 2021, in addition to bodily health? I believe the value of nature will be answered by most of you. As a result, if you want to stay close to nature while in your kitchen, wood-grained brown is always a good choice. Brown kitchens in recent years have been identified as a new mode for most households and the Ampquartz team believes the trends will continue to develop in the years to come.

While white and brown are not considered the best color combinations, they are not inferior to the pair such as Romeo and Juliet. This combination could seem strange in the early stage, but progressively, you will be fascinated by the warm features of the White + Brown modular kitchen cabinet color combinations.


4. Pink and Raisin Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combination

Pink and Raisin as modular kitchen cabinet color combination? Yes, you read it right! In comparison to other color combination, Pink + Raisin is a fairly unusual modular kitchen cabinet color combination. However, the extreme distinction between these two colors would generate a powerful and dominant energy. So, if you are a girl with pink as your favorite color, choosing pink in this combo creates a sense of softness and playfulness.

Because this combination of colors is unusual, the Armquartz team is pleased to have you share your opinions in the comments area below. Together, we can discuss and examine how this combination of color gives your kitchen different qualities


5. Grey and Orange Modular Kitchen Cabinet Color Combination

Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combinations
Source: Pinterest

Undoubtedly, grey colors offer individuals a sense of neutrality, apathy and humility. But your island dream would be fully alive if we mixed it with the orange tones. We believe that most of you would argue that orange is only appropriate for commercial use, such as billboards and advertisements, because orange is primarily intended to attract people’s attention. However, there’s a fact that most of us have failed to notice. Orange also has a sensation of pleasure, eagerness and warmth.

So, if we choose grey as the main color for our modular kitchen cabinet and orange as the extra color, we believe that, while making your kitchen exceptional compared to your neighborhood residence, you will feel like living on an island.


6. Green and White Modular Kitchen Cabinet Color Combination

Modular Kitchen Cabinets Color Combinations
Source: House Beautiful

Last but not least, green, in recent years, has been getting increasingly trendy for kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of greens to pick from, like Forest Green, Tea Green, Mint Green, Sea Green, etc. The green kitchen cabinet, which combines with white colours, will certainly be the first thing that refreshes our brains every morning.

The Ampquartz team hopes your green kitchen will bring happiness to your family members and that you will have an adoring and affectionate family, like the Green Family.




There are numerous best modular kitchen cabinet colors suggested by the designers, we just have the tip of the iceberg covered. If you have any doubts, CLICK HERE to find more detailed information on modular kitchen cabinet color combination and AMPQUARTZ is always here for your queries. We provide the best marble in Johor Bahru and we are the best for a reason. Book your appointment now to start.

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