6 fashionable kitchen cabinets in Johor

If you want to have a high-quality kitchen, you need to choose the kitchen cabinet with the largest area in the kitchen. How to choose a good kitchen cabinet? In addition to the appearance, we must also work hard on details such as materials and hardware. Amp kitchen cabinets, fashionable design, create an overall beauty for users, and enhance the deep quality of the kitchen from subtleties. However, some kitchen cabinets on the market only pursue external beauty and often ignore internal details. The kitchen cabinets with inferior materials and workmanship are not only not durable, but the harmful substances volatilized from the materials also cause indoor pollution and endanger human health.

Kitchen cabinets play an important role in kitchen storage and are frequently used daily. If the quality of the hardware is not good, it is easy to rust the iron and crack the door panel in the long run, which will affect the beauty of the kitchen. High-quality hardware only requires simple daily maintenance, which can ensure a long service life of the kitchen cabinet and save a maintenance cost.

Humanized design of kitchen cabinets enhances the kitchen experience

A good kitchen cabinet design can not only improve the overall appearance of the kitchen, but also solve various pain points in the daily use of the kitchen, and enhance the experience of the kitchen from the details

Handle Lesshe Popular Handleless Design Is Visually Clean And Neat, Enhancing The Overall Sense Of The Kitchen Space. While Creating A Simple And Advanced Appearance, It Effectively Avoids Bumps In The Kitchen.



The biggest advantage of not having a handle is that you no longer have to worry about destroying the value of the cabinet due to the wrong choice of handle.

In recent years, minimalist and light luxury have become a trend, and most people have begun to prefer simple and textured furniture. Handleless furniture is also quietly setting off a popular trend. Its façade is simple and unified, without too much decoration, giving people a simple and high-end feeling, and at the same time saving the trouble of choosing handles, not worrying about the bad matching of the handles and ruining the appearance of the cabinet, and also solving the hidden danger of children bumping.

Cabinet door bouncer

Friends who like hidden cabinets can choose this cabinet design-cabinet door bouncer, no need for surface-mounted handles, press the door panel to automatically open, and also press the door panel when closing.

Light Wood Grain S Used To Decorate The Kitchen And Cabinets, It Will Make The Kitchen Look Clean And Bright, And It Is Also A Very Stylish Kitchen Design Method. Looking For An &Quot;Easy Clean&Quot; Look In Your Own Kitchen? Natural Materials And Simple Colors Are Great Places To Start, With The Added Benefit Of Being Easy To Adapt To Changing Tastes.


Light wood grain

Design concept: Inspired by the pursuit of wood “natural“, using wood grain as the design source to restore the natural wood texture

The wood grain color style double veneer panel presents an authentic and simple beauty. Let you be proud of all the luxury, only those who understand what is the ultimate beauty and elegance.

The light-filled kitchen, the overall cabinets with light wood grain, and the fresh taste are filled with the elegant charm. The frosted glass door design of the hanging cabinet adds a hazy mood. Light grey countertops, cabinets, and rough cement grey walls, simple three or two colors make the kitchen look stylish

The kitchen layout with the separation of dry and wet also facilitates the selection of materials such as cabinets and countertops.

One is for preparing simple meals, while the other is suitable for cooking. Walk into any patio home today and you’ll find yourself standing between kitchens, one for light meals and the other for cooking. Wet and dry kitchens are usually placed next to each other and behind the dining room, which makes it easier for us to move from one place to another.

But why do we separate dry and wet kitchens, wouldn’t it be easier to cook and cook in the same place? Well, actually, separate kitchens actually help to manage your kitchen better, and you Get more kitchen storage! Come to think of it, if you had a separate kitchen, you could concentrate on one thing in one place, and it would be a lot easier to clean that area.

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Nordic Stylei Believe That Few People Do Not Like Nordic Style. Imagine If The Whole House Looked Like Something From An Ikea Catalogue, It Would Be Perfect! This Style Of Interior Design Often Features Natural Wood-Colored Accents, Bright White Tiles, And Pastel-Colored Wooden Doors.


Nordic style

At present, it has become a popular home style in Malaysia, winning with its minimalist design, affordable price and outstanding functionality acceptable to the public

When it comes to Nordic-style cabinets, the classic combination is the light-colored wood grain with white. This combination shows a large space and is not out of date. It is a must-have choice for people who like simple and natural styles.
If you think the classic color matching is not amazing enough, you must not miss the colors with low saturation such as light grey, blue-grey, and milk green. The Morandi color cabinet door panel is matched with the white hanging cabinet door panel.

51 Straight Line Kitchen Design Ideas | Kitchen Design, One Wall Kitchen, Kitchen Layout


one-line type

This type of kitchen has a long space, which is suitable for users to use the space efficiently, and its shape is similar to the Chinese character “one”. Advantages: Ingredients, kitchen utensils and food are close at hand and easy to find, and the functional area is presented in a straight line, which is simple and uncluttered.

Advantages of the in-line cabinet: It has a slender appearance and is very suitable for narrow kitchens in small and medium-sized apartments. Although the in-line cabinet is small in size, it does not affect its use effect. Some basic facilities, such as stoves, cooking tables, sinks, etc. are all available. Yes, this is what the saying goes, “Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs”.

Disadvantages: The one-line cabinet also has its unavoidable drawbacks, but because its slender straight line lacks the corner design, it is not as flexible and convenient as those with arcs or corners. Imagine when you are in the kitchen When cooking, the stove is in the middle, and the various seasonings are lined up from beginning to end. Solving this flaw will put your storage skills to the test.

Alist Kitchenhen Kitchen In This Picture Uses Lattice Tiles As A Backsplash, Creating A Small Part Of The Space That Makes The Space More Visually Appealing. We May Not Need To Tile The Whole Kitchen, Otherwise It Will Look Fancy. Here We Have Used White Countertops And White Cabinets As It Creates A Uniform Style For The Kitchen.
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Minimalist kitchen

White will be the theme throughout. White is the easiest way to convey minimalism because of its “net” and “simple” appearance. The pure white design lets this cramped minimalist kitchen say goodbye to crowding.

Minimalism is a very hot topic in recent years. The popularity of this theme benefits from the great enrichment of our material life and the increasing emphasis on inner spiritual needs. The meaning of minimalist living is to choose only what is necessary for you to live your life, not to be indifferent. Minimalist style reduces unnecessary decoration and emphasizes functional design.

The space has a sense of openness, giving the space unlimited imagination, making the space more possibilities, and giving people a comfortable physical, mental and visual enjoyment.

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What is the difference between a wet and dry kitchen and kitchen cabinets?

As mentioned above, a wet kitchen is usually used for heavy cooking and is basically a place that can afford the mess while cooking. Dry kitchens, on the other hand, are places where people prepare meals, where people typically cut, wash, or peel.

An efficient wet and dry kitchen not only makes food preparation faster but also easier to maintain. Now let’s take a look at what makes a Malaysian kitchen make the most of it!

The reason why traditional kitchens are so difficult to clean is that the previous residents did not implement the concept of “dry and wet separation” in the kitchen. This approach not only makes water stains and grease stains mixed together for a long time, but also water vapour will affect the service life of cabinets and electrical appliances.

Could This Kitchen Design Trend Be The Key To A Bigger-Looking Home? - The Singapore Women'S Weekly
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Separate wet and dry kitchens
It has to be said that both the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen should be divided into two parts. Build a kitchen divider or partition wall to separate the two areas, we recommend installing glass doors or glass sliding doors, so that you can not only visually expand the area of the kitchen but also separate the two kitchens.

Easy access to two kitchens
The two kitchens should be nearby, if not next to each other, so you can easily move from one place to the other. You should also keep shared appliances such as microwaves, ovens, pots and pans close to both areas for easy access.

Easy to maintain
Since the wet kitchen is the area that is prepared for tedious and greasy cooking, this area can also get dirty easily. Grease and grime can stick to walls and cabinets, so it’s important to keep this area as easy to maintain as possible. An easy way to do this is to install ceramic or tile on the wall as they are easier to clean. As for the kitchen cabinets, you can choose something with a matte finish.

On the other hand, dry kitchens are easier to maintain. You can safely invest in higher quality materials such as marble and quartz for your dry kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

We offer a high-quality & attractive cabinetry solution that emphasizes adaptability and functionality in the kitchen. Our exclusive plywood and melamine custom-made and modular kitchen cabinets. You achieve an ideal kitchen design that is both functional and stylish.

Longing for German-inspired kitchen solutions that are both adaptable and functional yet stylish? Introducing Amp Kitchen Cabinet, where you will achieve the ideal kitchen layout that guarantees modernity.

Having kitchen collections for most budgets, Amp Kitchen is all about adding design expertise to exotic wood kitchens to ensure functionality and style. The wood materials offered include Melamine Panel, Plywood-Melamine and Solid Nyatoh.

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