Guide to 6 Popular Digital Locksets: Find Your Perfect Match

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6 Popular Digital Locksets: Find Your Perfect Match


Technology is evolving fast. It leads to a higher standard of living, home is not only a place to live in. It should be a place where you can stay in comfort and convenience.

Therefore, the rise in smart homes has become the recent trend in people’s dream houses. A Digital lock door is one of the things you will consider in your home.

So you need to know how a digital lock door provides you better house access and security.  


Tips in selection digital lock door.

There is various digital lockset in the market. Every digital lockset has a different target audience, it is quite depending on your usage to select suitable unlock methods. For example:

Home usage       – can use any methods below to unlock, prefer using fingerprint, pin number, and access card.

Office usage       – prefer to use an access card or pin number, due to a large number of employees, time in/out function much add on to the digital lockset feature to track employee punctuality.

shop lot usage   – prefer to use remote control, to allow the customer in/out. pin numbers, fingerprint, and access card for the employer.

factory usage     – prefer access car for workers to in/out. Pin number and fingerprint for those restricted areas.

Airbnb usage     – digital lock app and pin numbers, flexibility in changing the access pin for different tenants.


Popular Digital Locket #1: Unlock the digital lockset by PIN Numbers

Unlock The Digital Lockset By Pin Numbers
Source: Canva

Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are secure codes used for verifying your identity on digital devices, including digital locks. Similar to passwords, PIN codes grant access to authorized users.

Digital Lock PIN Length:

Most digital locksets allow for PIN codes between 4 and 8 digits, depending on the model and brand.

Simple Keypads vs. Smart Connectivity:

Older digital locks with physical keypads typically have a 4-digit PIN limitation. These models may require a more cumbersome process for changing PIN codes, as they lack the convenience of smartphone pairing.


Digital Lockset
Source: Canva


Digital locks offer a significant advancement over traditional mechanical locks, providing enhanced security and convenience. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

  • Keyless Entry: Digital locks eliminate the need for physical keys. Access is granted through secure methods like touchscreens, keypads, fingerprint readers, or smartphone apps. No more worries about lost or stolen keys!
  • Enhanced Security: Digital locks are generally more resistant to break-in attempts compared to traditional locks. They often feature stronger deadbolts and can eliminate the risk of someone copying a key. Some models even include features like fingerprint recognition for an extra layer of security.
  • User Management: With digital locks, you can easily add or remove users and assign unique access codes for each person. This provides greater control over who enters your home and when.
  • Convenience: Digital locks offer the flexibility to change access codes frequently, unlike traditional locks where a key replacement is necessary if compromised. Additionally, touchscreen interfaces provide a user-friendly experience.



Popular Digital Locket #2: Unlock the digital lockset by Fingerprint

Digital Lockset
Source: Canva

Digital locks with fingerprint recognition offer a compelling security solution for your home. Here’s why:

  • Effortless Access: Forget about fumbling for keys or remembering complex passwords. Fingerprint recognition provides a convenient and secure way to unlock your door with a simple touch.
  • Say Goodbye to Lockouts: No more worrying about being locked out due to a forgotten password. Your unique fingerprint is always with you, eliminating the risk of accidental lockouts.
  • Superior Security: Compared to traditional locks that can be picked with tools, biometric fingerprint readers offer a significant security upgrade. Intruders cannot easily copy or replicate your fingerprint, making forced entry much more challenging.
  • Enhanced Deterrence: Many digital locks with fingerprint recognition come equipped with built-in alarm systems. The potential for a loud alarm going off can deter burglars from even attempting entry.

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Popular Digital Locket #3: Unlock the digital lockset by Digital Lock App (Smartphone)

Watch how the digital lockset link with the smartphone. 



Unlocking Convenience: Smartphone Control of Your Digital Lock

Digital locks offer a variety of ways to unlock your door using your smartphone, providing flexibility and convenience:

1. Bluetooth Unlock (Close Proximity):

When you’re near your door, simply pair your smartphone’s Bluetooth with the digital lock. Use the dedicated app to unlock the door with a tap, eliminating the need to fumble for keys.

2. Remote Unlock (Anywhere with Internet):

If you’re away from home but expecting guests, you can grant them temporary access through the app. As long as your smartphone and the lock have an internet connection, you can unlock the door remotely for them.

3. Wi-Fi Unlock (Home Network):

For added convenience when you’re home, you can utilize your Wi-Fi network. With your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi, the app can communicate directly with the lock, allowing you to unlock it seamlessly.

Beyond Unlocking: Your Digital Lock Control Center

The digital lock app goes beyond unlocking your door. It serves as a central control hub for managing your lock settings:

  • Grant and Revoke Access: Easily add or remove users and assign unique access codes or set temporary unlock times for guests.
  • Track Activity: Monitor the lock’s activity history, keeping track of who entered and when.
  • Customize Settings: Adjust lock settings like auto-lock timers or receive low battery alerts.


Popular Digital Locket #4: Unlock the digital lockset by Access Card


Digital Lock App
Source: Canva

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology offers a secure and convenient way to unlock doors, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in digital locksets.

Here’s how RFID works with digital locks:

  • Easy Access: Instead of fumbling with keys, RFID utilizes small tags or cards that communicate wirelessly with the lock reader. Simply tap your RFID tag on the reader to unlock the door.
  • Variety of Credentials: RFID tags come in various forms to suit your needs. Choose from key cards, keychains, wristbands, or even stickers. Unlike bulky keychains, RFID tags are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Enhanced Security: While convenient, RFID access can be programmed with additional security measures. Many digital locks allow you to disable lost or stolen tags, unlike traditional keys that can’t be easily deactivated.


Popular Digital Locket #5: Unlock the digital lockset by Remote Control

Digital Lock Door
Source: Canva

Digital locks offer a variety of unlocking options, and remote controls provide an added layer of convenience, especially for situations where tapping an access card might not be ideal.

Here’s how remote controls benefit you:

  • Extended Range Access: Unlike access cards that require close proximity to the lock, remote controls allow you to unlock your door from a distance. This can be helpful when your hands are full, or if you’re approaching your home from a faraway point.
  • In-Home Convenience: Imagine settling down on the couch after a long day, only to realize you forgot your keys inside. With a remote control, you can unlock the door from the comfort of your living room without needing to get up.
  • Portable Access (Optional): While primarily used for in-home convenience, some remote controls can also function as portable access keys. This can be useful for unlocking gates or secondary doors on your property.


Popular Digital Locket #6: Unlock the digital lockset by Mechanical Key

Digital Lock App
Source: Canva

Digital locks offer a wide range of unlocking options for ultimate convenience. But you might wonder, “Do I still need a mechanical key?”

Peace of Mind with a Backup Key

While not essential, a mechanical key provides a valuable backup option for your digital lock. Here’s why:

  • Contingency Plan: Life happens! If you forget your PIN code, lose your phone with the app, damage your RFID tag, or even injure your thumb (for fingerprint recognition), a mechanical key ensures you’re not locked out.
  • Peace of Mind: Having a backup key can offer peace of mind, especially for those who might be forgetful or concerned about technology glitches.


The decision to include a mechanical key with your digital lock is up to you. While digital unlocking methods offer undeniable convenience, a backup key can provide an extra layer of security and reassurance.

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