Kitchen Cabinet Finishes: 5 Best Types For You To Choose

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

What is next after you have decided on your kitchen cabinet style for your kitchen? If you love cooking and spend much of your time in your kitchen, you will want to optimize your kitchen by bringing out some personality with your kitchen cabinet finishes. Kitchen cabinet finishes can help break the cohesion of your kitchen’s design and make your kitchen look more luxurious, depending on the technique you choose.

Before choosing the type of kitchen cabinet finishes, you will need to understand what finishes are available in the market for your kitchen cabinets. Besides that, you will need to consider your budget and the durability of the kitchen cabinet finishes.

Before deciding on your kitchen cabinet finishes, remember to request samples to determine which finish perfectly matches your kitchen style. We will be introducing several kitchen cabinets finishes in this article.

What Is Kitchen Cabinet Finishes?

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes


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You may be curious about a kitchen cabinet finish. It is a substance placed on your kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinet finishes are often the last step when constructing the kitchen cabinet. There are many types of finishes. Each type of finish provides a different feel and appearance to the kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinet finishes such as painting and varnishing can be done after the kitchen cabinet is done. While laminates will need to be applied when the kitchen cabinets are in the progress of construction.

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes #1 – Painted

Kitchen Cabinet Johor


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The painted finish is the easiest of all kitchen cabinet finishes. It has a range of colors to choose from, and it is easy to match any style in your kitchen. This type of kitchen cabinet finish can help conceal the defects in the wood grain. But specific colors may bring out the grain’s appearance, which will attract the viewer’s attention.

Due to the range of colors you can choose from, you will have control over designing your kitchen style around your kitchen cabinet. Such as choosing the colors of a new appliance according to your kitchen design. But the painted finish wears off quickly, and you must repaint your kitchen cabinet often.

You can consider a few types of paints, such as matte, semi-gloss, satin, and enamel. Matte paint doesn’t shine or create a smooth surface. It will build dirt up and make it harder to clean. Semi-gloss paint works perfectly for bold and striking cabinets. It will reflect more light, but there is a higher chance of seeing dents and scratches on the kitchen cabinet. Satin paint will be later than semi-gross, but it is more durable. Enamel paint is more durable. It is easier to clean.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes #2 – Waterborne Finish

Kitchen Cabinet Johor


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The waterborne finish is scratch-resistant and low in a volatile organic compound. It is also formaldehyde-hazard-free. There will be a lesser downtime between the time of application and use because the waterborne finish is dispersed in water. If you want a higher performance standard, this will be a good choice.

This product uses Sherwin-Williams coatings. With this high-performance kitchen cabinet finish, it can reduce the environmental impact. This kitchen cabinet finishes dries fast and is easy to clean. But it will be harder to apply to the kitchen cabinet and slightly more expensive than other kitchen cabinet finishes.

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Kitchen Cabinet Finishes #3 - Natural

Kitchen Cabinet Johor


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If you like a natural feeling in your kitchen, having a natural finish for your kitchen cabinet will keep things simple and not hamper the wood’s beauty. You can seal a transparent protective over your kitchen cabinet to have a clear varnish.

The natural finish delivers a rustic character. At the same time, it maintains uniformity and balance in your kitchen. Natural finishes can be long-lasting; when selecting the material, you must understand that certain woods will be more durable while others may be less durable.

When you use natural finishes for your kitchen cabinet, various decorating possibilities enhance your kitchen cabinet. Such as using the backsplash design and lighting choice. But you need to consider the colors, and finding a suitable design plan to match your natural finishes will be challenging if you do not have the necessary design skills.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes #4 – Laminates

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If you are looking for kitchen cabinet finishes that are easier to maintain and more durable, a laminate finish is a good choice for long-term investment. Laminate finishes use a durable plastic laminate layer to cover the kitchen cabinet. It can be any color.

Depending on your needs, laminate is available in two options. One is for low-pressure, which is less durable and cheaper. Another one will be for high-pressure, which is more durable and expensive. You don’t have to worry that your laminate cabinet will crack due to temperature and humidity as the kitchen cabinet uses a condensed wood core. But there will be chances that the glue to hold the laminate will break down, and the laminate will be pulled out from the edge. It is impossible to repair.

Two more durable laminate finishes have been developed: porta door style laminate material (PET) and thermal structured surface (TSS). PET is more water-resistant and able to prevent the laminate from curling up. TSS uses steel plates or drums to press into the top color. It can last for years.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes #5 – Glazed

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Image Credit: America West Home

Using glazed finishes is an excellent choice if you want to add a rustic or antique look to your kitchen. The complexity of the kitchen cabinet’s overall look will bring a lot of attention.

Usually, a transparent or semi-transparent glaze is applied to the kitchen cabinets and wiped away. It allows the glaze to settle on the kitchen cabinets with a thin layer. It will highlight the kitchen cabinet details, especially if your kitchen cabinet has a hand-carved design.

A glazed kitchen cabinet is attractive because of its complexity, but the cost will be more expensive. Glazing will need more labor which is the main cost of the glaze finishes. But if you are looking forward to a classic-styled kitchen, it will be a perfect match. Besides that, the glazed kitchen cabinet matches with farmhouse too.

Above are the most common kitchen cabinet finishes. If you have decided on your kitchen cabinet, get one to make your kitchen cabinet more outstanding and durable.

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