Get The Best Plywood Kitchen Cabinet With 5 Simple Tips

plywood kitchen cabinet

Wooden kitchen cabinet is one of the common cabinetry used in the kitchen. There are many wooden cabinets, such as solid wood and plywood cabinets. You will want the best quality when adding plywood cabinets to your kitchen,

Solid wood can be costly. Besides, it doesn’t have a smooth texture which may not attract homeowners. Other than that, it also requires extensive care. On the other hand, plywood is a better option as its nominal thickness doesn’t crack.

There are different grades of plywood. Grade A plywood will be the highest quality material. But how do you identify the best plywood for your kitchen cabinet with so many different types in the market? Well, there are many considerations you should consider when selecting your plywood kitchen cabinet. You wouldn’t get lost after reading this article.

Understand Plywood Grade

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You can find four grades of plywood in the market. Different grades have different appearances and qualities of the front and back veneers of the plywood. Let’s get to know more about the different grades of plywood.

A grade: This is the highest quality grade of plywood and also the most expensive. It has a smoother and sanded surface. They are repaired with synthetic filler when there are any defects in the plywood. It is the best option for furniture and plywood kitchen cabinet doors

B grade: This grade will also have a smooth and sanded surface. But if there are any defects, it can be as long as one inch. Defects should be repaired before the plywood is used. 

C grade: You won’t see any sanded surfaces in this grade. It can have many defects that must be repaired, including knots reaching up to 1 1/2 inches. There may have other issues, such as discoloration. Normally, C-grade plywood will be used in a garage or subfloor.

D grade: The cheapest grade, but also with more issues. It won’t be sanded, and the defects may not be corrected. Besides, it will also have discoloration issues. Knot holes can go up to 2 1/2 inches

Best Plywood Kitchen Cabinet #1- Flatness

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Goldwood Industries

The flatness of the plywood is one important factor you should consider when choosing one for your kitchen cabinet. It can be challenging if the plywood is not flat. Do go for genuine plywood, which may cause safety and durability issues.

It isn’t common to find curved plywood. But if you happen to come across it, do avoid it, as it will cause stacking problems with your plywood kitchen cabinet, especially on huge areas, such as floors, cabinet doors, and rooftops. Getting flatter plywood will make the job easier.

You wouldn’t want stacking problems with your plywood kitchen cabinet, so the flatness of the plywood should be at least 95%. If not, it will lead to further issues.

Best Plywood Kitchen Cabinet #2- Check The Edges

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: 3X3 Custom

When inspecting the edge of the plywood, it is all about the thickness and piles of the core. The thicker the edge is, the better option it is for your kitchen cabinet. A thin piece of plywood will cause problems during the sanding and polishing process, which can be challenging. If holes and knots are visible on the plywood, it will get worse during the sanding and polishing process.

A thicker plywood will give perfect edges and ensure no knots or voids. It will determine the condition and structure of the kitchen cabinet unit. You will get a stunning design using a pressed wooden panel face and back assessment.

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Best Plywood Kitchen Cabinet #3- Watch Out For Damage

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet

Watch out for damages when you care about choosing plywood for your kitchen cabinet. It is a solid manufactured material, but it doesn’t mean it is perfect. You should avoid as much damage as possible.

Be prepared to restore the plywood if there are any damages, especially if there are scratches and blisters. Water damage is one common damage that can be found in kitchen cabinets. It will affect the plywood’s edges, and the plywood board will need to be replaced. If the plywood has major damage, it should be replaced with a new one.

Best Plywood Kitchen Cabinet #4- Check Face Veneers

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: James Latham

Each plywood should have a face veneer, which is important in manufacturing. A veneer refers to the thin sheets of furniture or bark attached to core panels. It can be wood, medium-density fiberboard core, or particleboard.

Veneers are used to create flat panels, such as doors, panels, cabinet tops, and parquet floors. Plywood is made up of three or more layers of veneer. It is bonded to the next layers for strength. You can find beautiful color variations at the surface of the back veneer.

The standard thickness range for the plywood is one-eighth inch. The thick face veneer helps cover the resin’s appearance on the plywood surface. It makes the plywood surface smoother and more appealing. Face veneer cuts can be found in rotary or plain sliced veneer.

Best Plywood Kitchen Cabinet #5- Curve For Kitchen Cabinet

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Rj Woodworking

Nowadays, you can find many different kitchen cabinet styles, from box cabinets to bow-front and curve cabinets. You can create according to your needs. With bent plywood, you can create a smooth, cohesive effect in your kitchen cabinet. If you are going for a curve plywood kitchen cabinet, you need the plywood with the right curve.

The plywood should be bent to your needs but still be able to withstand the lamination and subsequent fabrication for the use of your cabinet. The ideal plywood should have thinner plies that are enough to bend into your desired shape.

Radius can be manufactured to bend in either short or long-grain direction. Normally you will find it without a face or back to give you the freedom to laminate or apply veneer on top of it. Each panel is available in 4-by-8 cross grain or 8-by-4 long grain. You have the choice to decide how the finished curve will appear and also the length you need.

Understanding more about plywood before you get one for your kitchen. The plywood kitchen cabinet can be a stable and durable if you know what you are getting in. 

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