Accurate Price Rate for 4 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia

Accurate Price Rate for 4 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia is the storage space in the kitchen, where many necessities are stored for future uses. Therefore when making plans for a kitchen makeover, the material for your cabinets should be the first priority. Selecting the appropriate material for kitchen cabinets is essential since it will impact its cost-effectiveness, durability, aesthetics, and level of upkeep.

The most popular material used by homeowners would fluctuate from year to year, making it challenging to select the best option for you. Here we try to make it easy for you by arranging the kitchen cabinet Malaysia in an order of the cheapest to the most expensive kitchen cabinet. We will also explain how they will help you in your kitchen and how it will benefit you even though it is costly, still, it is advised beforehand that this price rate is only for a certain time notice as the price is constantly changing in Malaysia right now.

Price Rate of Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia No 1: Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia 1
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Melamine kitchen cabinets are a common choice for kitchen cabinet Malaysia material since their core is comprised of high-density chipboards. With the aid of an adhesive, wood particles are subjected to extreme pressure and heat to create these chipboards. As the finishing for melamine kitchen cabinets, these chipboards are subsequently covered with melamine.

They are in this list, of the cheapest, but still, a quite costly kitchen cabinet Malaysia that has moderate but satisfactory durability if properly maintained, and is resistant to termites, and moderately resistant to heat and moisture. It has many varieties of colors and designs available for clients to choose from to build their ideal kitchen.

Price Rate of Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia No 2: Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia 2
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Solid wood is created entirely of natural wood and isn’t treated to be mixed with plywood or any other wood-based materials. Maple, oak, cherry, and walnut are some of the typical solid woods used to build kitchen cabinets.

This type of kitchen cabinet Malaysia is highly different from the others as the price can vary largely depending on the material used. It is listed here as sometimes the price of solid wood can surpass that of melamine kitchen cabinets but it really is depending on the material and the design of the cabinets. Solid wood is known for its strength which is solidly built, as it can be long-lasting with proper care and maintenance. Technically this cabinet is not very environmentally friendly and is laborious to preserve its beauty but the beautiful natural wood designs and the warm touches that it gives are very suitable for a timeless classic kitchen outlook.

Price Rate of Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia No 3: Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia 3
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Next, we have is a metal kitchen cabinet, and as many are known, metal is highly known as an expensive product that gives many benefits in the kitchen. Stainless steel, is not really a primary choice for many that only have heard of it. However, some people are paying attention to the commercialized style, as you can see in certain businesses, stores, and even homes. They are well taken as the only steel rival of aluminium kitchen cabinets.

As said before, it is a metal kitchen cabinet Malaysia, it is highly durable. It is also highly resistant to fire, termite, and water as well as corrosion which even aluminium cannot prevent. Compared to aluminium it is a very heavy and sturdy material, it can even withstand the harsh environment in Malaysia without much damage. This is the main reason why stainless steel is much preferable to aluminium kitchen cabinets when customers are searching for material for outdoor kitchen designs, aluminium would not even last when placed outdoors. In addition, minimal care is needed for stainless steel kitchen cabinets as dirt, oil, or water can be easily wiped off.

Price Rate of Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia No 4: Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia 4
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

Aluminium Kitchen cabinet is the most expensive in the group as it is highly demanded by many thanks to the blessing it brings to the owners’ kitchen, as one of the best kitchen cabinet materials. Technically it is expensive as many are demanding it, nevertheless, it lasts for a long time inside the kitchen and is resistant to many issues in the Malaysian kitchen. For instance, termites, chemicals, water, fire, and high temperature.

Not only that, it is very easy to clean with low maintenance needs, and basic soap and water are enough to wipe off all filth, and water. Well, it may have some issues like a clanging sound may happen during usage due to corrosion or accumulated damages. Furthermore, as mentioned in the stainless steel section, aluminium is a light weighted material, it is not suited for being exposed to a harsh environment for a large amount of time as it is vulnerable to scratches and dents. You can attempt to add a thicker aluminium to reduce the possibility of scratches and dents but it will cost extra. 

Aluminium is expensive and is not good to be located outdoors. Nonetheless, when it is indoors, the lightweight is helpful in installation as it will be easier to install a feather-like cabinet than a ponderous cabinet. Moreover, it helps in increasing the resale value of the house as many see the aluminium kitchen cabinet Malaysia as a luxurious cabinet that only rich or capable people are able to purchase. It will help in improving people’s first impression of the kitchen as well.

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