5 Must-Know Things About Marble Kitchen Countertops Before You Buy It

marble kitchen countertop

Marble always comes to mind as one of the most recommended materials for kitchen countertops. marble kitchen countertop have been an emblem of luxury and elegance for a long time. This has led to it being highly preferred by homeowners because of its evergreen beauty and class.

Marble kitchen countertop comes with many advantages. This is what makes it strong enough for any home. Never underestimate it because it can just be perfect with your kitchen design .

However, there are a number of things that you should consider before purchasing a marble kitchen countertop for your kitchen. This article will highlight some of the facts about marble kitchen countertops which will enable you to make an informed decision. The purpose is to ensure they match with your needs and way of life.

1. Does The Marble Kitchen Countertop Have To Be Sealed?

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One may ask himself or herself this question since he or she feels like not understanding such things in the house like sealing a marble kitchen counter top, does it have to be sealed? Yes, it must be sealed. It helps in preventing staining and etching due to it is a porous material. When liquids get into them, they create discoloration or cracks as well as making one to incur other forms of damage. Sealing basically minimizes porosity and creates a protective surface on top thus reducing chances of stain absorption.

For instance, marble countertops should be sealed especially in a living room or dining area because spillage might occur.

Normally during installation sealing is done so as part of maintenance regularly performed. The frequency depends on factors like type of marble used, finish, and amount used among others. Generally, every 6-12 months is advisable period when after which one ought to seal their marble countertops for best protection against agents that can cause damages such as staining if you do not have any idea about when next time you should carry out sealing process then, you need to contact your supplier who will give you information about sealing methods of the marble that you have bought.

Marble Kitchen Countertop
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Sealing your marble countertop does not need you to call a professional. This is a task that one can accomplish by him or herself. Remember, when sealing your marble countertop use a sealer specifically made for natural stone surfaces. Always follow the instructions that come with the sealer.

The process may vary depending on the individual but mostly revolves around spritzing the sealing agent on and using a piece of soft cloth to gently rub it into the material. Ensure even coverage of the entire surface and let the sealer penetrate the stone as directed. Any excess sealer should be wiped off before it dries.

2. Finishes And Edge Treatments For Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertop
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Marble countertops are finished in different ways while edging is done differently too in order to improve their look and feel. When you have chosen your marble countertops, think about edge treatments you need.

There are some types of finishes for marble kitchen countertops. A polished finish gives a glossy surface, which reflects light, and showcases natural beauty and veins in marble. It also makes it smooth thus easy to clean when finished with polishing. On the other hand, honed finish offers a matte or satin-like look with a smooth texture; this gives it more low-key elegant appeal than polished finish does, plus any scratches on a honed surface tend to be less obvious.

There are also many choices for countertop edges. From bullnose edge to straight edge and quarter round, there is definitely one that you prefer. Different countertop edges require different maintenance levels; you want to consider them before you decide.

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3. Cleaning And Maintenance For Marble Kitchen Countertops

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A marble kitchen countertop is a big investment that will need to be protected. It doesn’t take much effort, and your marble keeps its shine.

Daily wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth or sponge to remove spills, crumbs, or debris. Don’t use anything abrasive or any materials that could damage the polished surface. Your cleaner should not scratch the stone but instead be tailored for cleaning natural stones like yours. Avoid using acidic or harsh cleaners which may cause harm Marble should not come into contact with acids that can cause it to turn yellow over time.

Spills should be blotted rather than wiped as wiping spreads it and increases chances of staining.

4. What Causes Marble To Turn Yellow Over Time

Marble Kitchen Countertop
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It’s possible for marble to turn yellow as time goes on, but how? If light colored marbles are exposed to water for long periods of time they often turn yellow as well. Harsh chemicals touching the marble are another reason why it turns yellow.

Often potent cleaners, such as bleach have harsher chemicals in them. Other cleaners with acids or foods containing those same acids can also make your marble turn yellow eventually. When iron present in the stone oxidizes, then marble will begin turning yellow.

Another reason is the seal on the marble has become weaker or thinner, and water and other harmful liquids go into the porous material of marble kitchen countertops. It may also be due to your neglect. Some substances will be built up if you do not clean your marble kitchen countertop properly. So make sure that you clean up your countertop properly.

5. Will Marble Kitchen Countertop Chip Easily?

Marble Kitchen Countertop
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Marble is softer compared to other natural stones such as granite and quartz. When you hit a pan or pot hard, it may chip easily. So try to be more careful when dealing with marbles. You should be more wary of what you put on the surface to maintain the  sleek appearance of a marble kitchen countertop.

In case of any minor chips, you can fix them yourself by just utilizing your normal home remedies. The DIY home remedies should be able to be found in most hardware stores. Although minor chips can be repaired, you wouldn’t want to take this move if possible. So make sure you take preventive measures to prevent hurting your marble countertop.

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