Create Outdoor Kitchen Granite Countertop: 5 Exclusive Tips

granite countertop

Would you like to have an outdoor kitchen? If yes, there are many things to consider, such as countertops. The material for the countertop is important as it needs to resist the temperature changes outdoors. Using granite countertops can be a solution for your outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen is where you will want to relax and have fun. But outdoor kitchens are exposed to weather and UV rays, so choosing a durable countertop material is important.

A granite countertop will be the top choice for your outdoor kitchen because granite can withstands a range of outdoor temperatures and is resistant to fading in the sun. It also needs very little maintenance. You will need to seal it once a year and wipe it down with gentle soap and a soft cloth.

With the unique design and wide range of colors that granite has, you will want to discover a few reasons why granite is the perfect option for your outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor Granite Countertop #1 – Consider Your Climate

Granite Countertop

When designing your outdoor kitchen, one of the main factors you must consider is the climate you must face. You may want a cover to protect you from the sunshine and walls to keep your outdoor kitchen out from the rain and wind.

It definitely matters what material to use for your outdoor kitchen countertop. With the right weather-resistant countertop, it will prolong your countertop lifespan. Quartz and marble can be gorgeous, but you will want your countertop to endure the wet and hot weather all year.

The extreme temperature and heavy precipitation outdoors can cause your countertop material to crack, fade and peel . A granite countertop will be a better choice to maximize weather protection.

The granite countertop is normally sealed before installation, preventing it from discoloring in direct sunlight. Due to the natural weather resistance of the granite countertop, adding the sealer increases this characteristic.

Granite sealer is a petroleum and resin-based product that fills the holes in the granite to prevent moisture. It prevents spills and rain from soaking into the surface. Besides that, typical weather won’t damage the countertop easily.

Outdoor Granite Countertop #2 – Pay Attention To The Maintenance Requirement

Granite Countertop

You want to spend only a little bit of time maintaining your house. Most people will look for the easiest way to keep everything in place without much effort.

If you are looking forward to low-maintenance, granite countertops will be a good choice for your outdoor kitchen renovation project. You will get a stylish design for your outdoor kitchen and have a countertop that you don’t have to spend much time on maintenance.

Other natural stone materials, such as marble, can be gorgeous, but they will need to be resealed every year. Sometimes you may need to reseal twice a year, depending on the situation. But the granite countertop is sealed before it is installed. You don’t have to worry about maintaining or resealing it for years.

Cleaning granite countertops is easy too. Most natural stone countertop requires specific products to clean them to prevent damaging the surface. But for the granite countertop, you can use most of the cleaning product to clean it. You’ll need to wipe away the accumulated dust, and you’ll be able to get back to using it without hassle.

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Outdoor Granite Countertop #3 - Damage Control

Granite Countertop

Scratches and stains on your countertops are unavoidable. Outdoor kitchen countertops are more prone to damage. It can be hard to keep everything in perfect shape.

If you are using air flyers or crockpots, your countertops will be exposed to high temperatures for an extended period. The countertop will still feel the heat even if you use a trivet.

Granite countertops can reduce the potential damage from hot pans and appliances. You can put the hot pot directly on the countertop without harming it.

Outdoor Granite Countertop #4 – Eliminate Germs And Stains Issues

Granite Countertop

Kitchens are prone to staining, and a breeding ground for bacteria as the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in your home. These issues will increase in outdoor kitchens, and you need to plan early to control stains and germs.

Besides that, granite is resistant to heat, stains, and changing moisture levels. It makes a perfect choice for outdoor space. Although it is resistant to stains, it is still recommended to wipe the spills immediately to retain the beauty of your granite countertop and prevent discoloration.

Is Granite Countertop Good For Outdoor Kitchen?

Granite Countertop

A granite countertop is certainly a good choice for your outdoor kitchen. You often hear granite is used as one of the materials for outdoor kitchen countertops. The quality, versatility, and beauty live up to your outdoor kitchen.

Strong and beauty makes granite has a high demand in the market, which also comes with a higher price. Although granite is the perfect choice for an outdoor countertop, it isn’t necessary to use it on every part of your outdoor kitchen. The durability and low maintenance are definitely worth it.

After reading all these tips, you will better understand creating a granite countertop for your outdoor kitchen. A beautiful countertop adds an elegant feel to your kitchen, but you definitely want to ensure your outdoor kitchen space remains functional and efficient for years

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