Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops: 6 Unexpected Facts

Marble is a natural stone that you are able to see in many applications in the house. Typical applications that use marble in a home are marble countertops & marble flooring. If you want a luxurious feeling to your house, you can’t miss this.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone. Besides associating marble with luxury, the timeless and classic appearance is what the homeowners long valued. The common reason marble is commonly used is because of marble’s unique and rich texture.

Here are some facts you may not expect when getting a marble countertop.

1. Marbles Come From The Mountains

marble countertops
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Many families use marble countertops but do you wonder how does marble forms and where exactly it came from before? It is not like a piece of wooden furniture where they just chop the trees and send them to the manufacturer to make it.

Marble is a metamorphic stone found in the mountains of North America (places like Vermont and Colorado), Asia, South America, and Europe (Italy). Marbles are created within the Earth, it will undergo a metamorphic process by putting immense pressure and heat on limestone. It doesn’t just become marble overnight. Marbles can take over millions of years to form.

This process is commonly referred to as recrystallization as it changes the molecular structure and appearance of the limestone to create beautiful marble.

They have been used to make flooring, countertops, fireplaces, and many more home pieces. Many stones including marbles are made through a process that includes a ton of heat and pressure. 

2. Marble Countertops are Utility Countertops

Marble Countertops
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When we get furniture, it is best to consider its utility. Most people will only look at the appearance and they don’t give much thought to the utility of the stone that they’re choosing from. Marble countertops can afford your certain utility that others simply can’t. If you are looking for something that can withstand the heat of pans and pots, marble is a good choice. The reason is marble is made through incredible heat and pressure.

This is one of the reasons that many people use marble countertops. They are not only beautiful but also easy to maintain. Besides that, it can give you a natural cooling feeling. If you are looking for a natural stone to build your countertop, marble definitely suits you. 

3. Marble Keeps Changing Throughout Its Lifetime

Marble Countertops
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Even after a marble slab has been cut, polished, and installed, marble never ceases to be a metamorphic rock. Even after it has been installed, marble structures will react and change. When marbles undergo various chemical reactions they will constantly change their appearance. Other external factors that cause marbles to change include acidic elements and minerals. This can be found in hard water and extreme heat conditions.

All these are the causes of marble structures to react and change. It doesn’t change immediately but if it is not maintained properly, it will change as time pass.

The best way to prevent the changes in your marble is to apply sealant. This is used in most of the marble structures in your home. It is also recommended to clean and maintain your marble countertops regularly to keep their beauty intact. You will want to consider using coasters in the kitchen and vanity trays or even dining mats instead of putting your plates and cups straight on the marble countertops.  

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4. No Two Marble Slabs are Totally the Same

marble countertops, Marble Countertops: 6 Unexpected Facts

If you are looking for a unique design, marble countertops will be a great choice. It will be one-of-a-kind in your home. You’ll get that guaranteed when you use marble. Your marble countertops will definitely be unique. Unlike others which may have a mold or a design to follow, marble is processed naturally.  They might be the same color or have similar veins, but they are not identical.

It doesn’t have any fixed mold or a designer to design the pattern in it. It is like snowflakes and fingerprints, there are no two slabs of marble are alike: it’s veining, formed by mineral deposits, makes it unique, piece to piece. It comes in its own color and pattern.


5. Egyptian pyramids were made with marble

Marble Countertops
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This will be an interesting fact for marbles. Did you ever heard of Egyptian pyramids were made with marbles? Yes, it’s a fact.

Back in the day, many Egyptian pyramids used to be gleaming white and shiny. Why was that? Marble is the reason that made the Egyptian pyramids look gleaming white. Pyramid builders would cut and polish beige slabs for smaller ones and huge white limestone slabs for larger pyramids.

Marbles are not only used for the pyramids. You will be able to see that Egyptian temples in the columns and blocks as well as other structures are also often made of marbles. But marble stones were removed during the caliphate period to build mosques.

If you are looking for marble panels with visible hieroglyphics. Outside of the city of Cairo, you will still be able to get to see it, especially when you visit mosques.

6. Marble is hypoallergenic 

Marble Countertops
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Are you suffering from allergies or having asthma? Hypoallergenic means the elements or substances which is very likely to cause an allergic reaction. So if you are having a breathing problem, choosing marble countertops will be a good choice.

Unlike other elements, marbles do not collect allergens and dust. It has a non-porous finish that sends allergens packing. It is a very safe option to use in households and other places if you are having allergy problems.


You didn’t expect all these facts about marbles, don’t you? We hope that you gain some knowledge about marbles, and maybe when you are remodeling your kitchen, why don’t you take into consideration getting marble countertops. It will bring beauty into your kitchen but also some benefits to your health.

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