5 Terrible Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Mistakes That You Should Never Make

outdoor kitchen renovation

Many of us are looking forward to having some time in our backyard and tend to plan for an outdoor kitchen renovation. Having an outdoor kitchen can be enjoyable, especially when you are having an outdoor party at sunset or relaxing under a sky full of stars. You will want to carefully plan your outdoor kitchen renovation, as it extends our living space.

Not many of us have much space for an outdoor kitchen, but if you intend to have one, even with a small space, you will need to think creatively and know your priorities.

Outdoor kitchen renovation is just like any other home improvement project. Things can go wrong easily if we don’t plan them properly. There are some common mistakes that you want to avoid to enjoy a whole new area of your home stress-free.

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Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Mistakes #1 - Choosing Materials That Aren't Tough Enough

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation
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You will need to consider the weather when planning your outdoor kitchen renovation. Your outdoor kitchen will need to be weather-proof for long-lasting.
It is important when you are choosing the material. Materials such as carcasses, iroko, and solid oak are well-suited for the outdoors. Oaks are rock solid, and iroko holds lots of natural oils, allowing them to endure outdoors.

Besides that, the materials should be able to withstand changes in temperatures, UV rays, and also the moisture of rain and dampness. It should be something that will stand against these elements. The materials should have low absorption, porosity, and UV resistance.

Also, you will want one that is easy to clean and maintain. The best is to get a 100% natural materialNatural stone is used to the elements and requires very little maintenance. You can clean it with a simple wipe by using a damp cloth.

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Mistakes #2 - Pick The Wrong Location

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation
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You will want to relax in your outdoor kitchen, so find a spot in your outdoor area that has enough space when you are planning for your outdoor kitchen renovation. You don’t want to sweat out too much in your outdoor kitchen, so try to avoid the spot fully exposed to the sunlight and find a windy area if possible.

When planning your outdoor kitchen renovation, you will need to consider circulation. Ask yourself, is the space enough for people to stand or kids to run and play? Things can get hectic when there is a lot of heat.

Position your tables and chair well so that you have space to cook and your guests get to sit down and enjoy. Have a clear line to stop people from crossing and kids from running about.

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Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Mistakes #3 - Scrimping on Space

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation
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Things can get worse when there are too many people and insufficient space. You need to consider the space when planning your outdoor kitchen renovation. The space you need depends on the number of people you want to accommodate.

12 x 12 foot space is enough for a family meal with two to four people. But the ideal space will be a 12 x 20 foot space. You will have enough room for a patio table and chairs, leaving extra space for seating and traffic flow. You should at least leave 3 feet wide for walking areas to avoid bottlenecks. The path to enter the house should be easy to navigate.

Decks and patio can accommodate a table and chairs, but the patio will be a better choice as chair legs can get caught in the gaps between deck boards. Decks will be slippery when wet, while the patio has a smooth surface that should drain quickly after rain.

If you don’t have enough space for a table, include a snack bar near the cooking area. The bar should not be at the same level as the cooking area to prevent any risk of burning your guest or enveloping them in smoke.

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Mistakes #4 - Ignoring The Storage

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation
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Pots, pans, and utensils are usually within easy reach when you are in the indoor kitchen. Foods are kept at a safe temperature. So when planning your outdoor kitchen renovation, it should have the proper storage that is needed for kitchen equipment and food.

You must include dry storage to store frequently used cookware, bowls, and platters, and cleaning supplies. This is to protect them from moisture and dirt. Cooking items should be as close as to the main cooking area. This is to protect them from moisture and dirt. Cooking items should be as close as to the main cooking area. You can include an air-tight cabinet space for nonperishable foods, such as canned foods and spices.

You will also need cold storage to keep meat, fish, or poultry. When getting cold storage, it should be able to resist the weather.

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Mistakes #5 - Forgetting Good Lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Renovation
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It is fine without light when using your outdoor kitchen during the daytime when the sun is bright. But it can be a problem if you use it at night.

Your outdoor kitchen space should have proper lighting so you can BBQ at night without donning a head torch. It will be a good idea to add ambient lighting to create some atmosphere.

You would want to pay attention to the importance of lighting to avoid being covered in a gloomy dank shadow while eating.

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