Granite Kitchen Countertop Finishes: 6 Top Choices That Suits You

The natural beauty of stone granite has captured the heart of many homeowners. Granite is one of the most practical kitchen countertop materials because of its extreme hardness, low maintenance, durability, and high resistance to heat. However, choosing the right granite kitchen countertop finish is as important as choosing the right style.

Similar to the pattern, pigment, and countertop edges that will greatly impact your kitchen interior design, the granite finishes you choose also affect the overall look and maintenance of the countertop.

There are several granite finishes for you to choose from. You will learn more about the top 5 granite kitchen countertop finishes you could use. Make sure you read through the article and take your time choosing the right texture and sheen for your kitchen space.

1. Polished Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish

Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish
Image Credit: Sol Granite

A polished finish is the most common granite kitchen countertop finish. This glossy, reflective shine is achieved using fine polishing pads to buff the material. The process starts with coarse diamond abrasives and gradually moves to finer and finer grits until the surface is completely smooth and shiny.

The polished finish enhances the original colors by making them darker and richer and gives the surface a smooth feel. It gives the granite a luxurious and elegant appearance. The mirror-like-looking surface will beautifully reflect natural light, making it great for small spaces.

The process will seal more pores. The smooth surface resists stains and spills and can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth wipe. It doesn’t need to be resealed as often. The high level of reflectivity can also make it harder to see imperfections and blemishes in the stone.

2. Honed Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish

Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish
Image Credit: Love Home Design

In the process of this granite kitchen countertop finish, the manufacturers stop the finishing process before the stone gets buffed. Giving the granite a matte, non-reflective surface with a slightly rough texture. It will be a good choice if you are looking for a more natural and organic look.

Its softer look and velvety texture create a more casual, cozy vibe. Compared to polished granite finish, the color of honed granite finish is duller. It is more suitable for lighter colors as it will be noticeable on dark granite.

Due to the varying degree of honing, you can choose from different types of honed granite, such as machine smooth, satin, and diamond smooth. The low-key look can go with a wide range of design aesthetics.

One thing you have to take note of is that honed granite demands higher maintenance. Strongly colored drinks or food may discolor or stain the surface. It is more prone to etching from acidic substances. Handprints and dust are more noticeable and harder to clean. You need to reseal it every few months to prevent it from getting stained easily and absorbing water.

3. Leathered Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish

Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish
Image Credit: Edstone Inc

A leathered granite kitchen countertop finish is a relatively new type of granite finish that has gained popularity in recent years. This finish is achieved by brushing the surface of the granite with diamond-tipped brushes, which creates a textured matte finish that resembles leather. It gives a natural, rustic look.

This finishing style is perfect for darker colors because the natural granite color remains and does not fade from the process. It resists staining well. Leathered granite’s textured surface can help hide fingerprints, watermarks, and other minor imperfections that may be more visible on a polished surface.

Leathered granite finish may be more difficult to clean than a polished finish. The textured surface can trap dirt and debris. Regular sealing can help to protect the granite and make it easier to clean. But it can add character and warmth to any space.

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4. Flamed Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish

Video Credit: Faithful Countertops

Flamed granite kitchen countertop finish is probably the most unique finish as it can only be performed on this specific natural stone. It is achieved by exposing the granite to high temperatures, leaving a rough texture and faded appearance.

During the process, the heat will cause the grains of the granite to burst and become rough. The colors will change from the original hue to a more muted look. It can be done for interior applications but also outdoors. The rough texture of the surface provides excellent traction, making it a great choice for areas that are exposed to moisture, making it more popular for outdoor kitchen countertops.

Due to the rough texture of the surface, it may require more frequent cleaning than other granite kitchen countertop finishes, as the surface can trap dirt and debris easily.

5. Bush Hammered Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish

Video Credit: stonepolishing

Bush-hammered granite finish isn’t a common finish for granite countertops, but it is worth considering it. It is achieved using a specialized tool that looks like a meat tenderizing hammer with triangular points.

It is hammered onto the surface of granite, leaving a naturally weathered look with a slightly textured surface. It tends to lighten the color of the granite during the process. It is a great choice for areas that are exposed to moisture or heavy foot traffic. Because of its uneven surface, it helps to hide any imperfections on the surface.

But due to the rough surface, it can be difficult to clean. Dirt and soil can be easily trapped on the surface, and removing it can be pretty challenging.

6. Caressed Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish

Granite Kitchen Countertop Finish
Image Credit: Kitchen Worktops

If you love the texture of a leathered finish, but it is not shining as you want it to be, you will want to consider caressed granite kitchen countertop finish. It is achieved by polishing the raised areas of leathered granite, adding a lovely sheen to your countertop.

During the process, it makes the granite more stain-resistant than leathered granite. If you are looking for something a little more rugged, caressed granite suits the style you want without requiring rigorous upkeep.

Here are some of the granite kitchen countertop finishes for you to consider. Different finishes can give a different look to your countertop. Choose according to your need and style.

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