Smart tips to protect granite countertop

Granite countertop

Smart tips to protect granite countertop

Have you ever heard of granite countertops? If not, you shouldGranite kitchen worktops have a lot going for them, from the inherent irregularities in the design to the radiance they exude. Modern homeowners like granite worktops, floors, and wall tiles because of their durability and low maintenance requirements. Even while it’s not as durable as marble, it has a shinier finish and comes in a far broader spectrum of colours, making it a stylish and classy asset to any house.

Unfortunately, granite’s good looks and useful properties do come with a premium price tag and require frequent maintenance. To keep your granite worktops looking great, or if you’re considering installing granite counters but are concerned about upkeep, we’ll show you how to keep your workspaces stay in the best condition.

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Tips To Protect Granite Countertop

#Tips 1: No fancy cleaning style

Granite Countertop
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Protecting granite counters on a regular basis does not necessitate the use of expensive cleaners. There are only three items you’ll require:

i) Warm water
ii) A mild dishwashing detergent
iii) Synthetic materials

Keep in mind that you must ensure that the dishwasher detergent does not contain citrus compounds, as these are too acidic for granite surfaces to withstand use.

Clean your counter by blending soapy water in a bowl, then wiping the surface off with a microfiber towel. Throughout the cleaning process, you would like to thoroughly clean your towel frequently with fresh water. This is due to the fact that you are not merely spreading detergents and grime around the tabletop when you do it in this manner.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the following: After you’ve finished cleaning your tabletop, you should dry it with a clean and dried microfibre towel. In the absence of such precautions, you may wind up with water spots in the stone, which no one likes to have to cope with!

That’s how to maintain granite countertops on a regular basis if you’re wondering. Isn’t that simple?

#Tips 2: No acidic components for granite countertop

Granite Countertop
Source: Granite Gold

In the same way that you would prevent washing a stone countertop with vinegar or other acidic chemicals, you should also avoid using industrial cleansers that include compounds that are similar to those found in lemons. Using extremely acidic chemicals might cause the sealer to erode away, making your counters appear rough and unappealing.

Acid cleaning chemicals can potentially cause further harm to your worktops, regardless of whether the stone has been covered with a protective coating.

If you really want to clean your granite countertop with something other than dishwashing liquid and water, you’ll definitely need to read the manufacturer’s product recommendations . Along with learning about the products, you’ll need to learn how to clean granite countertops on a regular basis using the materials you’ve chosen to purchase. Without doing so, you risk the possibility of eroding and ruining your counters, which might result in them being permanently ruined.

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#Tips 3: Special or DIY granite countertop cleaners

Even though it is advised that you search the cleaning department at your local supermarket or major retail shop for granite countertop cleaning agents, this is not always possible. Using special cleansers isn’t essential; simply using warm water and soap will suffice.

However, if you do not desire to use this option, it is available. You may, however, “manufacture” your own countertop cleanser by mixing 50% pouring ethanol and 50% water with an additional 20 droplets of your preferred lavender oil. Now, you’ve created your very own homemade granite cleanser!

Even though soap and water are typically sufficient, this solution is excellent for disinfecting and cleaning granite surfaces quickly.

#Tips 4: Seal your granite countertop

Granite Countertop
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You are wondering whether we should seal our granite countertop?

In a word, yeah. Using sealants prevents staining from seeping into your granite, offering you more opportunities to clean it up before any harm develops. Unsealed granite is significantly more susceptible to staining and damage as a result of normal wear and tear.

Granite countertops are usually sealed with one of two types of sealers: tropical or impregnating seals.

Advice from the pros: You can use a colouring booster on your granite worktop in conjunction with a sealer, but it should not be regarded as a substitute for professionally sealing the stone.


#Tips 5: Avoid physical damage

Granite Countertop
Source: Pro Housekeepers

Prevention of damage is the most effective approach to maintaining your granite counters to stay at their “prime”, and while this is the most fundamental advice, not everyone is capable of following it to the extent.

Remember that prevention is always preferable to cure, so be aware of the way you use your granite worktops and the things you put on them. Cleaning your granite with a wash towel and rubbing away extra moisture on a regular basis can also assist in keeping your granite looking sparkling and will offer the opportunity to spot any accidents until they become scars.

Your granite worktops will last a long time with proper care and maintenance, and they will be the simplest item to maintain in your home.

There are, however, many other ways to protect granite countertops that should bear in mind, we just have the tip of the iceberg covered.

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