5 Tips to Save on Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for kitchen renovation in most homes for their elegant and timeless look, as well as their durability and heat resistance properties by nature.  While granite countertops are perceived as pricey, there are many workarounds to save your wallet with some useful tips which you could find helpful to design your ideal kitchen.

Do Your Homework on Granite Countertops

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  Allocate some time to do a survey of the suppliers or companies specialized in granite kitchen countertops available in your vicinity.  Reach out to several companies to check out the best price or deals they can offer, which you might land on a juicy discount, especially during festive seasons. Word of mouth is the easiest and the most efficient way to get more ideas about kitchen renovation, especially for those who just installed granite kitchen countertops.  Seek advice from those people who are willing to share their experiences. 

  More importantly, get a quote from at least 3 different companies to compare the prices, materials and services offered.  To avoid being conned, watch out for those ‘Too Good To Be True’ prices which offer incredibly low prices from the contractor. Also, request for a line-item breakdown of the quote from materials to installation and delivery charges. Get a quote here.

Understand The Colour and The Level of Granite

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  Though granite is a natural stone, its grades are determined by its colour and level. In general, granite is categorized into 3 levels.  Level-1 granite is classified as low-grade granite, where it is prefabricated and more commonly applied for commercial projects, namely apartments, remodels and furniture.  The slab cut is thinner, approximately  ⅜ inch, where a piece of plywood is required to support and add more strength. Likewise, a thinner slab cuts costs cheaper than a 2cm slab. The thinner the slab is, the cheaper it is. and vice versa.  

  Apart from the grades, you might want to consider the colours of the granites.  Lighter colours like beige, white, and light greens are more common, while blues, reds, and purples usually cost more.  This type of granite has a simple design and standardized colours, yet does not offer much uniqueness.  The origin-country of this granite is China. Depending on budget allowance, some homeowners choose Level-3 granite despite being the most expensive of all grades. It has the highest quality, or premium granite, for its rare colour and unique design. 

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Get Professional Measurements on Granite Countertops

Most companies offer on-site measurements and consultation services free of charge for the best result. The best practice is to leave this job to the professionals as we could miss out on some important kitchen dimensions and other important technical measurement details. When the slab size is wrongly cut, it has to be reshaped or a new slab must be cut. 

Purchasing a product with incorrect measurements is definitely a no-no scenario and can be frustrating when it cost more than expected. Just before the production of granite countertop begins. always request the consultants to have the installers do the final measurement, and get it endorsed in black and white. The installers can give some pieces of useful advice on utilizing the kitchen space effectively with the suggested layouts, which in turn could help save money.

Practicality is The Best Solution

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  Most of us are excited about kitchen renovation.  Many of us might start imagine how elegant and sophisticated our kitchen is, by adding on the features but forgetting the budget.  Always keep in mind to work out the layout, identify the functions, materials used, storage, flooring, sink etc.  For example, Blum’s Space Step allows you to use the space right up to the ceiling.  This sophisticated function looks fascinating, but it will cost you more as it offers special functions. Be practical when working with kitchen designs and budgets. Think about it whether the special function is essential to you, it is just something fancy you can show off to your guest.

  You might consider getting less expensive plumbing or kitchen storage or kitchen accessories to adjust your budget. Another option is to consider buying the sink, faucet and any plumbing separately which lets you get the lowest prices on each item. Customizing these items at your preference of design, function and price could save your wallet a lot. You may choose to opt-out of these items from your estimate or quote if you think they are unnecessary to your budget.

Consider Mix and Match Your Granite Countertop

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  Customizing your kitchen countertop by choosing complementary countertop materials not only can save your wallet, but also be innovative and functional.  Consider installing a higher grade of granite around the sink or stove area, whereas concrete or quartz in the work area.  Else, you might want to consider using marble or granite in the most prominent places if applying granite to the entire kitchen sound costly. In fact, there aren’t any specific rules to state that you cannot mix and match different materials when installing a kitchen countertop.  This could one of the effective options to save cost.

  A better picture to visualize the idea is using prefabricated granite on the island and prefabricated quartz as the perimeter countertops. When the final installation has finished, it is adding a special touch to the entire kitchen, This kitchen design is not only creating a comfortable and functional living space that looks clean and contemporary, but also its functionality will last in a long run. This means you save the hassle of worrying about kitchen design getting outdated and thus forking out some money again.

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