Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material: Discover The 4 Best Options

outdoor kitchen countertop material

Having an outdoor kitchen creates an extension of your indoor living space. It can increase your options to entertain your friends and family in a unique and fun way. With so many luxurious options, you may wonder what kind of outdoor kitchen countertop material you should use.

Choosing the suitable outdoor kitchen countertop material is a challenging job. After all, it’s used to serve and prepare food! There are many things to look for, such as a hygienic surface, durability, aesthetics, etc.

We have narrowed down the options for the outdoor kitchen countertop material, and you will know why it is more suitable for your outdoor kitchen.

What Do You Need To Look Into For An Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material?

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material

It is good to have an outdoor kitchen, especially if you love to party and socialize, as you don’t want to cope with so many people in your house. Choosing the right outdoor kitchen countertop material is important because it needs to be durable. 

Here are some considerations when you are getting an outdoor kitchen countertop material:

  • Climate: As your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the weather, you must consider it when you get your kitchen countertop. The weather in your area will have an impact on your countertop. Some materials will fade and stain under intense sunlight can fade and stain. Materials like stainless steel can get extremely hot in direct sunlight. 
  • Aesthetics: Consider the colors and textures of the outdoor kitchen countertop material so it will effortlessly blend into your outdoor kitchen design. If your outdoor kitchen has a lot of masonries, you can choose a natural stone countertop to complement it.
  • Durability: Consider how you want to use your outdoor kitchen countertop. Is it only for food prep and buffet setup? Or will you also use it as a staging area for gardening and outdoor projects?
  • Ease of cleaning: Non-porous countertops, such as stainless steel, granite, and soapstone, will allow you to wipe up spills and grease spots easily. Porous surfaces, such as tile grout, unsealed concrete, and wood, can be easily stained by red wine, cooking oil, and condiments.
  • Maintenance: Porous countertops must be sealed with a protective coating every two years. It will add to the long-term cost. Keeping your outdoor kitchen countertop in the shade helps it go longer between sealings, depending on the outdoor kitchen countertop material.

The type of sink is another factor you must consider, especially if it will be mounted on the countertop. Some sinks will only work best with certain countertop materials.



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Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material #1 - Quartzite

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit: Mckenna's Kitchen &Amp; Bath

Quartzite is an excellent choice for your outdoor kitchen countertop material. Don’t confuse it with quartz, as there are some differences. Quartz isn’t a good fit for the outdoors.

Quartzite is a great choice because it is nearly impossible to differentiate from marble. Besides that, quartzite is more durable than marble and requires less maintenance. But it requires more maintenance compared to materials such as porcelain or quartz.

Once you have sealed the quartzite, it will be more resistant to juice, coffee, and even wine stains. It can also offer greater protection against scratching, but you can use a cutting board to prepare your food. So make sure you schedule a regular resealing.

Quartzite can effortlessly add color and personality to your outdoor kitchen and give a look of luxurious marble to your kitchen design. Besides, you won’t need to worry about the material fading in the sun. But remember, don’t place hot items on top of it as it doesn’t withstand high temperatures.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material #2 - Porcelain Slab

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit: Skystone

You should consider porcelain slabs if you are looking for an ideal premium surface for your outdoor kitchen countertop. You can get many benefits from porcelain slabs, such as endless colors and styles that allow them to mimic authentic natural stone.

Porcelain is durable and can withstand decades of high-traffic wear and tear. You wouldn’t need to worry about the material fading in the sun as it is fade-proof. Also, it needs low maintenance. The nature of porcelain allows you to prepare food directly on it without worrying about etching or staining the countertop. But you must remember that knives equipped with ceramic blades can scratch the porcelain.

porcelain slab like Carrara Polished will add luxury to your outdoor kitchen. It can imitate marble with all the latter benefits without a higher price tag or ongoing maintenance.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material #3 - Marble

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit:

Marble has been a popular kitchen countertop material for ages. It is better equipped as an indoor kitchen countertop material, but there are steps you can take to incorporate it into your outdoor kitchen. As the marble needs to be sealed to protect the surface, you must reseal the marble countertop regularly to avoid damage caused by wear and tear. If you don’t like ongoing maintenance, look for marble countertops with a honed finish.

Crema Cappuccino marble can be a good choice as it has stunning ivory and golden marble with medium variations. It is available in polished, brushed, and honed finish slabs. Set your outdoor kitchen with a marble countertop helps you to create an elegant outdoor kitchen.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material #4 - Granite

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit: Bob Vila

Granite can be one of the top outdoor kitchen countertop material choices. It may be similar to quartz, but there are reasons why granite can be an excellent choice.

Granite kitchen countertops offer the durability needed for an outdoor kitchen in a harsh environment. It can hold up well against the sun or hot cooking tools.

To ensure that your granite countertop becomes resistant to stains, mold, and mildew, you must seal it. Don’t worry about being unable to find one that matches your outdoor kitchen design perfectly, as there are various colors for you to choose from.



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