4 Best Way for Keeping up With Colour Trends

Colour Trends

4 Best Way for Keeping up With Colour Trends

Colour trends change all the time and choosing the right colour on an industrial scale difficult. There is a myriad of things to consider: style predictions, target markets, production, availability, as well as the quality of the paint itself. Thus, interior designers go through a lengthy process when it comes to choosing the right colour. Aside from the factors mentioned above, they also have to find a colour that either completes, contrasts or matches depending on what their clients want. With so many things going on, how exactly do we find the best compromise between needs and trends?


Choosing the Right Colour – The Art of Staying Trendy

Colour trends change all the time. This means that choosing the right colour to stay trendy goes onto a whole new level. In order to stay trendy you’ll have to repaint the entire space frequently. Although colour trends in Singapore are relatively conservative they have evolved over time. From the practical light creams and beiges of the 1960’s, modern Singapore architecture and interior design is now filled with all sorts of colours.

Corporate trends used to prefer light cream colours, but now they prefer matte blacks for a classier look or a completely bright and white finish that gives a sense of cleanliness. Bright, contrasting colours fill the shopping districts, and it’s not uncommon for bedrooms to be painted light blue rather than just white.

Here’s an example of current bathroom trends in both colour and design. Therefore, a good idea is to set up a space in a neutral base colour. Light, neutral colours are not only easy to paint over but makes the results of any colour change look a lot better. Picking a dark base colour means that it would be much harder to rework the space into a light colour, as you will need several layers of the new paint to cover it up, if it’s even possible. 


Take note of surrounding colours

Whether you’re going for contrasting or matching colour theme, it helps to take the colours of the surrounding landscape and objects into consideration. Matching blacks make spaces look smaller, light colours make spaces look bigger while contrasting bright reds and oranges create an environment that’s loud and glamorous.  

Amplify the colour of the largest pattern in the space

Choose a colour from the most significant patterned upholstery, colourful carpets or pieces of artwork in the space you’re working to use to colour it with. However, if the space comprises of a neutral wall paint color (i.e. light colours) then choose the pattern’s light colours as well, such as whites and beiges.  

Colours show who you are

While it might be tempting to base your colour decisions on trending colours alone, remember that colours represent your personality, and you should seriously consider picking colours that speak your inner personality. So what do we think is the best thing to do? Well, pick a colour that’s currently trending that suits your personal preferences.  

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