13 Easy Step To Simplify Your Kitchen – Declutter Your Life:

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, but clutter and disorganization can easily turn it into a chaotic space. Simplifying your kitchen doesn’t just make cooking and cleaning easier – it can also:

  • Reduce Stress: Imagine a calm and organized kitchen where everything has its place. No more frantic searches for ingredients or lost utensils!
  • Create a Peaceful Gathering Place: A clutter-free kitchen becomes a more inviting space for family meals and conversations, fostering connection and shared experiences.
  • Streamline Your Life: When your kitchen functions efficiently, it impacts your entire day. Tasks become simpler, and you have more time to focus on what truly matters.


This guide will equip you with simple strategies to transform your kitchen into a functional and stress-free haven.



Principles Of A Simple Kitchen

Before diving into simplifying your kitchen, consider these key principles to guide your journey:

  • The 80/20 Rule in Action: This principle applies surprisingly well to kitchens! Studies suggest that 20% of your cookware and tableware are likely used 80% of the time. Identify your most used items and prioritize storage space for them. The rest might be candidates for donation or decluttering.
  • Eat Simply, Equip Simply: Focusing on a more basic diet can reduce the need for specialized kitchen gadgets. Consider if a specific appliance truly helps you prepare your favorite healthy meals. Less equipment translates to less clutter!
  • Uniquely Yours: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a simple kitchen. Tailor your space and tools to your specific dietary needs and preferences. Don’t feel pressured to keep items you don’t use, like a bread maker if you don’t eat bread.


By following these fundamental principles and evaluating your kitchen based on what you truly need, you can create a more streamlined and functional space that supports your culinary goals.


Guidelines To Simplify Your Kitchen

Simplify Your Kitchen Step #1: Get Rid Of Duplicate Items

Simplify Your KitchenImage credit: Canva

The easiest way to streamline your kitchen is to tackle duplicate items. Be honest: how many spatulas, measuring cups, or can openers do you truly need? Here’s how to make smart choices:

  • Identify Your Essentials: Make a list of the kitchen tools you use regularly for cooking and baking.
  • Embrace Your Favorites: Among duplicates, keep the ones you find most comfortable or convenient to use.
  • Let Go of the “Just in Case” Mentality: Resist the urge to keep extras “just in case.” Limited space is better utilized by items you actually use.
  • Donate or Recycle: Give duplicates a new life by donating them or recycling them responsibly (check your local guidelines for appropriate disposal methods).


By eliminating unnecessary duplicates, you’ll gain valuable cabinet space and simplify your meal prep process.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #2: Declutter Stuffs You Can Do Without

Litter Signage

With duplicates gone, it’s time to tackle unused items. Here’s where the real transformation happens!

  • Embrace Brutality (with Kindness): Be honest about what you truly use. Appliances collecting dust? Gadgets relegated to a corner cabinet? Let them go!
  • Guilt-Free Gifting: Don’t feel obligated to keep unused gifts out of guilt. Regift them, donate them, or sell them – free up space and potentially bring joy to someone else.
  • Focus on Function: Remember, your kitchen is meant to be functional. If an item doesn’t contribute to your cooking or dining experience, it might be time to say goodbye.

Letting go of unused items can be a challenge, but the rewards are significant. A clutter-free kitchen becomes a more calming and efficient space. Consider the benefits of increased organization, easier meal prep, and a renewed sense of joy in your kitchen.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #3: If It’s Broken, Repair It or Get Rid Of It

Top View Photography Of Broken Ceramic Plate

Broken appliances and tools can create clutter and frustration. Here’s how to handle them:

  • Repair When Possible: If an item is broken but repairable, consider fixing it. This can save you money and reduce waste.
  • Embrace Repurposing: Can a broken item be repurposed for a different use? A chipped mug might become a pen holder, or a broken blender base could transform into a phone stand. Get creative!
  • Replace Strategically: If repair or repurposing isn’t an option, consider replacing the item. However, ask yourself: Do you truly need an exact replacement, or can another tool you already own perform the same function?


Remember, a minimalist kitchen isn’t about deprivation – it’s about maximizing functionality. Choose items that work for you and let go of those that don’t.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #4: Reduce The Number Of Dishes And Glasses You Have


Assorted-Color Ceramic Bowls And Saucers Lot On White Wooden ShelvesImage credit: Canva

A streamlined dishware collection can significantly simplify your kitchen. Here’s how to achieve a balanced approach:

  • Identify Your Needs: Honestly assess how many dishes and glasses you truly use daily for yourself and your family. Consider factors like meal frequency and portion sizes.
  • Declutter the Extras: Get rid of chipped, unused, or duplicate dishes and glasses. Donate them, sell them, or recycle them responsibly depending on their condition.
  • Create a “Guest-Ready” Stash (Optional): If you frequently entertain, consider setting aside a smaller collection of dishes for those occasions. Store them in a less accessible location to discourage daily use.


This approach ensures you have enough dishes for daily needs while avoiding clutter. Washing dishes regularly prevents them from piling up, keeping your kitchen clean and organized.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #5: Honestly Evaluate Small Appliances

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Small appliances can be both helpful and space-consuming. Here’s how to create a more streamlined collection:

  • Analyze Usage: Be honest—do you truly use an appliance often enough to justify its counter or cabinet space? Think about your daily and weekly routines.
  • Consider Functionality: Does the appliance actually help you achieve its intended purpose efficiently? Some appliances promise convenience but require extensive prep or cleaning, negating any time saved.
  • Embrace Multi-Taskers: Look for appliances that can handle multiple tasks, reducing your overall countertop footprint. For example, a hand mixer can often replace a bulky stand mixer for most baking needs.
  • Simplify Your Cooking Style: If you don’t bake often, does a bulky toaster oven make sense? Can you achieve the same results with your regular oven?


By carefully evaluating your small appliances, you can free up valuable space and focus on tools that truly support your cooking style.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #6: Clear Off Your Countertops

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Clear countertops are the hallmark of a streamlined kitchen. Not only do they simplify tasks, but they also create a more peaceful and organized atmosphere. Here’s how to achieve this:

  • Declutter the Everyday: Put away appliances you don’t use daily, like that slow cooker. Store spices and oils in designated cabinets or shelves. Find a designated spot for leftover containers to avoid counter clutter.
  • Maximize Efficiency: Clear countertops provide a dedicated workspace for meal prep and cooking, making the process smoother and less frustrating.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A clutter-free surface creates a sense of visual calm and openness in your kitchen. It feels more inviting and promotes a sense of order.


By keeping your countertops clear, you’ll enjoy a more functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

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Simplify Your Kitchen Step #7: Clear Off The Front Of Your Fridge

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

A cluttered fridge facade can contribute to a busy kitchen feel. Here’s how to create a streamlined look:

  • Embrace Minimalism: Declutter the front of your fridge, keeping only essential items like a calendar for meal planning or a grocery list.
  • Be Selective: Carefully consider what truly earns a permanent spot. Family photos or artwork can add a personal touch, but be mindful of quantity.
  • Schedule Regular Decluttering: Maintaining a clutter-free fridge front requires vigilance. Schedule regular decluttering sessions to prevent the build-up of non-essential items.


By simplifying the front of your fridge, you’ll contribute to a more streamlined and organized kitchen aesthetic.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #8: Invest In Related Food Storage Containers

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Invest in a set of high-quality, stackable food storage containers. This simple upgrade can have a significant impact on your kitchen organization:

  • Goodbye Mismatched Mayhem: Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for lids and struggling with mismatched containers. A consistent set ensures everything stacks neatly and efficiently.
  • Maximize Space Utilization: Stackable containers take advantage of vertical space in your cabinets and pantry. This frees up valuable counter space and keeps your kitchen feeling organized.
  • Food Preservation Power: Many high-quality containers are designed to promote freshness and prevent leaks. This can help reduce food waste and save you money in the long run.


Investing in a good set of food storage containers is a smart decision that will simplify your meal prep, storage, and overall kitchen experience.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #9: Organize for Efficiency – Group Items By Use

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Grouping your kitchen items by function is a powerful strategy for streamlining your workflow. Here’s how:

  • Create Zones: Imagine your kitchen divided into zones based on activity. Utensils used for cooking should be stored near the stovetop. Plates, bowls, and serving dishes can be kept close to the dining area.
  • Proximity Matters: Store frequently used items within easy reach of their designated zone. This reduces unnecessary steps and back-and-forth movement while cooking.
  • Everyone Benefits: Clear organization makes it easy for everyone to find what they need and put things away in the right spot, promoting a more cohesive kitchen experience.


By grouping items by function, you’ll create a more efficient and user-friendly kitchen for all.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #10: Consider Items That Serve Multipurpose

Living in a smaller kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing your love of cooking! Here’s how to strategically utilize space with multi-functional tools:

  • Think Beyond Single Use: Instead of a dedicated colander and salad spinner, consider a collapsible colander that can handle both tasks. Nesting bowls offer a space-saving alternative to a collection of individual bowls.
  • Double Duty Delights: Look for versatile items that can serve multiple purposes. Mixing bowls can double as serving dishes, and a sturdy cutting board can transform into a beautiful cheese platter.
  • Embrace the Alton Brown Philosophy: As celebrity chef Alton Brown famously said, “The only unitasker allowed in my kitchen is a fire extinguisher!” By prioritizing multi-functional tools, you can streamline your kitchen without compromising on culinary creativity.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #11: Evaluate The Decorations

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Kitchen decorations can add personality, but too much clutter can overwhelm the space. Here’s how to strike a balance:

  • Embrace Intentionality: Ask yourself if your decorations truly spark joy. Do they reflect your style and create a welcoming atmosphere?
  • Less is More: A curated selection of meaningful pieces will have a more significant impact than an abundance of clutter. Consider rotating decorations seasonally or by occasion.
  • Create a Peaceful Ambiance: A clutter-free environment promotes a sense of calm and allows the beauty of your kitchen to shine through.

By thoughtfully selecting your kitchen decorations, you can enhance the visual appeal and create a truly inviting space.

Simplify Your Kitchen Step #12: Purge The Cleaning Supplies

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Kitchen cleaning shouldn’t be a chore burdened by an overflowing cabinet of cleaning products. Here’s how to simplify your cleaning routine:

  • Embrace Multi-Purpose Cleaners: Many versatile cleaners can tackle a variety of kitchen surfaces. Opt for all-purpose cleaners, vinegar solutions, and baking soda for effective cleaning without a cabinet full of specialty products.
  • Declutter the Extras: Honestly assess your cleaning supplies. Get rid of expired products, duplicates, and anything you rarely use. Consider donating them to a local charity or shelter.
  • Focus on Everyday Essentials: Keep only the cleaning products you use regularly for your kitchen tasks.
  • Sustainable Disposal: For unused cleaning supplies, check with your local waste management company for proper disposal guidelines. Never pour them down the drain!

By maintaining a streamlined selection of cleaning products, you’ll save space, save money, and simplify your cleaning routine.


Simplify Your Kitchen Step #13: Take Advantage Of Vertical Spaces

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: rated people

Small kitchens demand smart storage solutions. Here’s how to maximize your vertical space:

  • Think Upward: Don’t let valuable storage go to waste above your cabinets. Install cabinets that reach the ceiling for maximum storage capacity.
  • Open Shelving on a Budget: If a cabinet upgrade isn’t in the budget, consider open shelving for frequently used items. Invest in a sturdy step stool for safe access to higher shelves.
  • Label Everything: Clearly label shelves and containers, especially for those in harder-to-reach areas. This ensures you can easily find what you need and avoid clutter build-up.


By utilizing your vertical space effectively, you can create a more organized and functional kitchen, even in a limited footprint.


By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your kitchen into a streamlined and functional haven. Remember, a simple kitchen isn’t about deprivation – it’s about creating a space that supports your culinary goals and sparks joy in your daily routine.

Here are some additional benefits you might enjoy:

  • Reduced Stress: A clutter-free kitchen is a calmer kitchen, promoting a more relaxed cooking experience.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: With everything in its designated place, meal prep and cooking become smoother and less time-consuming.
  • A Renewed Passion for Cooking: A well-organized kitchen can inspire creativity and encourage you to explore new recipes.


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