13 Steps to Simplify Your Kitchen

Do you find that your kitchen always stresses you out? Ever think about simplifying your beloved kitchen? Kitchen is the heart of the home. Simplifying your kitchen can help make cooking, cleaning and eating in general easier! Besides, a simplified kitchen can also slow the pulse of life, providing a gathering place for your family to connect and talk about the events of the day.

When you simplify your kitchen, everything gets streamlined and the days flow easier. Since so much of life is lived in the kitchen, paring things down so that it’s completely manageable simplifies life on pretty much all levels. Thus I am going to guide you to simplify your kitchen through some simple guidelines.


Principles of a simple kitchen

There are some principles which you should know first before simplifying your kitchen:  80/20 Everything– Applied to your kitchen, 20% of the items in your kitchen are used 80% of the time. That means that a small portion of your cookware and tableware does most of the work. It also means that most of the stuff in your kitchen sits idle.

Eating Simple Helps – Before building a simple kitchen, eat simple. Eating a simple diet means that you only need less fancy items in my kitchen to cook over-refined or produced food products. Your Needs are Unique – Every person has a unique diet and nutritional outlook that works for them. Thus, some cooking items maybe not fit you. For instance, if you don’t eat bread, don’t put a toaster in your kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen “simple” is easier than you might think. With some basic principles of organization, along with some good evaluation what you need to eat, you’ll be able to make your kitchen a more simple and effective place.

Guidelines to simplify your kitchen

1. Get rid of duplicate items

Simplify Your KitchenImage credit: Canva

One of the easiest ways to simplify your kitchen is getting rid of duplicate items. If you have multiples of the same or similar items, first, be honest and realistic about how many you actually need. Then keep your favourite and get rid of the rest. 

You can also keep extras and duplicates in the kitchen “just in case”. For example, you might keep 3 sets of measuring spoons just in case you need to measure more than one teaspoon when you’re cooking or baking.

2. Declutter stuffs you can do without

Now that you’ve removed the duplicate items, next, get rid of anything you can do without. A big hurdle can often be getting rid of gifts or sentimental items. We often end up keeping these items out of a sense of guilt or obligation. But remember, this is your home and your time and space these items are taking up. Keep your focus on your goals and the benefits you can obtain when you successfully simplify your kitchen. Still wondering how to declutter unused stuff? Read this article: Declutter Your Home in 5 No-Nonsense Steps.

3. If it’s broken, repair it or get rid of it

To simplify your kitchen, you should always tell yourself your kitchen space is too scarce, and try to get rid of broken and un-usable items. You don’t even necessarily need to replace it right away with an identical item. Try to find something else that you already have that may do the same task just as well. 

Remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

4. Reduce the number of dishes and glasses you have


Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Reducing the number of dishes and glasses you have is an easy, high-impact way to simplify your kitchen. Figure out what is a realistic number of everyday dishes for you and your family. Then either get rid of the extras or keep them in a less convenient spot if you’ll need them when entertaining guests. This can force one to wash dishes consistently, which means that the dirty dishes never take over the kitchen again. 

5. Honestly evaluate small appliances

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Small kitchen appliances take up a lot of space. Some are used every day. Others are rarely used and just end up taking up a massive amount of counter or cupboard space. Be honest with yourself if you actually use the appliance enough to warrant all the space it takes up. If it’s an appliance you rarely use, decide if it’s worth all the space it takes up in your kitchen.

Also look at why you own it and if it serves that purpose well. Many small appliances promise to save you time and energy, but then are so difficult and time-consuming to clean, they negate any time saved initially!

For instance, if you don’t cook or bake often, do you need a large stand mixer on your counter, or would a small hand mixer do the trick? Do you need that toaster oven, or can you get the same results with a regular oven?

6. Clear off your countertops

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Don’t leave anything on the counter that doesn’t need to be there. Put away that crock pot that you use once every 2 weeks. Put your spices and oils in the cupboard. And also, find a home for those leftover containers that always seem to be floating around. It is a crucial step to simplify your kitchen Clear counters make cooking and cleaning easier because you don’t have so much stuff to work around.

Not only that, but clear counters reduce visual clutter in your kitchen. Instantly making your kitchen look cleaner, tidier, more open and less busy. Want to know the detail of how to clean your kitchen countertop? Read our previous article: Quartz countertop cleaning: The basics   If you decide to buy a new kitchen countertop,buy with us!!

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7. Clear off the front of your fridge

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

A fridge covered in magnets, pictures and reminders can quickly make a kitchen feel cluttered and busy. Declutter the front of your fridge and only keep the essentials up in order to simplify your kitchen. Again, be very selective about what earns a place on your fridge. Then declutter it regularly to keep clutter and non-essentials from building up.

8. Invest in related food storage containers

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

This is one of the biggest difference-makers when you’re trying to figure out how to simplify your kitchen. Eliminate the stress of mismatched lids, ill-shaped containers, and towers of falling plastic by investing in a common style of food storage containers.

By sticking with one particular type, containers will stack compactly, taking up less space in your kitchen.

9. Group items by use

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva


Grouping items by use is a great way to simplify your kitchen. This reduces the amount of back and forth in your kitchen and helps everyone know where items go so they can put them away.

Consider grouping all cooking utensils in a drawer by the stove. Store glassware near the dishwasher for easy unloading. Keep all your plates and bowls together to simplify serving.

In order to group your cooking utensils, you need some tools. No worries. We have a lot of well-made kitchenwares which can help you to group your cooking utensils.

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10. Consider items that serve multipurpose

How do you simplify your kitchen when your space is limited and you enjoy cooking from home? One trick is to invest in items with multipurpose which can help reduce in size and “add” space to your kitchen. 

Consider changing out your metal colander for a collapsable one. Or, select nesting bowl options to reduce the space they take up.

You can also look for items that can serve double or triple duty, like bowls that can be used for mixing and for serving, or a bamboo cutting board that could also double as a serving tray.

“The only unitasker allowed in my kitchen is a fire extinguisher.” –Alton Brown

11. Evaluate the decorations

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

Many people put decorations in their kitchen, just because “that’s what should be there”. Do they really love these decorations in their kitchen? Perhaps, no. If you love these decorations, then keep them. But if they are just there because “there is supposed to be something up there”, then take them down and be free of them. It will give your kitchen some breathing room.

12. Purge the cleaning supplies

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: Canva

We tend to buy a lot of cleaning supplies and use a lot in our kitchen cleaning. It usually ends up in the cleaning supplies graveyard under the sink, and cause waste. Actually, simple soaps and cleaning cloths are all that is needed to maintain a clean house because it never gets out of control. Pare down your supplies to only the few you use on a regular basis. It can help you to save space and hence simplify your kitchen.

Box up the rest of cleaning supplies and either donate them to an organization that helps set up homes for people getting back on their feet or call your local waste management company and asks how to dispose of excess cleaning supplies.

13. Take advantage of vertical spaces

Kitchen Cabinet JohorImage credit: rated people

How do you simplify your kitchen when you need access to a lot of things on the regular? My suggestion is to get use of the vertical space! Small kitchens lack square footage so maximising floor to ceiling space is a must. There’s often dead space above wall cabinets, don’t let this happen in your kitchen. Build cabinets up to the ceiling or if you’re on a budget, use open shelving and invest in a stool to reach those higher up items.


A simple life is indeed easy. In order to achieve a simple life, try to simplify your kitchen first. It is not that hard. The above guidelines can guide you. If you think simplifying your kitchen is really bothersome, you can contact us as we have many professional interior designers which can help you to design your kitchen. If you want to buy kitchenwares, no worries, we also provide that. More importantly, we have PROMOTION now! Click here to see our promotion.

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