The 5 Differences between SPC Flooring and Laminate Flooring

Looking at the floor, we might not know what the flooring is made out of at the first glance. Laminate flooring and SPC Flooring have the same look. Many people might mistakenly think that both SPC and laminate flooring are the same. Well, there are tons of differences between you will be convinced how different they are.


Differences between SPC Flooring & Laminate Flooring 1: Core Material

Laminate Flooring

Generally, both laminate and SPC flooring consist of 4 layers which are the backing layer, core, printed design layer, and top with a wear layer. 

The differences are the material used for each layer, especially the core material.
    • Laminate floor:
    • has four layers of structure, including abrasion layer, decor paper layer, HDF Core board layer, and balance layer.
    • The use of compressed wood fiber as core material also makes laminate flooring prone to have similar existing problems of wood flooring. So don’t be surprised if you found your laminate flooring affected by mold, mildew, and even termites sometimes.  
    • SPC floor:
    •  has an abrasion layer, decor paper layer, and SPC core board layer.   
    •  As the name goes, SPC flooring uses solid SPC as the material for the core layer. Solid SPC has high density which makes it tough enough to sustain heavy foot traffic, durable, and of course water-resistant.

Differences between SPC Flooring & Laminate Flooring 2: Waterproof

  • Spc Flooring
    Credit: Trade X
    • Laminate flooring
    •  is not waterproof and is widely used in the living room and bedroom due to its low resistance to water. It is not suitable to use laminate where it tends to be wet or water in it. 
    • SPC flooring
    •  good in water resistance. This is why the SPC floors can be used in any area, including the bathroom or kitchen.
    • However, some low-quality or poorly installed SPC flooring may not able to handle moisture as efficiently as luxury SPC flooring. In such a case, moisture traps between gaps and causes odor and growth of mold. So, first thing first, be clear about the purpose of your flooring usage. If possible, do look for the type of SPC flooring that features good water resistance

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Differences between SPC Flooring & Laminate Flooring 3: Thickness

Spc Flooring

    • Laminate floor:
    •  The average thickness of laminate flooring is around 6mm to 12mm. Due to the structure of layers and materials used, laminate flooring is generally much thicker than SPC flooring.
    • SPC floor:
    •  The thickness of SPC flooring can be as thin as 1.5mm and a maximum of up to 5mm. Heavy-duty SPC flooring will normally have a thickness up to 5mm and it also comes with a thicker wear layer.

Differences between SPC Flooring & Laminate Flooring 4: Installation

You can say that both laminate and SPC flooring comes with a range of products that are suitable for DIY. The installation process may seem simple but still requires some experience and skills.
    • Laminate Flooring
    • Laminate flooring with a snap-and-lock mechanism is one of the product ranges that ease the whole installation process. However, if it is not well-fitted, the gaps and edges that are sensitive to moisture will severely damage the floor once water penetrates.
    • Professional equipment like a circular saw with a specific blade and cutting table is required when preparing laminate to fit in with the measurement.
    • SPC Flooring
    •  Even though you can find SPC flooring suitable for DIY but it may not be as easy as it seems. You will need certain skills like spreading glue evenly and cutting sheets when installing sheet SPC flooring.
    •  You will also need to put in some extra effort installing SPC flooring with the click-and-lock mechanism.

Differences between SPC Flooring & Laminate Flooring 5: Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning

Spc Flooring
Credit Best Spc Floor

Laminate Flooring

While some say cleaning laminate flooring is pretty simple and easy, but that’s not the case when it comes to maintaining the flooring. Laminate flooring is sensitive to moisture and water. If you are having laminate flooring at home, make sure that your laminate flooring stays dry and avoid using a wet mop when cleaning.

SPC Flooring

Cleaning of SPC flooring can be done by sweeping and damp mopping. It’s water-resistant but still, you wouldn’t want any moisture or water to penetrate through the seam. So, you should avoid flooding the floor with water or steam mopping. In order to keep it in good shape for a long time, you may also want to watch out for stains, UV light, and direct heat contact.

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