5 Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring: Keep Your Floors Sparkling

5 tips to maintain spc flooring

Spc Flooring

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SPC flooring has exploded in popularity for a reason: it’s stunning, durable, and incredibly easy to care for. Unlike other flooring options, SPC boasts exceptional water resistance, making cleaning a breeze. But how can you ensure your beautiful SPC floors stay that way for years to come? Here’s everything you need to know to extend the lifespan and effortless elegance of your SPC flooring.



Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring #1: Sweep Frequently

Spc Flooring Sweep Frequently
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It might sound simple, but regular sweeping is the foundation of a successful SPC flooring maintenance routine. Here’s why:

  • Effortless Dust Removal: Sweeping eliminates dust and loose dirt, preventing them from accumulating and potentially scratching the surface.
  • Two Methods, One Goal: Choose the method that best suits you: a traditional broom or a more modern approach with a brushless vacuum or electric broom.


Important Tip: Avoid using your vacuum’s beater bar attachment. These can be too harsh and damage the protective coating on your SPC flooring.

Sweeping Frequency:

For optimal results, sweep your SPC floors at least once a week. Quick daily sweeps after use are also beneficial, especially in high-traffic areas. This proactive approach keeps your floors looking their best and extends their lifespan.


Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring #2: Mop Occasionally

Addis Cotton Mop Head - Housekeeping - Out Of Eden
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While sweeping is essential, sometimes you’ll need a deeper clean. Here’s how to mop your SPC floors effectively:

  • The Power of a Damp Mop: For routine mopping, use a damp microfiber mop or a well-wrung-out traditional mop. A damp mop is key to avoid using excessive water.

  • Mild Matters: Clean your floors with a solution of lukewarm water and a mild or neutral pH floor cleaner. Harsh chemicals like bleach, detergents, or abrasive cleaners can damage the SPC flooring.

  • Find the Right Balance: While mopping removes dirt and grime, avoid doing it too frequently. Excessive mopping can dull the floor’s shine and weaken the adhesive over time. Aim for mopping once or twice a week, depending on your needs.

  • Less is More: When mopping, use just enough water to loosen dirt. Avoid flooding the floor, as excess water can seep into the seams and edges, potentially encouraging mold growth.


Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring 3: Say ‘No’ To Steam Cleaning

Spc Flooring Say ‘No’ To Steam Cleaning
Credit Alvinology


Steam cleaning is very handy as you are able to clean, sanitize and dry quickly all at once without using chemical cleaners. But, here’s the catch…

The hot steam is actually doing more harm than good to SPC flooring. It is so serious that some damage that it causes are beyond repair.

Let’s look at the reasons why steam cleaning your SPC floor is the worse of all.

    • As steam cleaner is sanitizing your floor, the steam vapor that is generated can reach up to more than 90 degrees Celsius in order to kill germs and bacteria.
    • This excessive heat together with the moisture that seeps in the joining and edges of your SPC flooring can weaken the adhesive bonds and layers of your plank or tile structure. Not just that, it will also cause issues like warping, edge cupping, bending, and bubbling of floor plank.

Needless to say, the damage caused by the steam cleaner is normally not covered under warranty. So why put your floor at such risk? Just skip steam cleaning in your routine for a longer-lasting SPC floor.

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Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring #4: Apply SPC Floor Polish

Spc Flooring Apply Spc Floor Polish
Credit: Protex Flooring

While regular cleaning keeps your SPC floors looking great, polishing can add an extra touch of shine for a truly luxurious look. However, polishing is not essential and shouldn’t be done too frequently. Here’s how to approach it:

  • Preparation is Key: As always, start by sweeping your floor to remove any loose dirt or debris. This prevents them from becoming trapped under the polish.

  • Clean Sweep: Follow sweeping with mopping using a damp mop and a mild cleaning solution. This ensures a clean surface for optimal polishing results.

  • Polishing Power: Here’s where the shine comes in! Use a high-quality SPC floor polish specifically designed for this type of flooring. Important: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and frequency of use. Over-polishing can actually dull the floor’s finish.


Tips to Maintain SPC Flooring #5: Stay Away From Direct Heat

Spc Flooring Stay Away From Direct Heat
Credit: Builddirect

Here’s an improved version of the text about protecting SPC flooring from heat:

Protect Your Investment: SPC Flooring and Heat Sensitivity

SPC flooring offers numerous benefits, but it’s important to be aware of its sensitivity to heat. Direct heat sources like matches, cigarette butts, or even hot appliances can damage or scar the surface.

Here are some simple tips to protect your SPC floors:

  • Heat Resistant Barriers: Always use coasters, trivets, or heat mats under hot dishes and appliances to prevent direct contact with the floor.
  • Area Rug Allies: Strategic placement of area rugs in high-traffic areas or near heat sources adds an extra layer of protection.


Bonus Tip: Quick Stain Removal

Since we mentioned heat sometimes causing stains, here’s a handy tip for removing them… [segue into your stain removal tips].


How to Treat Stains & Spills on SPC Flooring

Accidents happen, and even the most careful homeowner can encounter spills and stains. But fear not! Here’s your go-to guide for tackling these mishaps on your SPC flooring:

Cleaning Essentials:

  • White Knight: Clean Cloths & Towels – Always use clean, white cloths or towels to avoid transferring color to your floor.
  • Your Cleaning Weaponry: Opt for a gentle touch. Use a solution of SPC floor cleaner and water following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stain Removal Strategies:

  • The General Approach: For most spills and stains (food, juice, grass, etc.), start by blotting up any excess liquid with a clean cloth. Then, use your SPC floor cleaner solution to gently clean the affected area. Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaning residue, and dry completely with a clean cloth.

  • Targeted Tactics: For tougher stains, a little extra muscle might be needed:

    • Ink & Marker: Isopropyl alcohol can be your hero, but test it in an inconspicuous area first.
    • Rust: Lemon juice or cream of tartar can help neutralize rust stains.


Remember: Always test any cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area before applying it directly to the stain.

Bonus Resource:

For a more visual guide, check out this video on cleaning SPC floors [insert video link here].

Video Credit: TZ

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