5 Factors: Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet vs Melamine

5 Differences Between Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet & Melamine

Today we are here to explain the difference between aluminium kitchen cabinet vs melamine and how each material is going to improve your kitchen environment. To make it easy for everyone that is reading this article, we separated the difference into five parts which are durability, resistance, maintenance & installation, environmentally friendly, and different varieties. All of these topics shall help you in learning which material is going to serve you better in the kitchen.

Planning your kitchen cabinet can be satisfying but tiresome at the same time, as it takes up a lot of time. From the variety, durability, cost, and maintenance up to the life span, it certainly isn’t an easy task to make a decision. However, a kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time. Hence, take your time to weigh the pros and cons of the material of your choice.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet VS Melamine Difference 1: Durability

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Melamine 1
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Certainly, melamine kitchen cabinets are highly durable and have proven it by maintaining their beauty incessantly, but the material, aluminium outwits melamine. The durability difference between aluminium kitchen cabinet & melamine is clear as day as aluminium kitchen cabinet consists of multiple resistance that prevents them from deteriorating.

Compared to melamine which can only resist heat, stains, and moisture, aluminium kitchen cabinets possess all those resistances and some further additions. The resistance topic will be further clarified below.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet VS Melamine Difference 2: Resistances

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Melamine 2
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In terms of resistance, the difference between aluminium kitchen cabinet vs melamine is straightforward to observe. Melamine kitchen cabinets hold excellent termites, heat, fire, and chemical resistance, which is quite a set of skills for a kitchen cabinet. However, aluminium kitchen cabinets overtake melamine in terms of heat and fire resistance and have an addition of moisture resistance that is far more advance than melamine.

To a kitchen cabinet, having the correct resistance means that it can last longer in a harsh environment, it is more so in a country like Malaysia. Many companies that work in such industries tend to modify kitchen cabinets to fit the climate in the specific country. But for aluminium kitchen cabinets, it is not needed for such preparation which makes them more valuable than melamine.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet VS Melamine Difference 3: Maintenance & Installation

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Melamine 3
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It is more strenuous to install melamine kitchen cabinets as it does not pair well with most nails and screws and is easily damaged if not handled properly. On the other hand, the installation of aluminium kitchen cabinets is less complicated, can be easily installed, and does not damage easily.

The installation process of kitchen cabinets is as significant as the material itself as it affects the sustainability and lifespan of your cabinets. In that sense, having an uncomplicated installation process will help save effort and sometimes cost.

When it is about care and maintenance, you can never go wrong with an aluminium kitchen cabinet. A simple damp cloth with mild detergent can easily clean up any mess on your aluminium cabinet surfaces, and there is very minimal maintenance needed.

Similar to aluminium kitchen cabinets, melamine material is also easy to care for as it also just requires a damp cloth with mild detergent to wipe off stains. However, when it comes to stains like paint, curry, and turmeric powder, you would need to scrub harder with a cloth.

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Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet VS Melamine Difference 4: Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Melamine 4

Aluminium is a recyclable material, hence it is more environmentally friendly, in contrast to melamine.  Melamine material has to be manufactured in a factory because it consists of a mixture of various things such as wood particles, papers, resins, and glue.

During its manufacturing, chemical waste products such as formaldehyde will emit into the air, which isn’t good for our environment. With all of that in mind, it is clear to many which are more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, aluminium is more hygienic and non-toxic collate to kitchen cabinets made from melamine.

Aluminium material is considered odorless even after installation. Instead, the installation of melamine kitchen cabinets requires the usage of hefty glue which gives out an unpleasant smell that can last for months. On top of the smell, melamine emits a specific type of chemical, and when mixed with strong glue, it can stink in your eyes.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet VS Melamine Difference 5: Variety (Colors & Designs)

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet And Melamine 5
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One of the top reasons people choose melamine kitchen cabinets is cause they can provide an exuberant amount of designs and colors. You can play around with the expansive variety of designs and colors to suit your kitchen concept with melamine.

Some people have a misconception of aluminium cabinets that looks like commercial kitchens you might find in restaurants with just one choice of color, which is natural silver. But actually, it is untrue as there are various colors and sleek aluminium kitchen cabinet designs you can select. There are even designs that replicate the outlook of wooden finish kitchen cabinets.

Still, in terms of the number of different varieties, melamine wins in this battle between aluminium kitchen cabinet vs melamine.

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